The Good News Journal, Volume XIV: The Wonderful Lucky Wednesday Edition

Hello everyone, hope You are having a wonderful Wednesday.  It’s Tuesday in My microcosm and I am scheduling this Post for tomorrow morning.  My good friend, Captain Thomas Yoo, spiritual director and pastor of the Gladstone Community church, returned from South Korea this week where he had been involved in North Korea peace talks; his involvement in the peace talks was also recently published by the Ottawa Citizen.

My friend, Captian Yoo

It was great to see Captain Yoo again and, despite his hectic schedule, he managed to find the time to Write Me a wonderful letter to Present to the Court on Friday.  Today, I only had a chance to view the e-mail as he would like to print the letter on Salvation Army letter head which he is only able to do from his office.  However, I should have the letter by noon Wednesday and it is even more flattering than I could have Wished, so Wednesday is already exceedingly lucky!

It won’t, however, help Me to be less enthusiastic about My next Court Present-A-Sean on Friday and I am already having difficulty sleeping at night.  I am more excited about going to Court on Friday than I was about My name [birth] day celebrate-Sean. 😉

It’s not just about going to Court, I’m excited because I feel like I am finally able to apply the knowledge I’ve acquired to My life in a practical Way.  Once again, I have no idea what to expect on Friday, but one Way or another, I Will be closer to having the matter behind Me.  If the Crown does decide they want to go to trial…  I honestly can’t imagine that they Will because I am thing King they Will know how much I Will enjoy making prosecution look foolish; I’ve waited a long time for this!

Perhaps what I’m most excited about is not having to withhold any information from My Blog.  Right now, I feel like My Words are censored, even though I’m the One censoring My Self.  I don’t want to reveal any of My strategies before I go to Court, but I am excited to share them with You.  I am also excited about helping other Canadians in Court, and this experience Will help Me to develop the ability to do so with confidence.  I have incredible confidence when I am the only one who may be subject to My mistakes, but not so much when someone else has placed their Trust in Me; it really is a tremendous responsibility and not something I take lightly.  I was going to help a friend with traffic court today but he didn’t want to cooperate with Me or take the Counsel I was offering.  I didn’t argue, I took My leave and as King to him that he stop by when he’s done in court and let Me know how he made out.  Some people seem to think I Will magically make all of their irresponsible behaviour invisible to the Court, and this I cannot do.  I as King to my friend to as King of the Justice for forgiveness, admitting he has been irresponsible, feeling overwhelmed by the charges against him without proper counsel.  It is very difficult for some to admit their faults and My friend was not willing to ask for forgiveness, he insisted that it was ‘impossible’ for him to make either of his previous appearances for reasons beyond his control. It’s like telling a teacher the dog ate Your homework; the teacher isn’t stupid, nor Will be a Judge or Justice.

I also want to say thank You once again for the continued readership.  I feel a little like I’m letting My readers down right now, but it is very difficult for Me to Write at the moment, and that is one of the other reasons I am so anxious to have these Court matters behind Me – I can’t wait to have a more productive and suitable workspace.

Thank You all for Your continued support, happy Lucky Wednesday!!!






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