The Good News Journal, Volume X: The Marvelous Monday Edition – King’s Court, Part II

Happy Monday and I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s day weekend.  In the last Edition of The Good News Journal I was tall King about My Case and My last performance in Court on May 10th.  I think I did a pretty good job of summarizing the most important details, though there tons of very small, significant points that are worth tall King about.

I Will try to recap the events I covered yesterday, this time filling in some of the smaller details.  One small but very significant detail is that I did remind the Court that My Cestui Que Vie is already on the Court of Record, received by the Ministry of the Attorney General Correspondence Unit, January 19th, 2017.  I removed the document from My portfolio when Justice Perkins McVey had said the Court would not receive My Motion of Counter Claim.  I passed the Cestui Que Vie to a Court clerk to pass to the Justice when I verbally announced My [Counter] Claim on the Court of Record; this is the document that proves the Ottawa Police Service exceeded their jurisdiction, so it is relevant to My Case.  Nothing was said about the document.

Once again, the events of the day made a lot more sense to Me after I had some time to reflect on everything.  I mentioned previously that the Crown had been asking for diversion on the two provincial charges, ‘resisting arrest’ and ‘mischief’.  Usually the Justice would say something about that, let Me know that if I agree to a few community hours (and complete them), the charges would be withdrawn.  What the Crown is ‘seeking’ as remedy for the charges is usually announced to the Court.  The charges were announced but there was no mention of how the ‘Crown’ was planning to proceed.  I also believe the Justice’s every Word (or omission) was deliberate.  When the Crown is as King for diversion, it usually means they don’t have a very strong Case and maybe the Justice didn’t mention that Crown had been as King for diversion because it would have made the charges and the prosecution’s case seem less serious to the [people of the] Court.

The ‘Crown’ usually does what it can to make the charges sound as serious and sinister as possible.  I placed ‘Crown’ in parenthesis because it isn’t really the Crown (Queen), it’s the CROWN corporation (of London, of which Canada is a franchise), even though the Crown (Queen) is truly the real authority.  From now on, when Crown represents the corporation, I Will Write it in all caps. 😉

Although I didn’t get a chance to file My Motion of Counter Claim onto the Court of Record on paper last Thursday, I did Give notice of My Counter Claim by announcing it verbally.  Even if the Counter Claim can’t be heard in this jurisdiction of law, the CROWN knows they Will be looking at a law suit if the charges don’t stick (even if they were able to prove jurisdiction, which they can’t).

In theory, CROWN should have dropped the charges the moment I showed the Court My Cestui Que Vie.  The prosecuting attorney knew it when I was in court the first time, which is why he tried to refuse the original, genuine article.  When I showed the true copy received by the Attorney General, he shut up pretty quick.  Prosecution has not established jurisdiction…

My friend, Captian Yoo

Right now, CROWN appears to be ‘assuming’ jurisdiction, glazing over the fact they know they don’t have it.  As long as the CROWN is acting on the all caps name (the name on the Police information), I cannot be heard (legally) because that character only exists on paper, it is not living.  I should also not be allowed on the side of the bar where lawyers sit, the ‘all caps’ incorporated persons are ‘lost at sea’ and not allowed to board the ship…  Yet I make sure that I am every time.

The reason this is significant is because I don’t need to add My Cestui Que Vie to the Court of Record because it is already on the Superior Court Record.  I also don’t need to add it to My Case file as information because the CROWN already has that information.  When I pass it around the courtroom, I’m just reminding everyone.

I also don’t lose anything by not adding My Counter Claim to the case file yet.  If the CROWN were to decide this should go to trial, they can’t stop My from presenting information, they Will have to hear My defence at some point.  Does it really matter to Me whether they want to answer to jurisdiction now or later?

What I’m suggesting, is that it is much better for the CROWN to withdraw charges because I have a glowing reference letter, than it is to admit they didn’t have jurisdiction in the first place.

The other very interesting element of the day were the conversations I had with the Justice regarding the Common Law and Human Rights.  I, as King of the Justice if laws had the power to trespass on a right.

“Well, I’m not sure about that.” Was the reply from Justice Perkins McVey.

“Really?  I’m pretty sure the Universal Declaration of Human Rights says that rights are protected by law.”

And I think Justice Perkins McVey suggested I should file a complaint with the United Nations if I felt My rights were being trespassed upon.

The other interesting remark regarded the Common Law.  At one point I reminded the Justice that I had as King of the first Justice for the assurances and protections of a Common Law Court, and Justice Perkins McVey suggested that the Common Law is a vague and unclear jurisdiction of law.  I wish I could remember exactly the Word she used, though vague and unclear was what her Honour had implied.

I actually chuckled a little, “Really?  Well, the Common Law seems pretty clear to Me.”

I didn’t bother to say what the Common Law is, but I was expecting a Justice to know it well.  I am thing King that for My next court presentation, I Will do some teaching of My own. 😉

I was Gifted with a couple of other surprises by Justice Perkins McVey.  After hearing that the U.D.H.R. (Universal Declaration of Human Rights) was not acknowledged or Honoured in the Court, I decided I would revert back to Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms…  To which Justice McVey also said were not relevant in her Court.  Hmmm…  So where are the rights of the Canadian people allegedly protected by law?  Or do the Canadian people not have rights anymore, Justice Perkins McVey?

Anyway, it’s getting late and this entry is getting long, so I’m going to Sign off.  As You might guess, I have lots of ‘information’ to prepare for My next court presentation.

Love and Blessings,

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