The Good News Journal, Volume XIX: The Sun has Sean, Sunday Edition – War King for God’s Kingdom

Hello world and Happy Sunday.  I had started Writing a Blog Post earlier this week tall King about Canada’s ‘criminal culture’ but I’m not sure I Will finish it.  I’ve been war King very hard to put an end to the criminal culture I feel Canada’s elected officials seem determined to create.  Whether the determination is Willful or an unfortunate biproduct of a CAPITALIST society remains to be determined; either Way, My Wish is to report the Good News and leave the fearmongering and bad news for the mainstream media – that’s what they are best at anyway.

I do have some Good tales to tell.  I could Write about a man who managed to successfully evade Ottawa’s finest (but perhaps not fittest) police officers for over forty five minutes – on foot!!!  It was pretty hilarious and a great example of just how disorganized and incompetent the Ottawa police service can be.  Seven cruisers, five bicycles, two SUV’s, the supervisor and who knows how many other officers chasing on foot – and he evaded ALL of them several times!  He was even trapped in an ally at one point, an officer at each end and one in the middle, the man trapped in the ally behind a chain-link fence.  He ran toward one of the officers, jumped the fence and ran right past the waiting officer.  He disappeared so fast, it was like watching a sloth race a gazelle.  They did eventually get the guy, but not without having to deploy half the police force.  I think they need a little more time in the gym and a few less visits to Tim Hortons, but that’s just My opinion.  It did make for an exciting afternoon for those lucky enough to witness the event, though.  It made Me wonder how much the event may have cost Canada’s taxpayers, a Quest Ion that was also as King of Me by Justice Boxall with respect to Court transcripts.

I’ve been a busy rogue journalist lately, war King to finance My determination to protect the Common Law in Canada’s Courts.  As entertaining as it was to watch the man evade police for as long as he did, I couldn’t help but wonder how much it may have cost the Canadian taxpayer.  I have no Idea what the man may have been charged with, either, but I find it difficult to believe this is an example of efficient use of [taxpayer] resources.  It reminded Me of My last Court appointment with Justice Boxall, when he as King of Me who would pay for the transcripts if I were to as King of the CROWN for the costs to be waived to Honour My right to [full disclosure] of all information pertaining to My Case.

“And who is going to pay for that?”, Justice Boxall as King of Me.

“Who is paying for these Court proceedings?  I believe the taxpayer is paying for this Court service, would the taxpayer not also be paying for the cost of the transcripts?  Do these Courts and the transcripts not belong to the taxpayer?”

I Wish I could remember what the Justice had said in reply, but I don’t.  That’s why I Will as King of CROWN for the transcripts as part of My disclosure.  I do know that he implied that if I wanted the transcripts, I would need to pay for them [which is extortion, by the Way], to the tune of roughly two to three dollars a minute.  I Will as King of the CROWN for full disclosure of all Court costs [paid by the taxpayers], and I presume that the CROWN Will be receiving a great deal more than two to three dollars a minute for prosecuting Me!  But they want to make Me feel bad for as King for information that belongs to the Canadian taxpayer?  Hmmm.  I’m not sure about You, Justice Boxall – do You understand who pays Your salary?  The People of Canada are the authority of Law and government, Justice Boxall; please don’t take the taxpayers for granted, Jim Watson does enough of that for the city of Ottawa.

Jim Watson allows the city to compensate shelters to the tune of $1250 per month for every person dependent on them.  The city also compensates shelters $5 for every meal served.  That works out to roughly $1700 a month of taxpayer dollars given to shelters [per person booked] every month, while the Ministry of Community and Social Services insists there is no money in the municipal budget to get the Canadian People into dignified housing.  And believe Me when I tell You, Life in a shelter is anything but dignified.  Even the food allowance is more generous for shelters than it is for the individual, as the basic needs allowance for a man subject to social welfare in the city of Ottawa is $337 per month.  The Ministry of Community and Social Services Will only allow $397 for a man to find suitable, dignified accommodation in Ottawa [which does not exist, by the Way…].

I don’t think that most of Canada’s elected officials, Court Judges and Justices, understand how Canada’s economy works (or doesn’t work, as the Case may be).  If they did, Justice Boxall would not have as King of Me who would pay for the Court transcripts.  Does he not know that the People of Canada pay for all Court services, including his salary?  You are working for Us, Justice Boxall!  As a Sovereign, I have the Power and Authority to discharge any [Court] costs against the unlimited [commercial] value of My Life.  As a Canadian taxpayer, the People have already paid for all Court costs (including transcripts, video and audio disclosure, etc.) by Way of their taxes – the Courts are a service for the People, by the People.

I fired My employer last week, another tale I Will be tall King about later.  For now, I have resumed painting and should finish My first commission of the year sometime this week.  These things are sufficient to finance My other objectives, which Will include another letter to Chris Tuck, the manager of Ottawa’s Ministry of Community and Social Services.  I may actually subpoena all the elected officials I have Writ letter to so I can as King of them to respond to My letters in Court.

For now, I want to make sure this Post gets published before it gets too late, so I can Keep My Word and Write at least one Good News Journal Entry per week.  I Will have lots more to share with You all shortly.

Love and Blessings,






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