The Good News Journal, Volume VI: The Belated Thrilling Thursday Edition

Happy Friday!  I hope everyone is having a Fabulous day.  Once again, I have Good News to report after My first court performance yesterday and I am eager to share it with You.  I did not sleep at all on Wednesday night, My Mind was just too lit up.  By the time I was finished with court Thursday morning and the events that immediately followed, I was way too tired to be thing King about Writing a Post and was happy to have an opportunity to spend the afternoon at a friend’s place, reminiscing My morning and spinning some Ideas on how I might choose to proceed.  It really was a Wonderful day.

It’s probably also a Good thing I didn’t Write yesterday because it was important to have the time to let the events of the day sink in, get some Good sleep and wake up refreshed.  My ribs are still in a lot of pain and this Will be nine days now, I usually heal pretty fast.  My friends really want Me to get the x-ray for evidence but I just can’t be bothered.  It’s about forty minutes to an hour for Me to get to a hospital and I’ll be there for what Will feel like forever.  I also don’t need an x-ray to know what’s wrong, I have visible swelling in My upper chest now, it would really only be for the court and I’m not planning on suing for any money – I have plenty of eye witnesses to the assault having caused Me bodily harm and all of them Will be more than happy to testify under Oath to both the excessive force used by the officers, as well as My efforts to peacefully comply.  The x-rays are not really relevant except for proving the extent of physical damage caused by the excessive force – it’s not going to help Me heal, it’s not going to benefit the taxpayer and most importantly, it’s a waste of the doctor’s time and resources. 

Most of My friends want Me to make this thing about the Ottawa police, the City of Ottawa, and/or the Salvation Army – I have to consider who is truly responsible and that’s why an extra day before Writing about it seems appropriate.  Discovering who or what is responsible Will be Key.

My day in court was as Good as could be expected considering I really wasn’t sure what to expect.  I arrived at the court the moment it opened and was there to pick up the information package as soon as the guy set up his little table outside the courtroom.  I did Write a couple of Letters, though I didn’t finish either one of them and knew by the time I was half way through Writing the second that I wouldn’t be Presenting one anyway.  It was really just a means of filtering through My thought processes and I was thankful I did Write them because I had Way too much time to just sit around and wait, so I reread them again before I went into the courtroom.  They helped Me to Focus and I didn’t even have the butterflies in My stomach when I entered the courtroom.

I was thankful for having Presented My friend a few months ago, I knew exactly what I was going to do when I walked into that courtroom.  I walked straight to the front, passed the bar and surveyed the remaining seats where the lawyers and duty council usually sit.  Last time I wasn’t sure where I could sit, this time I could clearly see where the dockets were and took a seat right at the front, bowing as I passed the bar even though the justice wasn’t there yet.  I just wanted to make sure I was being as respectful as I was confident.

The other lawyers have always been really friendly.  The moment I sat down the lady beside Me gave Me a big smile and asked what Letter I was.  I told her I’m “V”, and the irony of it echoed through My Mind – I am ‘V’…  No coincidences.

“What Letter are You?”


Then I turned to the lawyer behind Me, “D”.

“Well, I’m here early because I want to get out of here quickly.”

“How many matters do You have?”, the lady as King of Me.

“Just one.”

Then the prosecuting attorney interrupted and as King of Me who I was, saying he doesn’t know Me.  “Sean von Dehn”

He pretends like he’s looking through the docket and finding My name for the first time, yet it’s obvious (to Me) that he knows he has a matter with Me that day.

“Mr. Sean von Dehn?”

“Uh, no.  Actually, King SeanHouse of von Dehn“.  I could hardly believe I said it, it came out so natural…  And no one seemed to blink or Act as though I’d said anything crazy, though I was prepared for any interrogation.  It didn’t come.

“Well, You’re not allowed to be on this side of the bar.  Only those who have a licence with the law society of Canada can sit on this side, You need to be on the other side and wait for the Judge to call You.”

“Well, I believe I’m in a common law court in a common law jurisdiction and that each of Us are equal before the law.  So I don’t believe anyone has any more right than I do to be where I am and I’m quite happy to wait for the Justice to arrive and see what they have to say about it.”

