The Good News Journal, Volume VI: The Wonderful “Lucky” Wednesday Edition

Hello everyone and happy Lucky Wednesday!  I have plenty of Good News to Gush about today.  First and foremost, I have My court debut tomorrow!  I am so excited! I have waited so long for this and I’m Feeling all the wonderful butterfly energy One might expect on the eve of a big day.  I can also report that I was allowed to return to My dorm at the Salvation Army yesterday and didn’t get a chance to Write about it as I spent the afternoon retrieving My personal belongings from Gatineau.  By the time I finished, I was ready for a shower and too exhausted to do much else.

Immediately after Writing yesterday’s Edition, I went back to the Salvation Army to speak with Jason to find out what the verdict was.  He said he’d spoken to all the supervisor’s and management and no one had any issues with Me coming back.  I’ll be honest, I was surprised, but pleased…  And it got better.  When I returned to the floor and My dorm, I spoke to the coordinator of the program and he said to Me that he didn’t want Me to think that last Wednesday’s events had any impact on My upstanding character or reputation with any of the staff, even Nathalie, who was the one who called the police.   Nathalie was just doing her job, and I respect that, too.  All of this Will work in My favour in court tomorrow.

The other thing that was truly wonderful about coming back here yesterday was how welcome I actually felt on the floor.  Everyone was so Genuinely happy to see that I was back, and I can’t even tell You how Good that made Me feel.  I’m one of those people who Will tell You never to worry about what other people think, but that doesn’t make feeling appreciated any less wonderful.  My friends are excited about My day in court, too, though they also find My enthusiasm a little humorous.  Again, not really familiar with the procedural stuff and My friends tell Me that tomorrow is a ‘nothing’ day and that My opportunity to say anything won’t happen until the next court date.  I really hope that’s not the case, but I guess I Will find out soon enough.

Right now, I’m not even sure if I Will Write a letter to present to the court tomorrow.  I’ll get My disclosure and look it over, and I’ll be as King of the Judge or Justice a lot of Quest-Ions (questions). “As King and it shall be Given…”

I’m pretty confident with respect to what I know about the law so I can speak for My Self without needing to have anything Writ for tomorrow, though there are specific things I would like to as King of the court for and I’m more worried that if I don’t Write them down I may forget.  I want these matters brought before a Superior Court of Justice and I would like to make that happen tomorrow if at all possible.  I would also like to see if there is anything the court can do about getting Me into more suitable housing.  I may as King of the court to have these things done On Her Majesty’s Service.  I’m not entirely sure what I Will come up with yet, (if anything at all) but I Will be prepared, I Promise You that.  😉

Also, this “Lucky” Wednesday, the topic of discussion for Our ‘Life Skills’ class was citizenship, and what it means to be a citizen.  No coincidences, what could be more appropriate than tall King about what it means to be a citizen the day before I go to court?  We were Given about ten minutes to Write down some of Our Ideas on paper, these are a few of the Ideas that were Presented.

Yours Truly
Honour thy Mother…
Every One has a Divine Part to Play on the World Stage
And this One mimics My own philosophy – make Your City ‘Zen’

I propose that the citizen’s Duty is to do what One can to make their City, Zen. 😉

For now I am going to go, toy with My thoughts, see what I come up with.  I Will share My paperwork (if any) with You before I Present it to the court.  For now, I do have the ‘RECOGNIZANCE OF BAIL’ and the commercial bill (ticket) offered to Me by constable Jenkin, though I clearly stated I was not interested in participating in any commercial contracts and Jenkin assured Me there were none, that I was only being charged with ‘criminal’, not commercial offences.  Then why is he as King of Me for $65.00 if he is not offering Me a commercial contract?  Hmmm…  Anyway, I doctored those up in My usual fashion:

Non commercial, constable Jenkin?.. What’s this, then? Evidence of perjury..?

Perjury by definition means: “the offense of willfully telling an untruth in a court after having taken an oath or affirmation.”

Jenkin would most likely contest that he has not committed perjury as he Will be presuming that he did not lie in a court of law.  In common law, the world is a courtroom, that is the jurisdiction of common law and why it is called common law – it applies everywhere and every citizen and public servant is under Oath to protect the common law.  So, by lying to Me, he lied in a common law jurisdiction of court before a King.  He is guilty of perjury and breach of the public trust – never mind that he never established joinder between Me and the commercial person on the information he Will be providing for the court, or the fact that he got My date of birth wrong.  My birthday is June 5th, ’73, not May 6th, officer Jenkin’s – who exactly is this ticket for?  Tomorrow should be an interesting day.  Here is the ‘RECOGNIZANCE OF BAIL’:


Oh, My!  I just real eyes that the Ottawa police also got My birthday wrong on the Recognizance of Bail, too!  Wow, this is unbelievable.  I guess that’s because they didn’t have any ‘ID’ to connect Me to the name on the information…

Love and Blessings, I’ll Keep You Posted!!!


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