The Good News Journal, Volume V: The Sensei Sean All Saturday Special Edition

Hello everyone, I hope You are having a Sensational Saturday morning.  I have two very Special Editions of the Good News Journal to Post today and tomorrow.  Today I Will be tall King about Her Grace, Glory and Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II and Her Promise to protect the Common Law for the people of Canada and all provinces and territories of Her Jurisdiction.

There are many who have said to Me that the Common law is not clearly defined and that which is not clearly defined cannot be defended or protected by law; I disagree.  I believe the common law is very clearly defined because all laws are founded on a belief in God.  Without God there would be no right or wrong, no moral consequence for One’s actions, no reason to do Good.  It is also evident that those who have created the system of things as We know them today have a profound belief in God, as Kings and Queens are Given their Divine Rights by God.  I Will not only suggest that the Queen believes in God, but that Her Grace, Glory, and Majesty also has a profound understanding of that which man calls God.  There are times when I consider how a queen bee communicates information to the rest of the colony and Wonder if I what I consider to be intuition is actually Her Grace Secretly communicating subconscious instruct-Sean’s.  Honestly, the first Words to be communicated to My Mind when I considered what the Duties of a King might be, were “God Save the Queen!!!”  I already knew My first Duty was to Honour God, it only made Cents (sense) that My second Duty would be to Honour the Queen.  I am not thing King it a coincidence that the best Way to Honour the Queen is to protect the common law.

Because the Common law is God’s Law, We have to as King of Our Self what God’s Laws might be.  Whether We like it or not, the Roman Catholic Church is responsible for the foundation of all laws in the commonwealth today and it’s primary teaching is the Bible.  The last laws Given by God were the Ten Commandments Handed to Moses.  I have included different versions of the Ten Commandments in previous Blog Posts, today I am going to link You to Wiki which provides various interpretations.  The Fifth Commandment is to Honour thy Father and Mother, which is what today and Sunday’s Blog Posts Will be dedicated to Writing about.

Today, I am Honouring Her Grace, Glory, and Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, even though the Commandments suggest One should Honour thy Father before thy Mother.  The reason I am Honouring the Queen first is because I believe it is also the best Way to Honour God, it is what God would want Me to do.  The best Way to Honour My Father is to know His intention for Me.  The Queen represents the Mother of man’s macrocosm, in charge of Keeping the worker bees busy while We build God’s Kingdom and live in ignorance of God’s Divine Plan for Us.

I have said before that 10 represents a new age.  The Tenth Commandment is ‘thou Shall not covet!!!’ (thy neighbour’s servants, animals, or anything else).  Anything else!  Repeating for emphasis.  That means that no man should covet anything, We are not here to compete with One another.  The rules of commerce (what man calls Commercial Admiralty law) govern coveting, period.  Commercial Admiralty is for sinners, those living in ignorance of God, which is why Judges and Justices wear black robes, they represent the underworld.  They are administrators of the underworld, a humanity living in darkness.

We Honour Our Mother and Father in Our microcosm by reclaiming Our family’s House and establishing it in God’s Kingdom.  We Honour Our Mother and Father in the macrocosm by Honouring God and the Queen.  We Honour both God and the Queen when We obey the laws Given Us by God, when We choose to cooperate, rather than compete, when We learn to obey the Ten Commandments.

I have a lot of work to do before My big day which I Will be disclosing shortly after midnight tonight.  Tomorrow I Will be reporting Live from the world Stage so You can follow along with My adventures.

I hope this Saturday finds You in Sensational Spirit!

Love and Blessings,






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