The Good News Journal, Volume XI: The Wonderful ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition

Hello everyone, and thank You very much for being here; without You, these Words are Nothing.

I’ve been spending some time thing King about all of the wonderful happenings in My microcosm.  I would like to report more on some of the changes I Wish to manifest for the People of Ottawa [and the rest of Canada], but because the Words I Write have enough influence to almost immediately affect My microcosm, I have to be very careful about the information I share.  Honourable Justice, Perkins-McVey, had said she felt that a [counter] claim against the Ottawa Police Service may be a conflict of interest as long as I am staying at the Salvation Army, so I have decided I Will disclose a public disclaimer as part of My strategy.  So long as the Salvation Army does not directly interfere with My determination to protect the Common Law and defend man’s Sovereign rights, they Will not have to worry about being held liable [commercially or otherwise] for any trespasses of the Common Law.

In a previous Post I had said that one of the things I would need to spend some time thing King about was liability, consider whom [or what] is ultimately responsible for trespasses upon the Common Law in Canada.  Although the Salvation Army and other shelters may have corporate policies that ultimately result in trespasses upon Common Law rights, that does not make them responsible for those trespasses.  The Salvation Army is an emergency shelter, its purpose is to provide assistance and support in the event of a disaster that displaces People from their homes – it is not the responsibility of the Salvation Army [or any other private, charitable organization] to provide basic needs for the People of Canada, that Duty and responsibility lies with the Ministry of Community and Social Services.  Consider what the city of Ottawa [or any other city in Canada] might look like if there were no shelters, if the thousands of People they provide beds for every night were left to sleep in the streets?  And considering it’s not legal to sleep on the streets, imagine how many more Canadians would be in jail because there is no other place for them go.  How can any charitable organization be held liable for trespasses upon the Common Law rights of the Canadian People when the reason they are there is because of the misappropriation of Canada’s wealth?  The responsibility to provide a dignified life for the People of Canada falls upon the shoulders of the Canadian government, and the People of Canada are the authority of government;  I am thing King We forget that…

I also know that the Salvation Army is founded upon Spiritual principles, and I happen to be good friends with the Spiritual director, Captain Thomas Yoo.  It is Thomas Yoo that I meet with for [Spiritual] counsel most weeks.  He’s had a busy schedule lately, so I haven’t met with him for a couple of weeks, but he is a very Good friend and has tremendous respect for My Work.  He is also very pleased to have an opportunity to show his support by providing Me with a letter for the Court.

I’m going to Sign off for now, the main thing I wanted to make clear, is that the responsibility to provide basic needs for the People of Canada does not rest on the shoulders of private, charitable organizations, that weight is to be carried by the Canadian government.

Love and Blessings, happy ‘Lucky’ Wednesday!!!

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