The Good News Journal, Volume VIII: The Marvelous Monday Edition

Hello everyone and thank You for being here!  It is wonderful to be Writing again, though I have also enjoyed My time off, and I’m still playing lots of chess.

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous the last couple of days.  Sunday was the first day this year My skin has really had a chance to soak up some vitamin D and it felt so Good!  I retired My winter jacket a few days ago, hoping the Act would encourage warm weather to spring forth and the Act of Faith seems to be working.

I’ve also really enjoyed working on My Case.  As per usual, I am continually revising and editing, but the more time I spend War King on it, the more logical and intuitive it becomes.  It actually feels very much like working on an essay, which was one of the few things I really enjoyed in school.  A Good essay begins with an outline, a logical sequence of events that begins with a thesis, a few paragraphs to support Key points with references to support the facts, and a paragraph summarizing One’s original argument by touching on all the Key points One last time for a convincing conclusion that Will impact the reader.  Creating a Law Suit is very similar in so many Ways.

In Law, Articles are used to cloth (Create) the Suit of the Sovereign.  Can You Imagine why I might be enjoying this so much?  Every time I am thing King I Created a perfect Suit, I come up with something more Stylish – and the Style of a man’s character is everything in Law.  I was about two or three Pages (Paige’s, like in the Tarot) from being finished before coming up with a completely different strategy…  Ah, Life is so much like chess, there are always so many Ways to Solve a problem.

One of the eureka moments occurred when I was thing King about how to Decree an International (public) Court of Record.  It is My Wish and so it is Done.  And I suppose prosecution is hereby Given notice of such.  The Counter Claim I Will Issue onto the Court of Record on May 10th Will be Published here at precisely 9:00, which is precisely when I was appointed by God to be there.  This is a Court of Record, legally speaking.  Every Post is a continual affidavit of Truth, the Story of My Divine Purpose to Serve God and accomplish Peace in the world; and this is My tenth year committed to the task.  Every Post I’ve Writ is an example of My Living Will and test of money, always not for profit, a Piece for Peace. 😉

War King Late
The Eternal Student of the Universe

And always learning.  I feel like I have an opportunity to really make a difference for the first time in My Life.

I hope You are all enjoying the beautiful weather as much as I have been!!!  I’m a little pink today, but it feels wonderful.  As always, thank You all so much for being here.

Love and Blessings,


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