The Good News Journal, Volume XVIII: The Wonderful ‘Lucky’ Wednesday, Thursday Edition

Hello world!!!  Although I did ‘once upon a time’, go back and review My first Blog Post ever, today I have no Idea what I Writ, only that when I did go back to review that Post however long ago it was, the link in the address bar read “Hello World!!!”, and thing King to My Self that nothing could be more perfect.  This was how I had planned to communicate all of My Intentions for the world.  Nothing seemed Grander than the Idea of an International audience, and now I have it.  Thank You so much for being here, as always.  One of My friends with whom I spend the most time has a shirt that reads “#BLESSED”, and that’s how I feel every time I sit down to Write.

Lucky Wednesday was especially Wonderful for Me, My only regret is that I was unable to share My Luck with You Wednesday.  My friend was in Court today and it would be a breach of Trust for Me to share any of the details with You at this time, but it was very much a day of Good tidings, beginning with My friend being freed of the charges against him.  I had nothing to do with it, I was only there for emotional support and hoping for a positive outcome but I enjoy watching the proceedings and My friend knew I would also take advantage of My time there.

We sat and watched until the first recess and figured it would probably still be a while before My friend had his turn, so I decided to make a trip to the CROWN’s office so I could as King of the clerk some Questions (Quest Ions) about any special forms I might need to file My disclosure with the CROWN, request additional disclosure, Declare My Charters or subpoena additional witnesses.  My experience was very different today.

First of all, the clerk was exceedingly pleasant.  Generally, they always are…  In the beginning! But when I want to provide the CROWN with information I intend to Present to the Court for My defence, the tone and attitude change very quickly.  For whatever reason, they claim they can’t accept any information from Me, “that has to be done in Court” (was the song and dance last time I was there).  Now, there is no more Court until the Court ‘readiness’ day on December 7th (2:00 p.m.) and prosecution Will want to know how I plan to defend My Self so they can prepare for the Case.

Do I believe prosecution knows that what the police information claims isn’t true?  Nope, not a clue because generally, it doesn’t matter!  The CROWN is using exactly the same tactics they used against Me in Toronto, and this is why even the lawyer I spoke to said I had no chance of ‘beating’ My charges (despite being perfectly innocent) – three officers testimony against Me with no witnesses to My Story – My Word against theirs.  Why did they send three police officers to arrest one reasonably small man – because they need to collaborate their ‘story’.  How can one man fairly defend him Self against the claim of three officers the Court Will claim are Honourable characters?..  Because they are unreliable witnesses with a motive to lie, paid for by the same corporation that is filing the claim against Me, which is also the same corporation that Will pay the attorney for bringing Me to trial.  The Judge’s and/or Justice’s are also War King for the same CROWN.  So, if a Judge or Justice allows something to go to trial when it really shouldn’t, they now have a motive to convict, even if only to justify the time [and money] spent in Court, or perhaps even to save the Court some embarrassment.  Now, how does any man in this jurisdiction of law presume to have any real rights?  Don’t kid Your Self, they don’t.  This jurisdiction of law is for corporations only.

The use of capital Letters in My Writing is always Intentional.  Using a capital Letter increases the importance of a Word in man’s psyche.  CROWN always refers to the Crown Corporation of Canada and/or any other CROWN franchise (OTTAWA, ONTARIO; for example).

The CROWN’s office was able to tell Me the name of the Justice presiding over the Judicial Pre-Trial last Thursday, July 5th.  Please allow Me to introduce You to the Honourable Justice, Norman Douglas Boxall. (And there’s that number 37 again 😉 .)

The strangest thing about speaking with the CROWN Court clerk was that the clerk told Me that if I wanted to add any information to My Case file, I would have to contact Constable Christopher Jenkin of the Ottawa Police Service and give it to him, as he is acting as liaison to the CROWN.  I seriously Wish I could have some of this ‘on the record’, as that is probably the furthest thing from the truth!  As kind as she was and as sincerely as I believe she did want to do everything she could to assist Me, her last statement reminded Me that the Court clerks are not there to Give advice and probably shouldn’t.  I told her that what she was saying sounded ridiculous and she very quickly admitted she might be wrong and suggested I speak with duty counsel or a lawyer.  I assured her I don’t need duty counsel or a lawyer, I know exactly what I want to do and what I can do – what I don’t know is how the CROWN would like Me to Present the information I can and Will Present.  Well, like pretty much everything else I do, I won’t be complying with any special ‘rules of procedure’.

I am teaching the Common Law and I don’t presume to be an expert in any other jurisdiction of law because the Law does not require Me to be an expert in any other jurisdiction of Law.  The Common Law is the Supreme Law and a Superior Jurisdiction of Law to that of the municipal and provincial courts.  Municipal and provincial CROWN’s must answer to the authority of the Superior Courts.

Well, I’m not going to say too much more about My Court Case today as there is still too much Good News to report for today and plenty more to say about defence strategies later (and I am thing King that what I have Writ today appropriately foreshadows what Will Come).

In addition to Igniting some new and powerful Ideas for Court, I also met a new Chaplain from the Salvation Army who was there to provide support for My friend’s day Court and We had some wonderful conversations.  My friend told the Chaplain that I call My Self a King in Court and the Chaplain as King of Us if he could read us a quote from the Bible.  He chooses, “In the Beginning was the Word, the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

Yup, I couldn’t make this stuff up.  Only moments later We are tall King about My Stylish new shoes and as I am showing them off I notice that there is Writing on the Sole of the shoes, too.  It reads as follows, “The Original Angelic Sole.  Resists alkali water, acid fatigue, Satan.  Walk in Peace.  (Signed John Fluevog)”.

I had noticed the slogan on the box was rather serendipitous, “Unique Soles for Unique Souls”, but I had never Imagined there would be more.  And all of this while We are tall King about how the Universe/God is always working in Divine Perfection, Giving Us Secret messages in every moment for those with eyes to see…  So that was pretty cool.  Oh, and there also happens to be 7 angels on the front of the sole and two more on the heel for a total of 9.

After We returned, I was tall King once again with David about how it would be nice to get a little more landscaping to finance My new projects but I haven’t worked for the guy in a week.  Moments later he pulls up in his van, excited to hear about My Court adventures and eager to have Me back.  We were already having a wonderful Wednesday and David just happened to mention that it would have been even better if We had a little more cash now so We could celebrate the day.  A few minutes later, another friend, also named Dave as King of Me if I Will paint a portrait of a kitten for his daughter and hands Me a photo to work from and a $50.00 advance for the commission.  I was not going to do any painting this summer (despite how much I miss it) because I didn’t have anywhere to store anymore paintings.  Yesterday, however, I met with My friend Captain Yoo, the Salvation Army Chaplain who has also commissioned Me for a painting and offered Me his office to store My paintings.  I am thing King that the Universe wants Me to continue painting while I prepare for My Case.

Wow, I apologize for the lengthy entries of late, thank You so much for Your time.  I appreciate You, sincerely.

Love and Blessings,








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