The Good News Journal, Volume X: The Sensei Sean all Sunday Edition – (Ottawa) Police Brutality

Happy Sunday, everyone, hope You are all having a wonderful long weekend.  This Sunday is something of a special Edition, too, as I am reporting on the excessive abuse of authority which seems to be commonplace among the Ottawa police service.

A friend of mine who struggles with mental health issues was walking down the sidewalk when a police officer assaulted him from behind without warning, hoisting him off the ground by his shoulder, and slamming him down on the sidewalk with one of his arms brutally twisted behind his back.  The man assaulted could not weigh more than 125-130lbs, and the officer was considerably larger and very quickly assisted by his partner.  The two officers continued to brutally force the man’s arms behind his back as his body protested in pain, his face scraped along the sidewalk as the police ‘did their thing’.  The whole time the man was screaming that they were hurting him and he would do anything they asked of him if they would just stop hurting him (as they force his body and face along the sidewalk with the two arms they now have cuffed and twisted behind his back).

He was cuffed, detained, and taken away in a police cruiser, later charged with a fine for trespassing.  Needless to say, the man is not dangerous, was not resisting arrest (as he was not even under arrest at the time of the attack) and was not even told what he was being detained for until after he had been whisked away in a police cruiser.  Way to go, Ottawa Police service.  I’m sure those officers feel real big and strong now.  Men like this should NEVER be allowed to carry a gun or any weapon.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Freedoms, Article 9:

“No one shall be subject to arbitrary arrest, detention, or exile.”

Arbitrary –

1. founded on or subject to personal whims, prejudices, etc., capricious

2. having only relative application or relevance; not absolute

3. (Mathematics) Not representing any specific value

4. (Law) (especially of a penalty or punishment) not laid down by any statute, to the court’s discretion

And so continues My Common Law teaching.  Arbitrary means to not do something on a whim, or (more specifically), to not arrest, detain or exile a man without a WARRANT.  Police do NOT have the right to arbitrarily arrest a man.  If police want to arrest and detain a man, they need to show evidence to a court and have the court issue a warrant.  Any other arrest without a warrant is a breach of man’s rights under both the Canadian Charter of Rights and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Freedoms.  Does Canada acknowledge and respect either one of these Declarations of man’s rights?  We Will soon find out.

I Will file an official compliant against the Ottawa police service later today or early tomorrow.

I hope You all have a better day than the Ottawa Police Service Will.  Someone has to be a Voice for those who are never heard.

Love and Blessings,




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