The Good News Journal, Volume VI: The Terrific Tuesday Edition

Hello everyone, I hope You are all well.  Thank You for being here, really.  At least getting arrested gets Me a lot of publicity, and You know what they say about publicity…  Very Grateful for every one of You.

It’s Tuesday morning for Me, Writing in the moment, the internet café rogue journalist, defender of human rights, the Prince of Peace.  I did not get a chance to Write yesterday, so once again I am thankful I did not commit to Posting daily as one can never know what Gifts God might Give Us.  I was exhausted, My ribs are still sore but recovering, I didn’t feel like going anywhere, and I didn’t have to.  It’s Good to be able to appreciate the Gifts God Gives Us.

Today I wanted to get a Post Writ and Jason did say that I may be able to return to the Salvation Army after the holiday weekend, so I decided I would head into Ottawa, speak with Jason and get some Writing done before I head back.  It would be much more convenient for Me to not be deprived of My property any longer than necessary and I would have a more suitable workspace to prepare for My day in court on Thursday.  I am very much looking forward to My day in court which Will not be a surprise for anyone who know Me.  I do have faith in the Law, and I do believe the common law rights I speak of are respected, observed and, most importantly, Honoured in Canada.  I guess on Thursday We Will find out.

I Writ a Letter to Present to the Judge or Justice on Thursday but it is not going to be the Letter I Present, I really just needed to ‘purge’ all My thoughts and Ideas on paper.  Now I Will go over the Letter and condense the most critical points I want to make in as few Words as possible.  I Will share the final revision when it is ready to Present to the court.  For now, I am on My Way back to the Salvation Army to find out if I am able to return.  Yes or no, I am planning to return soon to Give You all an update.

Once again, thank You for being here, I love You,

Love and Blessings,


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