The Good News Journal, Volume XV: The Sunday Sean Celebrates Summer Edition

Happy Sunday everyone, and welcome to the first Sunday of summer!  June is My favourite month; it’s My name day, the first day of summer, and the month with the most hours of daylight.

Today, I am celebrating summer with a ‘Me’ day as I had said I would in My last Post.  Thanks to a few Microsoft updates, I was encouraged to relax and enjoy the cafe’s ambience for a couple of hours before I could begin Writing…  Now I feel more like celebrating the sunshine than working on a Blog Post, so that is what I am going to do, though now My computer is up to date and the goal is to return later to finish what I’ve started.

I am excited about so many things in My Universe and this is where I am sharing the Good News, so I am happy to be back to report that Sunday afternoon did not disappoint, the sun shone warm and bright.  I’m back in My new favourite Starbucks, ready to right (Write) the injustices of the world. 😉

The reason I’m so excited about Court is because one Way or another, all My issues Will soon be resolved.  I have no Idea what the Crown Will do, I only know they Will never get a conviction.  The research I shared with My readers in the last edition of The Good News Journal boosted My enthusiasm beyond measure, especially after reading the Pre-Trial Conference Form.  Even more encouraging, is that the Form is to be filled out jointly by the Crown [prosecution] and the defendant.  This is one of those parts of the legal process the ‘Common’ man knows nothing about because the accused Will never be a part of the Pre-Trial Conference if represented by a lawyer, the meeting is private.  I look forward to hearing how prosecution hopes to answer to jurisdiction, so filling out the Pre-Trial Conference Form is a great opportunity for Me to feel out My adversary before the Pre-Trial Conference.  I anticipate the Crown is going to withdraw the charges on July 5th anyway, but if they don’t, I Will be as King of the Justice to set up a date with prosecution to fill out the Pre-Trial Conference Form as soon as possible.  The longer prosecution presumes to have a case, the more money it Will ‘cost’ the taxpayer, and the more foolish prosecution Will look.

Needless to say, I’m not ‘worried’ about Court in any Way.  My greatest concern, is that the charges Will be dropped without Crown having to answer to the unlawful arrest and [Constable Christopher Jenkyn’s] failure to establish joinder and/or jurisdiction.  So, if Crown does file a motion to have the charges withdrawn, I am going to as King of the Court to proceed with the charges, and to transfer any other existing provincial charges to the City of Ottawa so I can deal with Guelph and Toronto, too.  All of these charges are an offence to My character and must be cleared from My record, the files destroyed; that is the end goal [and it should already be done].  I feel I can Present this Idea to the Court as an offering for prosecution, suggesting that perhaps with more information they Will feel more confident in their ability to obtain a convict-Sean, and I can’t really see why Crown would object.

If this whole thing does make it to the Pre-Trial Conference, that is where I can demand the protections of a Common Law Court/Jurisdiction and My Wish Will be Granted, meaning that My motion of Counter Claim Will be admissible.  It makes more sense to deal with all charges at once, than it does to deal with each of the municipalities individually; both with respect to time and cost to the taxpayer.

I Will also have the opportunity to provide counsel for a friend of mine on July 5th, too.  As there are never any coincidences in the Universe, the friend I recently refused to speak for in Court did manage to get his disclosure packages together and is also scheduled to return on July 5th, 9:00 a.m., so I have agreed to help him prepare his defence, figuring the Universe must have placed him in that Courtroom with Me for a reason.

The other element of My Life [and Court] I’m beginning to enjoy is that more people seem to recognize Me now.  The first couple of times I went to Court, I felt more like the attorney’s, lawyers and employees of the Court were judging Me, but the last time I was there I was greeted with many gracious, genuine-seeming smiles from what are quickly becoming familiar faces.  I feel like I’m developing a reputation in the legal community, slowly but surely, and soon the Courts Will know Me.  I look forward to the day the Courts know Me as well as the BC employment standards branch once knew Me – last employer I took to the employment standards tribunal walked out as soon as he realized I was counsel for his employee, telling the adjudicator he would sign anything and be waiting in the lobby.  That was over fifteen years ago now, but that was a Good day, too!  I look forward to the day I have a similar reputation in Court. 😉

Although I don’t like slaving away at meaningless jobs, I have managed to secure as much work as I can handle to finance some additional [and perhaps unnecessary] Court costs.  I have My eye on a ridiculously expensive pair of shoes and I have found a company that can stitch My Logo right onto My dress shirt so that My ‘flag’ Will be visible anytime I stand in Court – I’m also looking into non-profit [otherwise known as business] cards, too.

Everything feels like it’s coming together, I just need to be patient.  By the time this thing is over, perhaps I Will have perfected patience…

I hope You have all had a sensational weekend,

Love and Blessings,



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