The Good News Journal, Volume XXI: The Tantalizing Tuesday Edition

Hello World, and welcome to the King’s Court!  Today, I am reminded of ‘The Temple of Equated Forces’, a category of My Blog I Created Long ago with the Intention of Manifesting a Metaphysical Gate Way to God’s Kingdom.  I, as King of My readers to suspend disbelief as One would when reading fiction.  I Claimed I would Create a Virtual World that Will One day Manifest on Earth; and now I have!  The Temple of Equated Forces has become the King’s Court and a Gate Way to God’s Kingdom; same Idea, but this fantasy story is My Reality!

Every Blog Post I Write eventually leads back to the Living Man responsible for the intellectual property published, every Entry has a date and Time signature, and all of My readers bear witness to My testimony, or test of money.  A Blog meets all the requirements of both a legal and lawful Declaration and/or [public] Announcement.  The difference, is that My public is the World; each Post is an International Declaration from My Kingdom, even before My Kingdom had been claimed [in Law].

I am always tall King about how there are no coincidences in the Universe and a couple of days ago, a woman stopped by and as King of Me if I ever did any work with water colour.  I use water colour pencils to sketch before I paint, but I don’t like the impermanence of them (that’s why I use them for sketching, they can be easily moved and/or removed with a wet paint brush).  She showed Me some of her work, shared a felt pen technique with Me (for a similar effect to water colour with more permanence) and offered Me a few sheets of water colour paper to experiment with.  At the Time, I wasn’t really sure what I would use them for and sometimes I feel I have too many materials already.  However, I graciously accepted the Gift believing I would find a use for them, knowing there are no coincidences.

Technicolour Kitty (for Dave’s niece)

I’ve been painting pretty much all day every day for the last four days or so.  I finished Technicolour Kitty on Sunday and started ‘King George’ yesterday.  A lot of People stop by as King of Me what I’m doing, if I have a website, et cetera, and I was getting tired of having to Spell the Magic of My website address, so I decided I would Cast the Spelling into some of Sabina’s watercolour paper and make My Self a Sign.  The moment I started painting the Sign, Sabina returned.  No coincidences.  We had an amazing converse A Sean, and I would like to thank Sabina for both the Gift and her Time.

King George (Working Sketch)

Sabina is visiting from Germany and We were even tall King about the name ‘von Dehn’, and how it is associated with Royalty in some Way and apparently some People in Germany still have something of a ‘hoity toity’, snobbish attitude about it.  Sabina even suggested I insist that People learn how to pronounce it properly and (because the Universe is be King to Us in every moment for those with ears to hear), I am thing King I Will.  My father has always as King of Me when I was a child to insist that People pronounce and Spell My name properly, but as a child it was a lot of work because nobody (in this country) even comes close to getting it right; it gets exhausting.  When pronounced properly, it sounds something like a fierce dog.  “Phon-Dane”, is how it should sound.  And von Dehn is Spelled exactly as I just Spelled it (lower Case ‘v’), which is another detail most People get wrong.  ‘von’ would roughly translate to meaning ‘Sean of [the family] Dehn‘.

It was Great to chat with Sabina and I was pleased that she ‘just happened’ to stop by the moment I started putting the paper to use.  This is just the beginning of the Sign, it Will be a continual work in progress as I use up left over paints from My pallet.  For now, it does the job and in My next Post, I Will be tall King about Stage One of My Master Marketing Plan.


Love and Blessings,





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