The Good News Journal, Volume XXI: The Fabulous Friday Edition – Logos: In the Beginning was the Word

Hello world and welcome to the fabulous Friday Edition of The Good News Journal and the King’s [International] Court of Record.  The Ministries of the Canadian government are finally paying attention to the documents I’ve published, as are the United States, China and Russia; and that’s just over the last three days! Glad You could all join Me!

Today I am sharing the Good News of My new marketing campaign.  I have a new relationship established for all of My marketing needs.  I mentioned that I have seven months to prepare for My trial.  I’m going to withhold publishing any documents into the Court for Crown to Keep them in suspense for a little while and attentive to My Blog.  I figured My marketing campaign should mimic My Truth in some Way, and “In the beginning was the Word”.  The Word is Logo, or Logos.  That seemed an appropriate place to begin My campaign.

Clockwise starting in upper left are Japanese/Chinese characters: Peace, Love, Truth and Strength, respectively.

So the first month of marketing in My microcosm involves Branding My Logo.  I had one hundred, 3″x3″ stickers printed with My Logo and began affixing them to strategic locations throughout the ByWard market.  They are really Good quality stickers, so I don’t have to worry about mischief charges for graffiti as they are easily removed without leaving a mark.  It also makes them ‘dual purpose’ as it is entirely possible that the One responsible for taking a sticker down, may reapply it to something else if they decide they like the design – and so far everyone does!


The second photo from the left on the bottom row is the parking lot for the main entrance for the employees of three local radio stations, CTV news and TSN.  I figured that sticker would be removed the first day but it’s been there for three days now so I decided to add one to the other side to catch them as they leave work, too!  😀

I’ve never done anything like this before, and I have to say it is pretty exciting for Me.  It is especially exciting when People appreciate the artwork.  I gave one to a security guard for the Department of National Defence and saw it on her travel mug the next day!!!  Travel mugs, phone cases and laptops are excellent advertising spots.  I have one on each side of My travel mug now and I drink a lot of coffee!

The Idea is to get People thing King about something before they even have any Idea what it might be about.  People Will see it and wonder what the purpose is.  I know this is true because it’s what I do when I see some cool Logo – I wonder who it belongs to and what it might be promoting, and that’s why it works.

I only printed one hundred, but strategically placed in areas where they Will be noticed by My target audience should be effective enough for My purposes.  In the beginning, it is more likely that People Will associate the Logo with ‘the painter’, which is how I am most commonly known in the community, though ‘Picasso’ is pretty popular, too.  As time goes on, I Will add to My campaign, revealing more and more information about the main event, which is My trial date on Feb. 21st and 22nd of 2019.

The Idea Will be to make it sound like a Show because all the world’s a stage.  This is the real Court, February 21st and 22nd Will be the final Act of this Play.  I also have a lot of legwork to do.  I Will be contacting Caroline as soon as I can arrange to meet with Captain Yoo for her contact information.  I Will also be paying Chris Tuck (the manager for the Ministry of Community and Social Services Ottawa) another visit to advise him that he has run out of time and is now liable for trespasses upon My common law rights by the Ottawa Ministry of Community and Social Services.  And I’m in no rush, it actually serves Me well to Write of the things I Will do before I do them, it Gives My adversaries in law a chance to prepare for Me.  I Trust if I do this that Caroline and Chris are more likely to be prepared and Give Me their ‘A’ game.

I can also tangibly feel momentum building.  Over the next seven months, I Will also be reviewing all of the documents the governments of Our world are now reading, explain why they are important and recap all of My Common Law teaching.  In fact, I am thing King I Will try and make a point of making My first Common Law revision Post in the Sensei Sean all Sunday Edition of this week’s Good News Journal.

I Trust You are all feeling Loved and Blessed, have a wonderful week!




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