The Good News Journal, Volume XXII: The Magical Monday Edition – Casting Characters into the Great Work

Hello world and welcome to the 22nd week of The Good News Journal.  I completed My second painting since My last Post and the sixth in My upcoming Art Exhibition, “Canada’s Common Law Collection”, a series of paintings that Will accompany My teaching of the Common Law in Canada.

I completed the painting on Thursday evening and decided to reward My Self with an afternoon and evening off, despite having wanted to dedicate the ‘Sensei-Sean all Sunday Edition’ to teaching (for obvious reasons).  I suppose I did honour My intention in some Way as it is not yet midnight Sunday, though I know I Will not have the Post published before then, so I was thing King I would get an early start on the Monday Edition.

Painting does take up a lot of My time!  It seems it was just yesterday that I published My last Post and I am surprising My Self with how much Good News I have to share with You all so soon…  And pictures too!!!  I was thing King that My marketing strategies over the next six and a half to seven months were pretty Good too, but they are continually evolving and getting better.  Needless to say, the Art Work Plays an important Part and Casting another Character into the Great Work is Creating exactly the kind of attention I had hoped it might.  It feels as thought My Microcosm and Macrocosm are finally coming together as One.

King George

I thought I had a photo of the finished piece but I always manage to forget; this is the last photo before I completed the painting.  When I get a chance, I will take a photo of the finished piece, too.  King George is a very kind hearted man with mental health issues and a huge fan of everything I do.  He Will often make little donations, ‘so I can get a proper studio, the world needs more artists…’, so this was painted as a Gift to Honour George.  For now, I am Keeping the painting safe for him until he has an apartment of his own to hang it.

The best reason for Me to continue painting outside the Salvation Army has nothing to do with marketing My Brand, but it is an amazing fringe benefit.  The most important reason for Me to continue painting is for My peers who are continually encouraging Me, claiming I inspire them.  The real reason I do it is somewhat selfish; I enjoy it!

Next: Dis-Honourable Member of Parliament, Lloyd Longfield

I am going to review everything I have to teach about the Common Law in a sensible, logical Way that I hope Will be easy for every One to comprehend, and I have just over six and a half months to do it with something of a final test-o-money on Feb. 21st and 22nd of 2019…  Unless of course the charges are dropped, in which Case We Will all celebrate early graduate Sean. 😉  Yes, I am having fun with this, and soon You Will all know why.

I was going to paint Canada’s elected officials in chronological Order, relative to ‘My Story’ and their role in the Great Work [The Kingdom of Heaven Found A Sean].  If I had, the ‘Right Honourable’ Jody Wilson-Raybould would have been first.  However, I did not actually address the letter to the Right Honourable Jody Wilson-Raybould, My first letter was sent to the Ministry of the Attorney General and the legal director, Sean Kearney was left with the duty and responsibility of replying to My letter.  Sean Kearney’s reply to My letter is a disgrace to the Ministry [of the Attorney General] and ‘civil law’ but a wonderful Gift for Me which I Will be tall King about in Greater detail in future Posts.

The other wonderful thing I am very proud of, is that My personal briefcase is very well organized, as is My Blog, with the exception of updating My ‘Housing the Homeless Fund’ claim with the Ottawa Citizen.  If You are wondering why I’m waiting so long to file My claim with the Citizen, there are two reasons:  first, the longer I wait, the greater the claim, and second, what I am doing now Will also establish precedence for any future court endeavors which Will just make it that much easier for Me to win.  I may also need media support and would be more than Willing to settle with the Citizen out of Court if they were to issue a public apology and let the People of Canada know how I plan to defend their rights and dignity.  I have more leverage if I Keep My options open.  I have all My paperwork regarding that claim in a separate envelope ready to file whenever I feel like it.  Otherwise, the drop down menu under ‘My Story’ is reasonably well organized, the only documents not included there are the last seven letters sent to elected officials ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’, and those letters are for Characters that I Will be Casting into the final Act of the Great Work.

Dis-Honourable Lloyd Longfield (Working)

So, although I did not manage to include the Common Law teaching I had planned for this Post, I have been busy and Will have the completed painting ready to display in My next Post, as well as some of My evolving marketing strategies for ‘The Kingdom of Heaven Found A Sean’, the final working name of the corporation I Plan to Give Life to.

I hope this day finds You all feeling Loved and Blessed,







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