The Good News Journal, Volume XX: The Fabulous Friday Edition

Hello and welcome to the Fabulous Friday Edition of The Good News Journal!  I took some time to visit Captain Yoo again on (Lucky) Wednesday morning.  I explained to Captain Yoo that there are some things absolutely no one Will change My Mind about, and one of those things is the belief that someone else is going to take care of the world’s problems.  Captain Yoo explained to Me that even though He does believe Christ Will return in the flesh to save the world, he also believes that faith is not enough, that We should do everything We can to prepare for His return.  To return to the metaphor I used in My last Post, We should do some serious House cleaning before the Father of Man returns, and that is something We can agree on.  Relationship (relay Sean Ship) restored.

I also mentioned that I have started painting again and should have My first commission of the year completed sometime Saturday.  Although I had said I did not think I would have the Time or opportunity to paint again this year, much was relative to My immediate situation.  I was receiving very little support for My efforts and already have a bag full of completed paintings, the main issue was storage.  Captain Yoo has offered Me a secure place to store My completed works which is very helpful.  I am also very Blessed.  The moment I started painting again I had People telling Me how Happy they were to see Me painting again.  It’s very difficult for Me to not feel appreciated when I am out there painting.  I spend a great portion of My Time tall King with those who walk by and almost everyone tells Me how wonderful it is…  Not just to see a man painting, but to see a man painting here.  

Celebrating Sunshine with Technicolour Kitty

And that, of course, Gives Me a platform for tall King about My political ambitions and how I plan to hold Our elected officials accountable for the blatant trespasses upon the human rights and dignity of Canadian People subject to mental, physical, and/or financial challenges.  Yes, Jim Watson’s new bike path approval is wonderful, but let’s be honest – if Ottawa doesn’t have the money to provide the least of it’s People with a Life worthy of human dignity, then Ottawa doesn’t have the cash for a new bike lane, either (or the mayor’s salary, I might humbly offer).  I would like to as King of Jim Watson where the rights and dignity of the Canadian People are on his list of public policies.  And You can answer Me here if You like, Mr. Watson.

And yes, I am well aware that a Mayor should be addressed ‘His Worship’, but I Give all elected officials the benefit of the doubt on My first correspondence with them.  If they do not reply, they are failing to Honour their position in society and no longer deserve the Honour of their title – I refuse to Honour the Style of their name as long as they are in dishonour of their position; that seems fair to Me.

The Universe also seems to be suggesting that I should continue painting as much as I can for as long as I can.  It has always been part of My marketing strategy to paint each of the elected officials I have Writ letters to anyway.  Initially, the intention was to Honour their position in Canadian government/society, presuming they would respond to My letters.  Now that every elected official I have Writ is in dishonour of their position, the portraits Will be something of a constellation prize for being such Good sports after I drag them through Court or humiliate them on the world stage, whichever comes first.  I still have almost seven months before My trial date, which is very exciting for Me.  Remember how I said that marketing would be My last frontier and one of My greatest weaknesses?  Well, I’m on it…  And I have some fabulous Ideas!!!

Technicolour Kitty

I hope this Friday finds You all feeling Fabulous!

Love and Blessings from the King’s Court!!!

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