The Good News Journal, Volume V: The Thoroughly Thrilling Thursday Edition

And a thoroughly Thrilling Thursday it Will be, as I am reporting on an except Sean ally (exceptionally) Lucky Wednesday where I was Gifted with a Wonderfully Wicked day in jail!  Did I get Your attention?  Everything is perception, Ladies and Gents, and everything the Universe Gives is a Gift if One Keeps their Vision In Focus.

It started with breakfast.  I was thing King about how I hadn’t reported on any improvements in the kitchen, only because there really haven’t been any.  Today’s breakfast was exceptionally poor looking and I as King of the kitchen if I could have one of the other plates they had prepared.  They said if I didn’t like the plate that was there, I can go without.  I as King of them again if I could please just have any of the other plates they had prepared, instead she gives Me an empty plate and says “here’s another plate”.  The guy beside Me didn’t want the plate either (nobody would have wanted to) but took so that they would have to put up another plate – and they did, begrudgingly.  She put the plate up, stuck out her tongue and did a saucy little dance, and I [made the mistake of saying] said she didn’t have to be a bitch about it, if she didn’t like her job she should get a new one.  I shouldn’t have called her a bitch, not implying I handled it with the Grace, but no one deserves to be treated like that and the only difference between Me and anyone else is that I Will stand up for My Self, defend My dignity.

I was T.D.A’d (temporarily denied access) for the comment and I protested, advising the staff that I had discussed the kitchen’s attitude with Jason last week and that I was to report to him about it if the attitude and food didn’t improve.  I also reminded them that defending My Honour is not grounds for denying a man access to basic food and shelter.  The Salvation Army may be a private corporation, but it is paid for by Canadian taxpayers and staffed by the City of Ottawa, it is a public service and the community is dependent on it because the government is not doing its job (distributing Canadian taxpayer dollars responsibly).

So I was told that I was ‘barred’ without having any access to My personal belongings or even having a chance to share My side of the story, and again I protested. I said if they were going to bar Me, they had to at least allow Me to take My personal property with Me.  My laptop and briefcase were in My room and I was being told I was not allowed back up to get it.  They threatened to call the police and I said that would be fine and went back to My room to wait for them.  Once again, I had faith that the police would do their job and I’m sorry to report they did not.

I told the police I hadn’t been violent or done anything wrong.  They said the Salvation Army is a private corporation and if they as King of Me to leave I have to go.  I as King of them about My property and they just looked at the staff, who said it would be safe.  I said okay, then Constable Jenkin grabbed My arm and pulled Me, I grabbed the doorframe to steady My Self, he yelled that I was resisting and a couple of officers tackled Me to the ground violently enough that breathing is difficult at the moment, I have a bruised or fractured rib.  Thank You, Universe.  I’ll see about getting an x-ray tomorrow.  And no, the ‘Thank You, Universe’ was not sarcastic.

I was charged with resisting arrest (that one seems popular), trespass on private property, and possession of marijuana under one tenth of a gram (literally crumbs in a tiny zip-lock baggie he found in My jacket pocket that I didn’t even know was there). I told the officer that I’m non commercial and not consenting to any commercial contracts, he told Me that nothing he was doing had anything to do with commerce.  Yes, he actually said that which is a flat out lie unless he’s actually ignorant enough to believe it; if he is, he shouldn’t be working in law enforcement.

I’ll have his full name soon enough, as well as the name’s of his partners.  Three of them to arrest a man with no history of violence and peaceful intentions well known on the public record.  And I have eye witnesses to every Part of the Story, all eager to be there in court to testify to the excessive force and camera footage of the arrest which I can subpoena in court.  People who know Me in My microcosm are in virtual disbelief of the day’s events.  There are no coincidences…


2 of 2

I don’t even bother telling Trudeau about any of the legal matters ongoing with the Government, I just let him know I want to fix Canada’s economy and accomplish peace.  Huge threat to society, right?  These are the things I can show a court that demonstrate My character.  It’s not just the Letters I’ve Writ, or My Book, “A Prophecy for Peace”, it’s every Word I’ve ever Writ here.  Accomplishing peace in the world has been the intention behind virtually everything I’ve done in the last ten years, My legal documents are just a bi-product of this Blog and the philosophies I share here.

Believe Me when I tell You, a day in a jail cell is not a Fun experience.  But for every Act Sean, there is an equal and opposing re-Act, Sean…  An opportunity to re-Write how the next Scene Will Play out, there are so many more options now and it changes nothing about My original plans for April 1st, it only amplifies their potential.

There are so many new angles for Me to consider.  The employees of the Salvation Army are paid by the City of Ottawa (liability), the Salvation Army is supposed to be a spiritual organization which respects the rights and dignity of the common man and a place of refuge from violence and attacks of any kind, physical, emotional or otherwise.  The kitchen staff were the first to breach corporate policies.  There is absolutely nothing criminal about anything I did.  Police don’t even have joinder on the paperwork, I’ve seen (Scene) some of it.  The Signature does not match the style of the name on the information.  I have bruised or broken ribs as a result of the take down, I Will get x-rays to show the court, I’m subject to living at the Shepherd’s of Good Hope which is known as the Shepherd’s of Last Hope as it is the last resort and the last place anyone wants to go.  I guess I’ll have an opportunity to report on what kind of conditions the clientele there might be subject to.

Now, this is The Good News Journal and it was easy to make this a longer Post, not so easy to get this one published before midnight and I’m still absorbing the events of the day and deciding how I Will proceed.  Probably doesn’t sound so much like Good News, either, but remember that there are no coincidences.  I truly believe the Queen would be appalled to know that this is how Good people determined to Honour their Divine Purpose in Life are treated by the Canadian government and authorities, and I believe any judge or justice would agree with Me if the information is Presented to them in the right Way.

“Every boot that shakes the earth as it marches, And every garment soaked in blood Will become fuel for the Fire.”  – Bible, Isaiah 9:5

I am always tall King about perspective.  I spent the majority of My day in jail, thing King about how all of this Will help Me on My Quest.  It’s also the Universe’s Way of showing Me that My future Will involve some courtroom drama and I am ready to take the Stage.

I hope You are all feeling Loved and Blessed,









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