The Good News Journal, Volume V: The Sun has Sean Sunday Edition

Happy Easter Sunday everyone and welcome to the Big day!  And it Will be April Fool’s too!  How auspicious.

I said I would be tall King about the Fifth Commandment which is to Honour thy Mother and Father.  Yesterday I Honoured the Mother of man’s macrocosm, Her Grace, Glory and Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.  Today I Will Honour the Father of man’s macrocosm, the Holy Father, Pope Francis.

Pope Francis represents the Spiritual or ‘Heavenly’ Father of man’s macrocosm.  He declares that the Life of Christ is the perfect example for man to follow, a character man should strive to emulate.  He is also a firm believer that Christ Will return to establish God’s Kingdom on earth.  Today is the day the Christian world celebrates the resurrection of the Christ and the day I have Promised to begin acting as King like never before.  Today I Will be checking into the Chateau Laurier Hotel, On Her Majesty’s Service.

Today is the day I Will begin discharging Canada’s debt to central banks by Way of My thumbprint Seal.  Choosing this day to begin Acting as King in man’s world is My Way of Honouring the Father of man’s macrocosm; rising up from the flames of My dead, corporate title.  Soon We Will all be raised from Our debt so We can all enjoy the United Kingdom [of God].  As above, so below.


This is the latest ‘random’ pic Windows 10 decided to Gift Me with.  It began showing up yesterday as I was thing King about what the Ottawa police have done to Me.  Breathing is still difficult, though not as bad as yesterday.  I haven’t had the time or energy to get an x-ray but I don’t really think I’ll need one, it’ll be at least a week before I fully recover and I’ll be in court on Thursday, the Fifth of April.  The events of last Wednesday and My bruised ribcage did have a profound affect on My plans for today.  I can honestly tell You that I really didn’t think the police would ever be violent with Me when I am so careful to make My peaceful intentions known; now I am genuinely concerned for My safety and feel threatened by the Ottawa police service, who are supposed to be defending My determination to Honour God and the Queen.  It is also the third municipal police service to breach the public trust and violate their oath to the Queen – every officer makes one, either by Way of citizenship and/or department policy.  It is their first and most important Oath and it must be Honoured if they are to effectively serve and protect the people [of Canada].

So now I am going to the Chateau Laurier as King for asylum ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’.  My original plan had been to head to the Chateau Laurier Easter morning requesting food and lodging On Her Majesty’s Service but these recent events have caused Me to revise My Plan.  My Plan hasn’t changed much but I am genuinely concerned for My safety so I Will be sure to have enough cash on Me to pay for anything I might Order.

My plan is to head to Chateau Laurier and as King of them if they have a lounge or somewhere I can enjoy a quiet coffee and do some Writing.  I am quite confident they Will and that it Will be equipped with Wi-Fi so I can Write of these events as they are happening.  I Will as King of the server for a bill for My coffee and Write ‘discharge for value, On Her Majesty’s Service’ before Sealing with My thumbprint.  I Will wait to see what the server says, if there is any contest to it, I Will produce the cash so the server knows I am able to pay the bill and as King of the server if I am able to speak with the Hotel manager or closest representative.  I Will have a letter prepared for the hotel management or nearest representative as King of the Chateau Laurier for asylum.  Really, the only Part of the Scene that was re Writ was the request.  Originally, the Plan was exactly the same, but I would have been requesting food and lodging On Her Majesty’s Service; now I have reason to as King of the Chateau Laurier for asylum.

I am revising My Plan as I Write and instead of as King of the server to speak with the hotel manager, I Will as King of the concierge desk to make the arrangements for Me, ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’ and see what kind of Magic they are able to make happen.  I Will also be as King of concierge if there are any with their Golden Keys and/or if they are able to communicate My intentions to a concierge who does.

“The Words of the Prophets are Written on the subway walls” – Simon and Garfunkel, Sounds of Silence.


Regardless the outcome, the Plan Will change very little after tomorrow.  Either I Will Write My Letter for April 5th from the comfort and security of the Chateau Laurier, or I Will endure another few days in exile and Write from various internet cafe’s.

For now, I have to prepare for Easter and Write My Letter for the Chateau Laurier which I’m sure Will take some time.  Keep in Mind, the reason for performing this Act is to Honour the Father of man’s macrocosm as I Honour God’s intention for all.

Love and Blessings, I’ll Keep You Posted!

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