The Good News Journal, Volume XV: The Sensei Sean All Saturday Edition – Gifts Given to the King’s Court

Happy Magical Monday, everyone!  I also hope and Trust everyone had a fabulous Father’s day.

This is the first time I’ve been really excited about publishing a Post in a while.  Although I always enjoy Writing, I haven’t had the freedom to be the kind of ‘rogue journalist’ I want to be as a matter of self preservation.  There are so many things I would love to report about that are not in My best interest right now, though My experiences Will never be forgot and I have plenty to publish when the time is right.  For now, a Great Gift was bestowed unto Me in the Courts last Friday that allows Me a little more freedom to discuss My plans.

I had a lot of fun the last time I was in Court with the Honourable Justice, Perkins-McVey, and I am thing King most of My readers Will know I was very much looking forward to My next Court date.  I was curious to know how prosecution was planning to respond to My Cestui Que Vie declaration, but there was no mention of it.  As I Posted previously, prosecution is presuming to have jurisdiction and authority, even though they know they don’t have it (or should know they don’t have it).  My Cestui Que Vie is already ‘on the record’, though it has not yet been added to this Case file.  Prosecution has seen the document, they know what’s coming if they decide to go to trial, so I had anticipated the charges would be withdrawn before the matter ever reaches Judicial Pre Trial.  Last Friday, despite a hectic morning running around the courthouse, I was Gifted with a new Court date – for Judicial Pre Trial!

I even took a moment to advise the Court that I was not sure if Crown was ready for Judicial Pre Trial (J.P.T.) yet, and was assured that Crown Will have an opportunity to reschedule the J.P.T. on July 5th if they are not ready.  I Will be very pleased if they are, but My personal research suggests that We are not yet ready for J.P.T., as there has not yet been a Crown Pre-Trial (C.P.T.).  The Ontario Courts website says, “absent exceptional circumstances, it is expected that the parties will have met to discuss the case in advance of the judicial pre trial.”

There has not yet been a C.P.T., so I don’t expect that My next court date Will be (or can be) a J.P.T., but I Will be as King of the Court for one as soon as possible.  After a little more research, I can tell You for sure that July 5th Will not be a J.P.T. as a C.P.T. is required under the criminal code and the court’s criminal proceeding rules.

The more I learn, the more confident I become.  The C.P.T. is before a Superior Court Judge (not a provincial court justice).  That would explain how the provincial courts get around Constitutional rights, as the Judge Will have the opportunity to advise Crown to withdraw the charges if they (prosecution) trespass on Constitutional rights before the matter ever gets to the Judicial Pre Trial.  For now, it is presumed one has Willfully waived certain rights in exchange for privileges and benefits [right to participate in commerce] provided by the state, and governed by commercial codes of conduct.  Any [so called] serious offences would be federal charges in the Superior Court where all Constitutional rights are protected.  The Department of Justice of Canada website states that Canada’s constitution “only provides for federally appointed judges”.  It didn’t make sense to Me that Canada’s Constitution is the foundation of Law in Canada but doesn’t provide for provincial or municipal judges, so it does make sense that the Crown Pre-Trial would be something of a screening process before the Judicial Pre Trial to ensure there are no trespasses upon Canada’s Constitution.  The unusual thing about it, is that the meeting between the Superior Court Judge, Crown prosecution, and the accused, is private and not open to the public.  I am generally opposed to secret meetings.

Real Law, the Common Law, is not conducted privately behind closed doors, it is always open to the public.  So many people have as King of Me how I am managed to learn what I know, especially with respect to the Law, and this Post is a perfect example of what I do.  I didn’t even know what the next stage of Canada’s legal procedures would be, though I knew the Case would eventually be destined for Judicial Pre-Trial, then finally, the actual Trial.  I literally learned about the Pre-Trial Conference as I composed this Post.

Now, thanks to the opportunity to get some exercise and accumulate a few Canadian debt notes [cash], I have been too exhausted from War King to finish the Post I began composing Monday, though I have been Blessed with the opportunity to consider the new information; I do not like the Idea of a private meeting in a closed court.  The fact that this is part of Canada’s criminal procedure is highly suspect to Me, and I am eager to investigate.  I have reviewed Form 17 and it seems that defence very much can complain of trespasses upon Constitutional rights, consent, unwarranted search, interference of property and other such things…  There are a ton of Common Law protections covered in the Form, (admissibility of hearsay of a decedent, for example) and these protections are also referred to as the Common Law (for those who would presume the Common Law no longer exists in Canada).

Well, it’s now Saturday evening for Me and I am planning a ‘Me’ day tomorrow where I plan to escape to a quiet café to Write for a few hours and should manage to get a new entry Posted.  Then I Will be back to accumulating debt notes to fund My [Kingdom of Heaven] found-A-Sean.  I Will also share a few more of My thoughts regarding the Pre-Trial Conference.

Love and Blessings, have a fabulous weekend!





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