The Good News Journal, Volume IX: The Saturday Special Edition – The King’s Court

Hello everyone, and thank You for being here. For any of My readers who might be disappointed to find I did not publish any of My Court documents on May 10th at 9:00, I am as King of You to please know there are no coincidences; although I was not able to due to circumstances beyond My control, I am now very grateful I did not publish any of My documents here, though that Will ultimately remain an integral part of My strategy.

I also figured I should probably make sure I get something published soon so everyone knows I’m ‘okay’ (My mother and brother, most importantly). One thing about court that always remains the same, is that I can never anticipate how it might go.  I can do My part, I can prepare My defence, do My ‘homework’, get all My paperwork Writ, but I cannot determine how that paperwork Will be received.  To say that things did not go as I expected they might is just par for the course now, though I did have an amazing day.

First, I would like to introduce everyone to the Honourable Justice [Heather Elizabeth] Perkins McVey (click on this sentence). As I also consider My Self a teacher, I figure it is also worth showing People how I do My research.  Justice Perkins-McVey introduced Her Self to the court at one point and I was quick to make a note of Her name for My records, even though I Writ it down incorrectly (I thought I had heard ‘McBay’), the moment I started typing ‘justice perkins…’ into Google God, the rest of the name appeared pretty quickly.  I also know that anyone can research any judge or justice on the government of Canada website.

I am always tall King about no coincidences and the first thing I noticed when reading of Perkins-McVey’s appointment to the Ontario Court of Justice, was the date of the announcement, June 5th, 2009 – My name day, one year after My awakening and roughly one year before My arrest by the Toronto Police Service.  Then I did another little Google search to see if I could find any notable characteristics about Justice Perkins McVey and came across this little gem (click here).

I liked Justice Perkins-McVey immediately and I think it is reasonable to presume that most people would.  She entered the courtroom with enthusiasm and humour, making a joke about her glasses falling from the desk, assuring the clerk that even if they were broken, no one would be getting out of court that day – She keeps a second pair in her pocket just in case.  Perkins-McVey is also a captivating speaker.  She knows how to Keep the attention of the People witnessing the proceedings and make the spectator feel included (as they are in a common law court).  At one point, Perkins-McVey even declared that She would teach the court a short lesson on what some of the ‘codes’ mean after mentioning that nieces and nephews who had witnessed court proceeding had complained that everyone in a court seemed to be speaking in ‘code’.  She then went on to explain the code that allows a man to retain a lawyer until he finds his own (or retains the lawyer himself).  I don’t remember the code so I guess it didn’t do Me much good, but I thought it was interesting (and not a coincidence) that She mentioned court proceedings are in a coded language (not the common tongue of the common man).

The only thing that did not surprise Me, was that I had expected to be ‘tried’ by the Justice.  The Justice was clearly testing (and challenging) My competence in Law; and that’s okay with Me.  I’ll do My best to recount the events of the day to the best of My knowledge.

I arrived at the Court early and the day was something of a match for My mood.  I had managed to make it to the Court without getting rained on.  The moment the Court opened, the rain came pouring down, though it only lasted for about thirty seconds.  I suppose some might consider it a bad omen, though My goal had been to get to Court before 8:00 and before the rain – the weather was confirmation that the time I chose to be there was perfect and I arrived perfectly dry.

I had also arrived early so that I could add information to My Case file before entering the Court at 9:00.  Even the court clerk doesn’t open until 8:30, so I took some time to review My documents one last time and get them in the Order I wanted to have them printed by the clerk.  When I as King of the clerk to add information to My Case file, she looked up the Case file number and said that she could not accept My documents as they had to be presented on the Court of Record (in the courtroom at 9:00).  That was music to My ears and exactly what I had wanted to do, anyway.

I had twenty minutes left before 9:00 after doing what I had wanted to do at the courthouse, which was enough time to enjoy a coffee and smoke before making My second Present-A-Sean.

Once again, I decided I would let My intuition determine how I would proceed after entering the court.  The basic layout and structure are the same but this courtroom was smaller than the first with only one ‘bench’ where dockets are laid out for the lawyers to sit at.  I had initially planned to make My Self comfortable with the other lawyers but decided to wait so I could review some of the cases first to get a sense of the Justice’s personality and disposition.  I was glad I did.

I enjoyed watching the proceedings and Justice Perkins-McVey in action.  I was very impressed with Her and I remember thing King to My Self that whoever assigned her to My Case knew what they were doing.  It is obvious She has a Good heart and wants to be as fair as She is able and that can’t help but play on My emotions.  It is much easier for Me to assert My position and authority when I feel like someone is trying to take advantage of Me, like the prosecution on My first presentation.  Justice McVey is very different, One gets the sense that She is truly there to provide Justice to the best of Her ability. 

