The Good News Journal, Volume VII: The Marvelous Monday Edition

Good Monday, everyone, I Trust You are well.  If You have been following along with My adventures recently, You Will have noticed I am Writing less often and that is a trend that Will likely continue over the next few months.  I am preparing for My next court performance on May 10th and Will share what I can about how I plan to proceed when I can.  I anticipate that prosecution and perhaps even the Judge Will be paying close attention to what I am Writing here and I don’t want to spoil any of My surprises.  I know I demonstrated enough knowledge in the courtroom on My first presentation to pique ‘their’ interest if I was not on ‘their’ radar already (which is highly improbable).

I have been Keeping My Word, though.  I’m taking it easy and studying for My next performance which also feels like leisure.  The more I study, the more I real eyes (realize) just how much I’ve grown over the last ten years and how valuable all the Time I’ve spent watching videos, listening to lectures, and reading some of the most boring books has been in the development of My Character.  I Find it somewhat amusing that I enjoy studying law so much now.  In fact, I feel obliged to publish another entry and My reward Will be a four hour law video.  I’m not going to discuss My ‘study’ materials too much right now because I benefit from reviewing a lot of information, even though I may fundamentally disagree with many of the philosophies.  I’m also placing My Focus on courtroom etiquette so that I can Present what I already know as eloquently as possible.  My goal is to Present all the information for the foundation of My Case in as short a Time as possible, and in the most Honourable Fashion (remember, it’s all about Style). 😉

What I can tell You, is that I Will only be Writing One more document to Present to the court on May 10, the rest is already done and I honestly don’t have any Idea how the prosecution Will even attempt to rebut any Claim I Will Place into the Court of Record that day.  Not a clue.  I Will be re-Writing some of the documents I already have in My portfolio, but only to make them a more Present-able Gift to the Court.  I am more excited about performing in Court than I have been about anything I’ve ever done in My Life previously.  Quite a turn of events when compared with how I felt about Presenting My Self to the Court some seven years ago in Toronto.  In retrospect, I am thing King I would have done fine, but only fine.  I would likely have won My Case without having accomplished anything else.  Perhaps the practical experience would have inevitably resulted in the same knowledge over the same period of Time, but I feel better knowing I have the knowledge to articulate My Self properly without getting ‘tricked’ by any legal language I don’t fully comprehend.

I’ve also been playing lots of chess.  I’m actually losing more games than I ever have, too – and with great excitement.  I don’t learn anything when I win.  My friend David beat Me for the first time back in January and now We are so evenly matched that one small mistake is likely to cost the game.  We’ve been playing roughly five to six hours of chess a day for the last few days.  It cuts into My study and Writing time, but it is also one of the few things that takes My Mind off My next court appearance.  I’ve been preparing for this for so long, it consumes virtually every waking thought.  Chess helps to Keep Me feeling relaxed and enjoying My Self while Keeping My Mind engaged and active.

I really just wanted to say a short hello to let everyone know I’m loving Life, despite a seemingly unseasonably cold April so far.  It’s My first winter in Ottawa so I don’t really have anything to compare it to but I’m pretty sure all of Canada is unseasonably cold right now.  Walking outside today is a serious hazard; the winds are pretty extreme and everything is covered in a sheet of slick ice thanks to freezing rain.  I remind My Self that the warm weather should return in May, just as I’m preparing for My next Act on the world stage.

I hope and trust You are all well,

Love and Blessings,

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