Seriously, I said all of that and could hardly even believe the confidence and clarity of My own Voice.  The prosecuting attorney held his composure pretty well but I could tell he was rattled, but he didn’t protest.

“Okay, I Will ask but I don’t think the Justice Will allow it.”

I made My Self comfortable, found My number on the docket and opened My briefcase where I had the contents of My information package ready to go.  I felt so perfectly organized, ready for anything.  And I was.

The Justice finally entered the room and the kind lady beside Me and the gentleman behind Me finished their matters in moments and one more lady walked in just before the second had finished.  I would have stood up before the new lady, but she sat beside the prosecutor which threw Me off.  I wasn’t sure what her role was, she looked like any other lawyer or attorney might and her business was done as fast as the other two.  No one else was there yet, next was ‘V’, Yours truly.  I stand up.

“Your Worship, this is Sean von Dehn, he has a matter before the court today but he’s not a lawyer and I advised him he should be on the other side and wait to be called.”

“Is there anyone else before him?”

“Not at this moment.”

“I’ll allow it.”  Looks to Me, “Information number?”


“Do You understand that You have the right to attain a lawyer or duty counsel?”

“Yes, I do.”

“You understand these rights and choose to proceed by Your own Will?”

“Your Worship, I don’t fully understand all the statutes, codes and acts of commerce, but I do know the law very well.  I believe I am in a common law court in a common law jurisdiction and am as King to have all rights Given to Me by God retained.  I also have not had a lot of experience in courtrooms, so I Will need some guidance with respect to etiquette and procedural law – the rest I can handle.”

“Very good.”

Of course, paraphrasing, as no video or audio recording devices are permitted inside the courtroom and it would be impossible to know exactly what I said.  I would Love to have a transcript of the entire proceedings and I Will at some point as King of the court for disclosure of all of it for My personal records.  Everything in common law is available to the public and may be recorded (unless a Judge or Justice has granted and issued a publication ban by request of one or both parties).  So if no recording devices are permitted, then it is not common law court (though the jurisdiction always exists).

From this point I did have a lot of questions.  I let the Justice know that the birthday and the style of the name on the information was incorrect and wondered if the corrections should be made now or at the next hearing.  The Justice said that all of those issues Will be dealt with next time, this is just to set the first court date for presentation of facts.  However, the prosecution did inform the Judge that they don’t have any identification on their file for Me yet and as King of Me if I would be able to produce some ID for the court.

“Oh, yes, that is somewhat important.”  My briefcase is already open to the Page and I hand the prosecutor My [untouched by commerce] Cestui Que Vie.

He holds it up in a Way that would let the entire courtroom see the document, like he was showing it to the room on purpose.  Imagine someone holding something up to the light, looking for watermarks on the paper or something and You Will have a decent Idea of how this looked.  It was almost like he was making it dramatic on purpose.

“This is very nice, I’m guessing these are fingerprints?”

“Thumbprints, left and right on top, toe thumbprints left and right on the bottom.”

“And in blood?”

I laugh, “No, but that would have been a nice touch.”

Then his Games and antics are over.  “I can’t accept this, Your Worship, it doesn’t even have a date of birth.”

Now I’m beaming.  “Really?  Here, You might want to take a look at this one, too”, and I pass him the true copy received by the Ministry of the Attorney General, still stapled to the original document that was sent with it.  Prosecutor speechless.

“Do You Mind passing those up to the Justice for Me, please?”

He passes them to a clerk who passes them to the Justice.  Justice looks them over for a moment and, as poker faced as anything else he said that morning, “would You like these added to the information for defence?”

“Yes, Your Worship.”

“Okay.  Do You know how to add these to Your case file?”

“Yes, Your Honour.”

And that was pretty much that.  The Justice as King of Me if I am happy to go ahead and set My first court date where I Will have a chance to have all of these questions answered and provide My defence.  I was, and My next court date Will be May 10th.

I’m stoked.  Sorry I’m a day (technically two now) behind, but I Plan to catch up again soon.  Thanks so much for being here,


Love and Blessings,





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