The Good News Journal, Volume XII: The Sun has Sean on the Sunday Edition

I hope You are having a wonderful weekend.  The weather in Ottawa has been beautiful lately, it is finally beginning to feel like spring!  I’ve got a lot of Good things going on in My microcosm, too.  Again, to Honour My friendship, I can’t say too much, but My friend is in much better spirits than he was a few days ago.  Although My ambitions in the macrocosm are almost astoundingly High, the effect and impact I have on those in My microcosm is of at least equal, if not of Greater importance to Me.  There are some marvelous, even miraculous things happening for My friend, and it is truly wonderful to see.

For now, I am remaining True to My Word and keeping something of a low profile, at least with respect to what I am Writing here.  I am well prepared for My next Court ‘Present A Sean’, yet I am continuously perfecting My Case.  I like allowing My intuition to dictate how I Will perform in Court and although I don’t anticipate I Will have the opportunity to Present any more information than I did on May 10th, I am going to be exceedingly well prepared when it comes time to file My counter claim.  Currently, I am firmly establishing and clarifying the Common Law for My Kingdom.

I have said before that the Law should not be complicated, that’s why it’s called the ‘Common Law’ – because it is not complicated, it is Common Sense.  Those who are wealthy in knowledge are rich in Common Cents. 😉

The most Common criticism I receive, is that I am an idealist and My philosophies sound Great but they are only philosophical in nature with no practical application, and perhaps that’s why I developed such an appreciation for Law; in Law, opinion means nothing, proof is everything. As I perceive every event in My Life as a Magical opportunity to Manifest My intention, My experience in Court has already helped Me to develop My Kingdom by not only firmly establishing the Common Law as the Law of My Nation, but also clearly defining the Common Law by supporting its foundation with facts.

So, if I am going to be tall King about the Common Law and how I believe that rights are protected by Law, I should probably have something to show the Court to prove this is true.  And if I am going to be tall King about these things in Canada’s Courts, then I should probably find information that is relative to Canada’s system of Laws so I know what rights Canada’s provincial Judge’s and Justice’s are responsible for protecting.  That doesn’t seem like a radical approach to Me, it seems to Me that would be the reasonable and logical Way for any man to defend One’s claim before a Court Judge or Justice.  So please, let Me draw Your attention to Canada’s system of Justice as defined by the government of Canada website by clicking here.

A couple of choice quotes I find particularly useful are:

“A constitution provides the fundamental rules and principles that govern a country.”

“It is the Supreme Law of Canada.”

This information is provided by the Canadian (government) Department of Justice, so it is reasonable to presume the information is applicable.  The Department of Justice also defines the role of the Justice Minister, “which provides services such as drafting laws and providing legal advice to the government and its departments.  The department also develops criminal and public law, as well as policies and programs for victims, families, children and youth criminal justice.  The Minister of Justice is also the Attorney General or chief law officer in Canada.”

This is why My very first letter of complaint about the trespasses upon My Common Law rights in Toronto was sent to the Ministry of the Attorney General’s office, the highest authority of law in Canada, responsible for ensuring that the Constitutional rights of Canada’s People are protected [by law].

Laws do not have the power to trespass on a right.  Laws are made by man, Rights are inherent, Given by God.  “The Governor General must also give royal assent to a bill before it can become a law.  By constitutional convention, royal assent is always given to bills passed by the Senate and the House of Commons.”

The Governor General’s real duty and responsibility in Canada is to know the Common Law so that the rights guaranteed by Canada’s Constitution are protected.  If government representatives in the House of Commons and Senate have been influenced [or bribed] by corporations to pass bills through the House of Commons and Senate that might trespass on rights of the Canadian People, the Governor General has the power to overturn the bill and reject it to protect the rights of the Canadian People and the Constitution.  By ‘constitutional convention’, this is almost never done, and I believe it is because it has been too long since Canada has had a Governor General who understands their duty and responsibility under God and the Queen, Her Grace, Glory and Majesty, Elizabeth II (and not to be confused with Canada’s Crown Corporation and policies, commonly expressed in [Canadian] law as ‘REGINA’).  REGINA can be found on any Canadian coin and legal matters that express ‘REGINA vs. ______’, are codes to govern commercial conduct.

I’m not a big fan of Canada’s Constitution, I think it’s weak and poorly Writ, but it does provide a foundation for the protection of [human] rights in Canada and does demonstrate that Canadian courts are accountable to Canada’s constitution.

I also have My letter to Present to Honourable Justice, Perkins-McVey on June 15th and was Gifted with another opportunity to attend Court on June 5th, My name day, to support My friend for whom I have been providing counsel as of late.

It is very difficult for Me to maintain any consistency writing My Blog these days, so please be patient – even an hour of uninterrupted Writing time can be difficult to manage, never Mind actual work space.  I Will likely Write again sometime around My name day, though that could be a very busy day, too, so no promises.

I hope You are all well,

Love and Blessings,


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