I watched for an hour and somewhere in that timeframe, learned that there were two dockets; one for 9:00 and another for 10:00.  At 10:00, I stood up after the Justice finished with Her last matter.  She acknowledged Me and I said to Her that I had been scheduled to present My Self to the Court at 9:00 a.m.  Justice Perkins-McVey explained to Me that the cases go in alphabetical Order and that they are still on the 9:00 docket, suggesting that “Patience is a Virtue” (and also a bookmark in My law portfolio).  It was the first proverbial ‘slap’, suggesting I was impatient.  I politely said to the Justice that I understood that but wanted the court to be advised for the record that I am present in the court and have been here since 9:00.  I can as King to be compensated for every moment I spend war King on this case.

I continued to watch the proceedings quietly until My name was called.  When it was, I picked up My briefcase and approached the bench, “If it would be pleasing to Her Majesty, permission to approach and make My Self comfortable?”, motioning to the area where the lawyers sit.

“Yes, of course, though I am not Her Majesty, Her Majesty is the Queen, I am ‘Your Honour'”

“Yes, I understand that, Your Honour, but You are a representative of the Queen, so I am as King You as a representative of Her Majesty.”

She seemed pleased with My explanation and somewhat surprised and impressed by My etiquette.  I am not even sure what Her first words might have been to Me, I only know that the first thing I said was that I have information to add to My Case file and would like the Court to hereby take Notice of My Motion of Counter Claim.

“I’m sorry, I can’t accept that.”

Baffled.  Truly.  It was, quite honestly, the very last thing I had expected the Justice to say.

“So You are saying I cannot Present any of this information to the Court today?”

“No, You Will want to Keep those for Your records.  This is not a civil court, this is a criminal court.”

“I understand that, Your Honour, but what I am saying is that the Ottawa Police exceeded their Jurisdiction, trespassing on My Common Law rights causing injury.” [Counter suit officially filed on the court of record.]

The Justice more or less ignored My Motion of Counter Claim and said that the Salvation Army does have the right to ask Me to leave.  I said that I agree with that but I do not agree that they have the right to ask Me to leave arbitrarily, and/or interfere with access to My personal, private property without providing some kind of recourse when I am dependent on them for basic food and lodging and have an otherwise outstanding reputation with the staff and clients.  The entire scenario is entirely out of character for Me and I have still not been given the opportunity to defend My Honour.

Once again, it seemed the Justice more or less just glazed over what I had said.

“How long before You were welcome to return to the Salvation Army and where are You staying now?”

“Immediately following the long weekend and likely sooner had it not been Easter weekend when management were not available to ask.”

“Are You not concerned that a complaint would be a conflict of interest.”

“Well, yes, Your Honour, that’s kind of the point.  I’ve worked very hard with the Ministries of the Canadian government to obtain the subsidy I need, including the manager of community and social services Chris Tuck.  The moment I am able to obtain subsidy is the moment I Will be able to get My Self into dignified housing.”

“Do You think You could get a letter showing the court You are still welcome there?”

“Yes, Your Honour.  I’m quite sure You could call right now, I could give You the number if You like.”

The Justice considered it, the clerk had even picked up the phone and appeared to be waiting for Me to produce a number but the Justice was still speaking, “what about an e-mail, We could give You an e-mail address to send a letter to the court.”

“Sure, that would be fine, too.”

Then I think I just volunteered to bring a letter, but it’s hard to remember exactly what was said.  My thing King was that I could get a very Good letter from Captain Thomas Yoo that would include the spiritual counsel I provide most Tuesday’s, as well as a letter from Drew, the director of the “Life Skills” program and even Jason Provost, the general manager.  I figure the more character references, the better and I like things in Writing, hard copy, prima-facie evidence.

“Okay, if You can get a letter showing You are still welcome at the Salvation Army maybe Crown Will motion for discharge.”

I said that sounded fine and another date was set for June 15th, at which time I as King of the Justice if We could make it for the 5th of June instead.  She had a surprised look on her face so I added, “it’s My birthday, Your Honour.”

She laughed, “And You want to come to court on Your birthday?”

“I’ve been waiting a long time for this, Your Honour.”

Wow, I’m twice as long for a Blog Post as the average attention span has time to read, so I am going to Sign off for now, though there are several, small but significant details I still need to share with You all.

Overall, although I felt more like I was firing a gun with the safety on than the sharpshooter I appeared to be last presentation, I am very pleased with the overall results and I Will Write again soon to explain some of the big surprises and Gifts Given Me by the Justice in My next Post.

Love and Blessings,










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