The Good News Journal, Volume VII: The Terrific Tuesday Edition

Happy Tuesday, everyone.  It’s late Monday afternoon for Me and I’m preparing this Post for Tuesday morning.  Although I’m more excited about My next day in court than I am about anything else, I Will not be revealing too much of My strategy before May 10th.  I Will study a lot and that Will help Me to feel more sure of My Self but I am already very confident.  I really have waited a long time for this.

My daily routine is back to the usual busy, too.  I find it a little funny that I am busier now than I was in the ‘Life Skills’ program, (which I can officially say is nothing but a joke and waste of taxpayer dollars) but I’m actually enjoying the freedom.  I don’t have the same security, comfort or storage space I had before, but I’ve enjoyed being outside and this morning I stopped by 454, a community drop in center I haven’t visited since last fall and it was really good to see everyone again.  I felt like My presence there had genuinely been missed and that’s a pretty Good feeling.  When it warms up a little more, I Will get back to painting and 454 has a nice courtyard for that sort of thing – they also enjoy having Me there.

454 doesn’t have internet so I can’t get any work done on My laptop, so I basically spend the morning there, have My shower, get laundry done if necessary, then return for lunch, switch My gear, trading clothes and toiletry items for My laptop and law portfolio.  Lugging stuff around is really one of the greatest plights of the poor, especially the homeless and believe Me when I tell You, it does take a toll on a man after a time.  I notice it more now as anything I do is considerably more taxing with My rib injury, though today is the first day that is the pain seems to be subsiding a little.  However, one rib distinctly protrudes from the left side of My chest and it appears it’s going to heal that way, so it doesn’t look like I Will even need an x-ray.  I don’t Mind having few scars and war wounds, they Give a man more character and tell a Story. 😉

Character is a Word You Will notice Me using more.  The character of the man the police arrested is not the character of the man who Will be Presented and redeemed before the court and the people of Canada, that I can assure You.  The onus is going to be on the prosecution to prove that I am the [same] man on their information, I Will have to prove very little.  Prosecution volunteered to the court that I did not have any identification on Me at the time of the arrest and as King of Me to produce identification for the court that morning.  Although prosecution protested My Cestui Que Vie, when I showed it had been received by the Ministry of the Attorney General Correspondence Unit, he said nothing.  I as King of him if he could pass the two documents to the Justice for Me [please], and he did.  The court accepted My request to have them added to My Case file.  Although it was only a first appearance, a lot of big things happened that morning and I believe I earned the respect of those in attendance, including the Justice.  Not going to lie, a read on the Justice was virtually impossible, he’d be Great at poker, but his disposition was perfectly neutral and maintaining his neutrality after viewing My documents and ‘allowing’ them was a big win for Me.

For now, I am enjoying the Magic each day brings Me.  I enjoy watching court proceedings and preparing for My day, I enjoy already feeling well prepared, knowing I can just kind of chill and relax until May 10.  I Will Write of some of the conditions Canada’s least fortunate are subject to, but not at the expense of any of the organizations who are currently providing support as best they can with the resources available, but to bring attention to the kind of conditions I am hoping to change.   I’m more interested in tall King about solutions that the common man can easily understand.

Tonight I Will be watching YouTube videos and may at some point create a list of ‘recommended’ videos teaching the common law.  In many cases, My theories and Ideas extend beyond most of what I have witnessed so far but the principals and foundation for success remain the same.  Perhaps I Will elaborate on some of these Ideas more, too, though the primary difference between My Self and others who may have disputes in the Superior Court is that I am not seeking (See, King) any financial compensation, I want all debts forgiven.  I believe I have the knowledge to maintain and/or invoke common law Jurisdiction every time I go to court.  A clerk actually told Me once that King’s can only do business in the Superior Court, I should not even be in a court of lesser Jurisdiction (provincial, municipal).  An offence to the common law would be a federal matter, not a commercial charge.  When I add My new documents to the Case file, I anticipate it Will change the venue/Jurisdiction to the Common law [Superior Court] for the following court date.

I have already learned of many benefits to Presenting One’s Self in court, perhaps One of the Greatest advantages is that there is no third party negotiating (and therefor, speaking) for You.  If the Crown wants to make any deals, they have to Present them to Me directly.  I also have the Power to request a Judicial pre-trial and hear for My Self how the Crown plans to Present the information to the court.  I’ll share more as I learn more.

I hope everyone enjoys a Terrific Tuesday and some slightly warmer weather,

Love and Blessings,


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