The Good News Journal, Volume XX: The Sunday Strategy Edition – Net War King and Public Relay Sean Ships

Sometimes I feel like the entire English language was Created just for Me, like God knew in advance how much fun I would have with it!  Relay-Sean-Ships…  Come on, it’s too perfect and at least a little bit funny, no?  When I consider that I also once said that the ALL CAPS name Given to Us by the state is just a business title, a citizen-ship We are to use to Sale/Sail the Holy See/Sea of Commercial Admiralty waters…  Is it just a coincidence all these Words fit so perfectly?  Oh yeah, there are no coincidences, only serendipitous real eyes a Sean’s.  😉

Sorry, got a little carried away there, let’s get back to The Good News Journal’s first Sunday Strategy Edition.

I mentioned in a recent Blog Post that Captain Yoo had as King of Me to prepare some artwork for Friday to show at a market hosted by another Salvation Army location.  Painting in public involves carting around a lot of supplies; I need My easel, a chair, paints, brushes, water and at least one canvas/support to paint.  That was all I had with Me when I met Captain Yoo on Friday afternoon, and his first words were, “But where are all Your paintings, You just taking this one?”

I picked up all My materials again and as King of him how I would carry more and how I would get back from the market.  He wasn’t sure how I would carry more and I would need to take a bus to get back.  Considering I’m just showcasing My work and promoting My campaign, attending the event involved more risk than potential reward (My paintings would be more likely to get damaged), except Captain Yoo had said he wanted to introduce Me to Caroline, the Salvation Army’s public relations officer, and that was reason enough for Me to go.  When Captain Yoo said to Me, “Well, You don’t have to come, Caroline will also be coming here tomorrow (Saturday) at 2:00, why don’t You just meet her tomorrow?”

I was so relieved; carrying all My gear around really isn’t a lot of fun!  But I did get a chance to meet Caroline today and it was quite an interesting converse A Sean.

Caroline arrived at the Salvation Army Saturday afternoon sometime around 2:30.  The moment Captain Yoo introduced Us, I knew I had met her before, but I couldn’t place where.  The moment We began tall King with each other, I remembered when We first met; another art exhibition hosted by the Salvation Army.

“I’m quite sure We’ve met before, do You remember?”, I started.  A puzzled look on her face suggested she needed a reminder.  “The last art exhibition hosted by the Salvation Army, I had a few pieces on display, the Queen and the Pope were two of them, the other was Jack White.”

“Oh, yes, I remember.  How are You?”

“I’m very well, thank You.  I’m also thankful that Captain Yoo has suggested that I connect with You, I believe We share a common goal.  Do You recall why I had said that I chose to display the Queen and the Pope?”

“Uh, no, not really,” she replied, looking as though she Wished she did.

“Well, I’m something of a champion for human rights, and the Queen and the Pope are the Mother and Father of man’s macrocosm, responsible for the system of laws We enjoy today.”

“Ah, yes, now I recall!”, sounding enthusiastic but nervous, as if the enthusiasm were forced.

“I believe I gave You a link to My Blog, My e-mail address, phone number and Twitter profile, did You have an opportunity to take a look at what I’m doing?”

“Uh, no, sorry, I haven’t.” she replied, looking somewhat uncomfortable now.

“That’s okay,” I replied cheerfully.  “I think I only had a couple thousand followers on social media the last time We spoke.  Now I have over 5,000 Twitter followers and have some very exciting things going on, I’ll be in Court defending the rights of the Canadian People on February 21st and 22nd of next year.”

Caroline began to look increasingly more uncomfortable, as if she wanted to say, ‘Where is this going and what does this have to do with Me/public relations?’

“I was charged with trespassing while I was contracted to be a part of the Life Skills program on the fourth floor and Will be charging the arresting officers with trespassing upon the constitutional, God Given, Common Law rights of a Canadian People.  Captain Yoo and I are good friends and I know he was a little concerned that My legal affairs might make for bad publicity for the Salvation Army, so I want You to know that I have no intention of suing the Salvation Army, even though anyone who is forced to stay here Will be subject to several trespasses upon their [Common Law] rights and dignity.”

Now, I could feel her concern, her worry was tangible.

Reassuringly, “I know it all sounds really bad and the Truth is, it’s probably worse than You think.  I have a collection of photos that would be very damaging to the reputation of the Salvation Army and I have an international publication that gets a lot of attention, especially now.  It Will be necessary for Me to Present these photos to the public at some point, but I want You to know that I don’t intend to publish any of those photos until they have made their Way across Jim Watson’s [city of Ottawa mayor] desk and he’s had a chance to respond.  As bad as the trespasses upon the rights and dignity of the People forced to reside at the Salvation Army may be, My position is that the Salvation Army is an emergency shelter and the People of Ottawa in need of housing should not be in a state of emergency, certainly not continuously.  At the end of the day, I have to consider whom is ultimately liable and that duty and responsibility lies with the Ministry of Community and Social Services and the city of Ottawa mayor.  The Salvation Army is just doing the very best it can in an unfortunate situation.  I’m sure if the Salvation Army had adequate funding, these conditions would not exist.  I also don’t understand how the city of Ottawa can afford to pay shelters $1250 a month per person while they claim they have no money in the city budget to get the same individuals into dignified housing.”

Looking somewhat relieved, but still visibly nervous, “Yeah…”

“I figured it might be a Good Idea for Us to be reintroduced so that if there are any concerns with anything I might be publishing or tall King about on My Blog, You can have a direct link to Me and We can discuss the matter.”  I drew her attention to the Salvation Army mission statement which was conveniently posted on the wall directly behind Us:


“Motivated by Christ-like values and beliefs, The Salvation Army Booth Centre provides effective, client-centered, programs and services, which respond to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of all who come within Our sphere of influence.”

After reading the Mission statement with Caroline, I continued, “I am also a deeply Spiritual man and support the example and teachings of Christ.  I would like to help The Salvation Army meet its Mission statement, and this is why I believe We share a common goal.  Wouldn’t it be nice if The Salvation Army were an emergency shelter and not a place for the People the government of Canada are failing?”

“Yes, that would be great.”

“Wouldn’t it, though!  Imagine what would happen if the city of Ottawa actually had a flood or other serious emergency; where would the People go in an emergency situation, all the shelters are filled with Canada’s homeless?”


“Great, just wanted to touch base with You, make sure You know My intentions and that We are on the same page.  I think We can do some incredible things, especially if We get the media involved.  Does Captain Yoo have all  Your contact information?”


“Wonderful, I’ll make sure I get it from him next time We meet and drop You an e-mail with My phone number and a link to My Blog and Twitter account.  Thanks so much for taking the time to speak with Me today.”

“Yes, thank You.”

I could tell she was very concerned.  Oh well.  So long as We share a common goal and it remains that Way, The Salvation Army has nothing to worry about.


The Chariot, bring Truth to the world.

Just another day at the office…

Love and Blessings, have a fabulous Sun/Son Day,







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