The Good News Journal, Volume XVII: The Sensei Sean All Saturday in the King’s Court Edition

Hello, thank You for being here and welcome to the King’s Court!  It was not God’s Will for Me to complete the tales of My adventures in the King’s Court yesterday, a day of relaxation was in Order and it was very much appreciated; I was War King very hard the days leading up to My last appointment in Court.

I finished My previous Post just before the Court decided to break for lunch.  In retrospect, I may have the sequence of events somewhat muddled, but so long as the content of the events remains the same, the information I am Presenting remains reasonably accurate.  When I had first as King to the Justice if this was in fact the Judicial Pre-Trial, I had said that I wasn’t sure how this could be the Judicial Pre-Trial as there had been no resolution meeting with prosecution yet, nor had there been any Pre-Trial Conference or Pre-Trial Conference Form 17 filed with prosecution.  The Justice said, ‘oh, well that doesn’t matter, that’s not a rule’

“Well, the Department of Justice of Canada website says it’s a rule of Criminal procedures 4.2 or something.” (wasn’t entirely sure of the ‘code’ number).

“That doesn’t always apply.”

Hmmm…  Okay then, I am thing King to My Self; ignore criminal procedures that I know to be true and see if prosecution can still prove I am being treated with fairness and equality before the law.  Seems to Me that licenced lawyers have many special privileges and benefits not available to the Common man, like meeting with prosecution privately to discuss resolution options, a conference Pre-Trial, and My participation in the completion of the Pre-Trial Conference Form 17 to ensure all Charter protections are being met.  I know a lawyer would get to do all of these things, but go ahead ‘Honourable’ Justice, force Me to continue against My Will when I have clearly stated on a Court of Record that I am not prepared for Judicial Pre-Trial today…

“Really?  Okay, then…”

In retrospect, I am quite sure this was what I had said to the Justice first, before the break.  I had taken a few moments to explain that I had been as King to produce a letter for the Justice and was surprised there was no continuity.  The Justice read the letters I brought with Me and Crown insisted there was no such deal on the table, then I think the Court adjourned for lunch.  The Crown made their offer of a Peace Bond after lunch, and one of the Court clerks had attempted to call the Salvation Army to see if they could speak with anyone to confirm My residency there over the lunch break.  Everyone was in Good Spirits, the clerk made a joke about how disorganized the Salvation Army’s switchboard is.

Also, although I did politely request permission to pass the bar, My request was more or less ignored altogether, as the Justice and prosecution chose to speak over Me – so I just bowed and made My Self comfortable the first time and only bowed when I was called after lunch.  There were no issues with Me making My Self comfortable where the lawyers generally conduct their business, they flinched no more than they would have for any other lawyer or member of the Court, though after watching self rep Court cases all day, I can confirm that I was the only man to do so.  That seems very unusual to Me, too, and one of the reasons I am something of a local hero among My peers – apparently many of the things I do are unheard of (rescinding a bench warrant without being arrested was pretty huge, too – thanks again Mr. Shouldice).

Mr. Shouldice (as I heard him called by the Justice) was in Court, too – he had a Trial immediately following the last of the Cases on the docket (and I was one of the last).  I was happy to see him there, though I did not try to get his attention, I felt he would be impressed to see Me in action and that I had Honoured My Word (remember, this man ‘Vouched’ for Me ‘on the Record’ and is well known by the Court, whatever his position, though I am quite sure he is a criminal defence lawyer/attorney).  Part of Me just wanted him to know that his faith in Me was well founded.

When We returned from lunch, I remember things going a little more smoothly.  Usually, I am very confident and sure of My Self when I speak in Court; before the lunch break My Voice wavered a couple of times as it would when one is nervous (and I was) because I really hadn’t expected to be pressured into a Pre-Trial unprepared and against My Will, nor did I expect the Justice to insist on one regardless My sentiments on the matter.  I had truly expected that the Justice would as King of the prosecution why they have not agreed to meet with Me privately yet for resolution.  If there are constitutional rights violations, the Justice has the power to stay the charges (and probably should!), so these things are usually discussed before they are presented to a Justice publicly in Court.  At any rate, the Justice had said that a date for Trial would be set after the lunch break, so I decided I would use the time to regroup.  I was born ready and believe I would win My case even if they had sprung it on Me that day without notice, so why squabble about whether or not I should have had the opportunity to meet with prosecution for resolution, the right to a pre-trial conference, or anything else?  The less equality I am given before the law, the more trespasses upon My rights to complain of, and the better the chances of winning My Case.

So, prosecution was asked how long they felt they would need to present their evidence and asked for three quarters of a day.  Their witnesses are the three arresting officers and those listed on the information (another two employees of the Salvation Army).  They were asked if they required any additional disclosure and declined.  Then it was My turn.

“How long Will You need to Present Your defence?”

“I’m not really sure, I’ve never done this before (and figured there would be a pre-trial conference first to get a better sense of it), but if prosecution is asking for three quarters of a day, I Will be as King for the same.”

“Okay, one and a half days for the full trial.  Are You available Feb. 21st and 22nd?”

“Yes, I’m sure I can be.”

“Do You have any additional disclosure to request for Your defence?”

“Yes.  I would like the video footage from the Salvation Army’s fourth floor camera from the time of the arrest.”

“Okay, You Will have to Write a letter to the Salvation Army requesting that information and present it to the Crown’s office.  Any other disclosure?”

“Yes.  I want all audio and video coverage from the time of My arrest to the time of My release while in custody of the Ottawa Police Service.  They advised Me that everything I said could and would be used against Me in a court of law, I would like a record of everything I said to them.”

“Okay, and once again You Will have to Write a letter to the Ottawa Police requesting that information and file it with the Crown’s office.”

“Okay.  Do I need to Write a separate letter for each request, or can I request both in the same letter.”

“You can request both in the same letter.”


“Do You have any witnesses?”


“You Will have to provide the names and addresses of Your witnesses and Present them to the Court with a brief summary of their testimony.”


“Will You be complaining of trespasses to Constitutional rights as part of Your defence?”


“Okay, what Constitutional rights?”

“How about the right to not be subject to arbitrary attacks upon My character and/or the security of My person?”

Justice mumbles some code numbers and appears to be Writing them down.

“Anything else?”

“Yes, how about the right to not be arbitrarily deprived of access to My personal, private property?”

Again, mumbling code numbers under his breath as he Writes, “Anything else?”

“Yes!  How about…  The right to NOT be arbitrarily arrested, detained, or subject to exile?”

Mumbles more codes…  “Anything else?”

“That Will do for now.  If I have any others, I Will advise the Court later.”

“Okay.  You Will have to Declare Your Charters with the Crown’s office.”


Where My Voice may have wavered a little before lunch, My tone was strong and confident now.  I could feel that I had gained the support of those witnessing the proceedings, even those who work there, even the prosecution.  I even saw Mr. Shouldice glance up from whatever work he was doing when I declared My right to not be arbitrarily arrested, detained, or subject to exile.  Unless prosecution can produce a court issued warrant for the arrest, they have no case and the rest of the information is irrelevant, the search, seizure, arrest and detainment, unlawful!

Well, You were as King to go to Trial with Me, prosecution – Your Wish is My Command!

That pretty much sums up My day in Court, though I do return on December 7th to make sure everything is proceeding as planned.  I Will have much more exciting information about how I plan to proceed for You very shortly!

The King’s Court and Jurisdiction of God’s Kingdom

Love and Blessings,






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