The Good News Journal, Volume X: The Wonderful Lucky Wednesday Edition

Well, happy ‘Lucky’ Wednesday, I Wonder what luck the day Will bring You!  I always enjoy Writing but I am especially excited today.  So far this year, My Blog has been read by over 100 countries – thank You all so much!  And, thanks to My recent, real life adventures in Court, My Blog has been getting more attention, especially My legal documents.  I had said that I one day dreamed that My Blog might have some influence in the Universe – and now it does.  Welcome to the King’s Court.

Although I haven’t been Writing as much over the last month or so, I’ve been keeping very busy.  I’ve said before that I have friends who rely on Me for counsel and although I feel saying anything about what My friend is dealing with would be a breach of his trust, I don’t Mind saying that I have a friend in need whom I have been spending a great deal of My time with recently.  I also have other commitments that take up a considerable amount of time that are relative to My situation, though because of the influence this Blog now has, I have to be very careful about what I Write.  For that reason, whether I call this Blog the King’s Court or not, it very much is a Common Law Court, and the world is watching.

Once again, I am very pleased with the Divine perfection of the Universe.  It is so much easier to see things clearly when One has had time to reflect.  Both of My last posts were viewed literally seconds after they were published.  How flattering, thank You!!! ❤

My life has been considerably more challenging since the beginning of April, so it was difficult for Me to dedicate the time and attention necessary to properly prepare for My Case.  I managed to get the essentials done, and am ready to Present My paperwork to the Court anytime, though there are a few extra details I would have liked to finish up first.

At the moment, I don’t have access to a private workspace to prepare for My Case in peace, or even a hard drive to view My disclosure.  For fairness in law, I am entitled to all the same resources and privileges the CROWN is given and I haven’t as King of the Justice for any of these things yet.  I can as King to be compensated for every penny I spend to prepare for My Case.  Clerks aren’t printing or accepting My documents, so if I need to get documents printed and sent by registered mail, I can bill that to the Court, too.  I might actually send My entire defence to Honourable Court Justice Perkins McVey directly, I haven’t decided yet.

These are all the little details I get to spend some time thing King about over the next month.  I’ve also reviewed all of My original documents and service of true copies sent to Ministries and representatives of the Canadian government and I am very pleased with My Work.  My briefcase is getting so full, I am going to be transferring all of My medical documents into a new briefcase to make room for everything else.  “My Story” actually reads much like a Book detailing My determination to obtain full disclosure of the Live Birth Record and any and all [commercial] contracts created from it, by as King of Canada’s elected officials to be accountable to their Oath [of office] to God, the Queen, Her Grace, Glory and Majesty, Elizabeth II, and the People of Canada and the Commonwealth.

My Magic Wand 

This is My new weapon. 😉

This beautiful, blown glass calligraphy pen was ceremoniously selected for the preparation of any new documents I may Create for My Case.  I also have a vibrant, ‘Opera’ Red ink cartridge for My fabulous, finger-print embossed fountain pen for quick notes in Court.  I am feeling well armed.

One of the other subtle, but significant details after My last appointment in Court, was that I had wanted to as King of the Justice some of these Quest-Ion’s but opted not to after My Counter Claim was refused.  However, Jason was very quick to chase Me down when I returned from Court that day, telling Me that I have been approved for [housing] subsidy and should be ‘matched with a worker’ within the next few days.  It hasn’t happened yet, but this is the part that takes the most time so I am cautiously optimistic.  It was Jason’s urgency that surprised Me most and it could just be a coincidence that this all just happened to fall into place the moment I return from Court, but We all know how I feel about coincidences.

I hope You are all well, I Will have plenty of information to share when I am able to find the time.

Love and Blessings, enjoy the sunshine!!!

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