The Good News Journal, Volume VI: The Sensei Sean All Saturday Edition

Happy weekend, everyone!  What a fabulous weekend it is, too!  In addition to Giving My usual thanks to all My readers, I would like to also say a Special Thank You to My Mother and My Brother who started this Saturday with a Sensational Show of support, letting Me know they are reading My Blog and Wishing Me Luck with My legal matters.  Thank You so much, what a beautiful Way to start My Saturday.

It is also a great Segway into what I Will be tall King about today.  The world is doing their research, I can tell You that much.  My most important legal documents are being read almost daily, United States and Canada My main readership over the last couple of weeks.  The arrest has been Good for publicity.  When I Post something new, it is read literally seconds later – nice to know there are people eager to hear what I have to say, and thank You again. 😉

I mentioned that I would have to think about who is accountable for what happened to Me the day I was (unlawfully) arrested, assaulted, kidnapped and tortured (time already served in jail without being Granted presumption of innocence) by the Ottawa police.  Would they treat an M.P. or elected official this Way?  This is how the common man should be thing King.

Is it the fault of the Ottawa Police Service?  Or is it the fault of Canada’s Attorney General for failing to administrate My paperwork to the appropriate Ministries and departments of the Canadian government?  I’m going to let the Crown decide who is liable and responsible.

The only concern I have right now, is that if I say too much the Crown Will withdraw the charges – I’m not about to let that happen.  There are plenty of little details I haven’t disclosed here yet that let Me know the Crown doesn’t have much.  The prosecution has already offered Me ‘diversion’ on the first two charges, which are ‘mischief’ and ‘resisting arrest’.  Diversion means that if I agree to community service, the charges will be withdrawn.  It’s like poker that Way, small blind.  I could fold, or put up the big blind, and You can guess what I Will do.  That would only leave the possession charge for less than a tenth of a gram of cannabis and it actually says that on the information.  If anyone knows just how little a tenth of a gram of cannabis is, You Will have an Idea how likely the Crown would be to prosecute – waste of taxpayer money if they have nothing else on Me.  The trespass charge is only a commercial offence of $65., despite clearly telling the officer that I did not want to participate in any commercial contracts with him but would comply under duress.  So the ticket actually proves that the trespass was a commercial contract, not a criminal offence and that was the reason the police were called.  I don’t believe commercial charges have the power in law to interfere with a right.  Officer Jenkin assured Me I was being Presented with no commercial charges, only criminal offences.  Really, officer Jenkin’s?  Will You say that on the stand, too?

In fact, the prosecution doesn’t have anything at the moment, they have failed to establish joinder and he (prosecution) didn’t want to ‘accept’ My identification.  If they can’t establish joinder and prove that I am the same man on the information, everything that was done to Me is a serious federal offence and trespass upon My rights.  Too bad I can show My Cestui Que Vie has already been accepted by the Ministry of the Attorney General – can’t refuse something that shows it has already been received…

That Will be the Issue (is You?) of the subject matter in this Case.  My hope, is that the prosecution is going to try to get Me to claim the commercial title and I Will have an opportunity to as King of the prosecution if they are presuming to have right to compel Me to contract against My Will.   It Will be very interesting to see how the prosecution handles that one.  At the same time, I do want to Keep spinning these Ideas until I decide how I Will Present these matters to the court, just to see what kind of strategy prosecution decides to proceed with.  Even the Justice said to Me that it sounds like I have a pretty Good Idea how I would like to proceed, May 10 should be lots of time to prepare My Case to Present to the court and I said, “I’m quite sure it Will be.”

In Toronto when I Presented My Self for first appearance, I was only Given two weeks (and I had no clue what I was doing back then), so thirty-five days does seem like lots of time and I Will be well prepared.  I have a lot of people already who have agreed to provide character references for Me and that’s just a start.

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I hope everyone is having a Sensational Saturday.  It’s not as warm as I’d like it to be for April but the next week is looking a little better.  I’ve got plenty more stories to tell, be back soon.

Love and Blessings,






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