The Good News Journal, Volume XX: The Sensei Sean all Saturday Edition – A Foundation for The Kingdom of Heaven Found A Sean

Hello everyone and welcome to the Sensational Saturday Edition of The Good News Journal!

One of My favourite things to do as of late, is check My Blog statistics.  Probably sounds pretty boring.  But for Me, it is both informative and inspirational to see what My audience is reading.  I have declared My Self a Master teacher (Sensei Sean) of Spirituality, Law, and Commerce, and (more specifically), the Common Law and man’s rights; and I’m still here teaching!

Just yesterday while I was war King in front of the Salvation Army on ‘Technicolour Kitty’, a man as King of Me, “What is Your Greatest fear?”

I honestly could not think of a single thing.  Finally, I concluded, “I really don’t know, I do what I can to face every (known) fear I have.  I am thing King the scariest thing I have ever done, is what I am doing right now.”

And I am thing King that is the Truth, despite how excited I am about everything that is going on in My Life; that’s why I do what I can to face My fears, it excites Me to have a Goal.  And it excites Me even more to Achieve it!

For many years My Blog had very few visitors and even then, friends or peers who did take the Time to read what I was Writing were concerned for My safety, suggesting the content was too controversial and damaging, that it is ‘dangerous’ to speak out about the corruption of CAPITALISM and/or government.  I would always suggest that if this is True, then My responsibility to Write about it is that much Greater.

I always believed that freedom of speech would always be Honoured, that an opinion column or International Journal publication is not something a man should be afraid to Write!  It actually seemed laughable to Me at the Time, perhaps because I knew how many People (or, more accurately, how few People) were reading My Blog.  What difference does it make what I Write if there is no One there to read it?

Now, things are a little different.  At this moment, I have 5,263 followers on Twitter (@vondehnvisuals), and My ‘Pinned’ Tweet is, ‘The Kingdom of Heaven Foundation’, a Blog Post I Writ just before My 44th name day, and My first name day as King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God.  That same Title was officially announced to the Canadian People by the Ottawa Citizen and Sun newspaper publications just a couple of months later, which included a photo identifying Me as ‘Sean, House of von Dehn’.  Okay, so things are more than ‘a little different’ now; My political and social influence is over 100 times greater than it was just one year ago, and with My upcoming Court Case, I don’t anticipate it Will be on the decline anytime soon.  Although My Twitter followers have remained between 5,200 and 5,273 for roughly the last two months, third party e-mail analytics provided by show that I am still gaining roughly 500 new followers a week and losing roughly 100.  Yes, My stats are still very obviously manipulated.  Twitter stats shows I’ve only made 6,000 impressions on Twitter since July first, third party analytics says I’ve made over 30,000 impressions over the last three days!  Little bit of discrepancy there…


And, last but not least, I now have a Court Case to prepare for February 21st and 22nd of 2019 – and almost seven months to promote God’s Kingdom!  Very soon, I Will be revising and redefining the Kingdom of Heaven Foundation.  And My new marketing campaign Will be called, “The Kingdom of Heaven Found A Sean”, and I have some pretty awesome Ideas for promoting My Brand.

So, if ever there were reason to be afraid, it would be now.  But I’m not.  I’m not even afraid to be the Rogue Journalist I am and report on more of the trespasses I witness, I’m just not interested making My task any more challenging than it already is and all things Will come to light in Good Time.  The One thing I am never sure about, is Time.  Some of My very close friends have believed I would one day accomplish everything I set out to do, the only Quest Ion (question), was how long it might take.

I still don’t know and although I would have more reason to be concerned for My personal safety now than ever before, I’m not.  I don’t Imagine I would ever have made it this far in My Quest if the intention were to silence Me.  No one has threatened to sue Me for defamation, no one has as King of Me to remove any of My content, and I don’t Imagine anyone Will.

So, I Will soon be sharing, “The Kingdom of Heaven Found A Sean”, a revised and updated version of My Plan to accomplish Peace in the world and replace the pinned Tweet that started it all, “The Kingdom of Heaven Foundation.”

I Hope and Trust You Will all have a wonderful weekend,

Love and Blessings,




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