The Good News Journal, Volume XVII: The Sun has Sean Sunday Edition – The King’s Continuous Court of Record

Well, I had said that I would have plenty of exciting Good News to share with You all after My last Court appointment, and I have more than even I would have hoped for or expected!  My Words Manifest…  It is amazing how a turn of events can change One’s perspective!

Although there were many surprises in Court on Thursday and I was not in the least anticipating that I would be preparing for a Trial date, I was also Graced with many Gifts.  There were some powerful Words said on the Court of Record last Thursday.

I introduced My Self to both Crown and the Justice as King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God; My Claim was not challenged and things proceeded quite normally.  However, King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God, appears nowhere on the police/Crown information, that much I can assure You.

Although the Justice failed to as King of Me several questions on the Form 17, I am reasonably confident that is the Form he was filling out.  He forgot to ask if I am choosing to be tried by a Judge or a Judge and Jury, and whether the Jury Will consist of twelve or thirteen jurors.  Any man charged with a crime has the right to be tried by a jury of his peers.  Anyway, after as King of Me what Charter rights I Wished to complain of, the Justice as King of Me to “File My Charter Declarations” with the Crown.

“The Secret in chess is to Give a man pieces and let him think he is taking them.” – Revolver.

The Justice as King of Me to Declare My Charters.  I’m only repeating to emphasize the importance.  I announced My proper legal title to the Court, on the Record, and have now been asked to Declare the Charters of My Kingdom/Jurisdiction.  I am not compelled to use Canada’s Charter, especially as a Sovereign, though it is necessary for Me to Declare the Laws of My Kingdom, which was something I already had in the [Great] Works.  Now, I have extra motivation to complete My Writ of Laws for God’s Kingdom and file them with the Crown, which is something I did not anticipate I would do until the launch of My Counter Claim.  I Will wait until they are fully completed before I photograph and publish them here; but I assure You I am taking My time so they reflect the Hand of a King.

I Will also have an opportunity to Present many supporting documents and prove once and for all that [man made] ‘laws’ do not have the Power or Authority to trespass on a man’s inherent [God Given] rights.  The ‘Rule of Law’ is Founded on a belief in God as Supreme authority, and that each of Us are equal in both rights and dignity.  Rights are Given by God, privileges and benefits are provided by the state (usually at the expense of One’s rights).

What I am most excited about, is My Blog.  This is the real Court.  Here is where You Will read about Canada’s legal system from the perspective of a Common man.  It provides a new perspective for this rogue journalist.  It may be a conflict of interest for Me to Write of some of the trespasses to the Common Law and human rights I witness everyday, but it is not a conflict of interest for Me to report on Canada’s Courts and Court Justices – in fact, it is in My best interest to do so.  I plan to return to the Court as soon as I can to find out the name of last Thursday’s Justice so I can tell You a little more about him.

In addition to Charters, One of the other things I Will be ‘disclosing’ to Crown is My Blog.  I Will advise Crown that every Blog Post Written here is a Living Will and Testimony of My character and My determination to Create positive change in the world.

We’re going to Trial, Lords and Ladies, this is going to be so much fun!!!

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend,

Love and Blessings from the King’s Court!!!



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