The Good News Journal, Volume VII: The Wonderful Lucky Wednesday Edition

Happy Tuesday, everyone!  Once again, this Post Will be brief but I wanted to chime into the Universal Song to share a little about what I am learning from My research.  I did have an opportunity to do a little more studying after My Post last night and I am prepared to share information that does support philosophies I have previously discussed – after all, this is the Good News Journal, I’m here to remind You that things are not necessarily how We perceive them to be.

I also mentioned in My last Post that if I had done all of this seven years ago, I believe I would have done okay.  Not perfect, but okay.  One of the reasons I believe I would have been okay is because I do believe in the Justice system overall.  Again, it’s not perfect, but I do believe that for the most part, Good people Will get Good results.  As such, when I presented My Self to the Court in Toronto with My brother for the first time, I believed the Judge was My friend and that the Truth of the events would eventually provide remedy.  And, although I addressed the Justice with a fiery tone, My sentiments were never directed toward the Justice.  I simply said, “Your Honour, I have been as King to defend My Self since the time of My arrest and they [big difference between ‘they’ and ‘You’ – a small Word can make a big difference in court] won’t even Give Me My disclosure, so I have no Idea what I am being accused of.”

Once again, paraphrasing, though I think it was probably pretty clear by the tone of My Voice that I was angry or at the very least, frustrated – and I was!  I wanted to know why they were Giving Me such a difficult time when I had always presumed that a man had a right to know the charges against him and to clear his own name in a court of law, never Mind presumption of innocence till proved guilty by a jury of competent, unbiased peers.  The Justice did not scold Me for My tone but instead adopted the same tone, as King of the prosecution why I had not been Given My disclosure and to get it for Me immediately.  The Court was even adjourned for about two minutes while prosecution ran out to get it for Me.  True story.  I felt I had immediately gained the sympathy of the court and was so thankful to finally be able to see with My own eyes what kind of story was being told about Me and I know My Gratitude for what the Justice had Ordered was evident in My body language and tone when court resumed.  I felt the Justice was there to provide Justice, and I still believe this is true.

This is highly contrary to many of the philosophies in the ‘law movement’, which often suggest that the Judge or Justice of the Peace in Our Courts are corrupt.  Like any profession, I don’t doubt that there are corrupt Judge’s and Justice’s out there, but for the most part I believe they got into their line of work to do Good; to make sure that Good people stay out of jail and that ‘bad’ people are not a danger to the public.  I really just don’t think there are a lot of Judge’s and Justice’s out there who study several years at law school so they can put Good people in jail for no Good reason to satisfy some kind of sadistic intent.  I believe that most people begin their law studies because they have a fundamental belief in Justice, not ‘just is’.  ‘Just is’ won’t stand in a court of law, One must prove One’s claim.

Most of what I am learning now supports these philosophies.  The Judge or Justice is neither One’s friend or foe, they are simply a Magistrate of the Court, there to make sure paperwork is ‘properly’ filed and issued into the Court.  My determination is to find remedy and one of the maxim’s of law is ‘there shall not be no remedy’, meaning that these matters Will be resolved.  The onus is on the prosecution to prove their claim, which is going to be very difficult (if not impossible) for the prosecution to accomplish.  All I have to do is file My Claim and I Will become the plaintiff, the injured party Seeking (see King) remedy, prosecution Will have to prove they had the right and authority (jurisdiction) to trespass on My inalienable (God Given) rights.

The reason I placed the Word properly in parenthesis above is because the system of laws governing commerce are very specific in language, code and forms that are submitted to the courts.  Sean Kearney specifically said in his letter to Me that My letter does not appear to have been issued by or filed into a court of law and as such, his intention was to take no further action in response to it.  I knew these things before I sent the letter and I figured the last thing Sean Kearney or the Attorney General would want would be for Me to properly file or issue My claim into a court of record because Sean Kearney (and/or the Toronto police service) would have some very serious explaining to do and I as King of them for eleven million in compensation for unlawful trespass on My common law rights.  The only reason I as King for the money was because I figured they would never want Me to file My claim into a court of record and that they would just make all the charges disappear.  I am Writing from My court, I can determine any value I see fit for trespassing on the laws of My Kingdom, and once again the onus would be on the crown to prove they did not exceed their jurisdiction.  Keep in Mind, this was before I had Created the Coin of My Realm.

Sean Kearney’s commercial jurisdiction is inferior, man has supreme right over any corporate/commercial fiction and My complaint is prima facie evidence of fraud and breach of public trust which are serious criminal offences.  Sean Kearney has a duty and responsibility to provide remedy when a man complains that his rights have been infringed upon, even if his only responsibility was to properly file or issue the claim into a court himself.  It is not the duty or responsibility of the common man to understand all of the procedures, statutes and codes of law, even the best attorneys and lawyers don’t know them all.  The common man’s duty is to expose fraud and crimes that trespass on the Sovereign rights of the Canadian people by Writing letters of the offences to those who do have a duty and responsibility to know these codes and procedures so that the Crown can prosecute.  Sean Kearney has breached the public trust by failing to administrate My paperwork effectively.  It is also worth noting that I did file the paperwork into the Superior Court the day after receiving My letter from Sean Kearney, once again demonstrating My determination to administrate My own paperwork effectively, communicate My intentions, and have still not received a response.  When I bring this paperwork into a Court of Record, My complaint Will officially (office I ally) be a properly issued claim and they Will be obliged to respond, “there shall not be no remedy”.


Well, so much for a short Entry.  It might sound as though I am revealing some of My strategies for My day in Court, but I assure You I’m not.  I have much bigger Ideas for My next day in Court.

I hope this day finds You well,

Love and Blessings,







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