The Good News Journal, Volume XXII – The Thrilling Thursday Edition

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Thursday Edition of The Good News Journal!  I spent most of Tuesday evening Writing the last Post and didn’t have time to Give the exciting News of events in My microcosm.  I am very focused on marketing My Brand right now and the People seem to be responding very favourably to My campaign.  One of the reasons I like to paint is because I like to focus on what is Good, or in some Cases (like My recent portrayal of Dis-Honourable Member of Parliament/Parlour Games, Lloyd Longfield), make something Good from the ‘bad’.  I had originally intended to paint all the elected officials who Honour their Role on the world Stage as a celebration of Canadian politics, the Common Law, and the Common Wealth, with a description of their Part in the Universal Product Sean.  Why should I change My Plan just because the politicians I Writ are not doing their job?  I am thing King it Will amplify the intention of My Canadian Common Law Characters Campaign.  And now I have just Given My Art exhibition a name.  🙂

So, there are two big things I Will be War King for; ‘The Kingdom of Heaven Found A Sean’, which Will be the official name of My not for profit corporation, the dead thing I Will Give Life to, and My ‘Common Law Characters Campaign’ an Exhibition of Artwork designed to promote ‘The Kingdom of Heaven Found A Sean’.  The main event Will be February 21st and 22nd of 2019 when I Will prove in a Court of Law that God’s Kingdom is a jurisdiction of Law that is available to all who claim it, and the Exhibition of Art Will be to promote the main event.

The more publicity I get, the better it is for Me.  I truly have some fabulous Ideas and I Will be introducing a new one every month leading up to the event.  I could go to the media anytime.  There are also some radical (and perfectly legal and lawful) things I could do to Create more attention, even painting in a higher traffic location could potentially benefit My campaign.  However, I am also running out of patience.  I’m tired of People I have Writ letters to not taking Me seriously and, even though I know all of that Will change very quickly once My Court Case is over, some things can’t wait that long.

Captain Yoo, the Salvation Army Chaplain, met with Me again Tuesday morning.  We have resumed Our weekly meetings and he is very sincere in his determination to connect Me with People in the community that have the power and influence to make things happen.  His first introduction for Me was with Caroline, the Salvation Army’s public relations officer.  On Tuesday, Captain Yoo was able to Give Me Caroline’s contact information so that I can let her know some of My concerns and show her just how bad things are for the People who stay here.  After providing Me with her details, Captain Yoo as King of Me to contact Jason Prevost, the general manager of the Salvation Army one last time to Give him an opportunity to remedy My concerns before reaching out to Caroline; I promised I would.

Later Tuesday afternoon, I met with another Caroline, a housing worker with the Salvation Army, as King of her for Jason Prevost’s e-mail address.  Caroline had to call him first to make sure she was allowed to Give it out which seemed very strange to Me.  I don’t know, maybe they are told not to Give out Jason’s contact info to clients because Jason asked her who it was for.  When she said it was Sean, he must have said yes because she began Writing it down.  If she had said no, I would have just as King of Jason for it My Self.  Either Way, I got the number and Writ the Salvation Army Booth Centre’s general manager, Jason Prevost to let him know about several issues that trespass on the dignity and rights of those subject to living there.  Jason Prevost also failed to produce a potentially valuable contact I had as King of him for last year and I as King of him for it one last time in Writing, it could be an especially valuable contact for Me now.

I told Jason Prevost over a year ago that I consider My Self a Rogue Journalist, told him that I have a following on social media (which is now five times that number, thank You all so much) and that I am here because no One in Canada should be subject to life in a shelter and I intended to bring these conditions to the attention of the Canadian People and government.  I also as King of him to connect Me with anyone responsible for providing funding for the Salvation Army.  Jason failed to respond to any of My hand Writ letters.  E-mail provides a digital receipt and constitutes a service of true copy, so now things are official.  I have Given Jason until Friday at 5:00 P.M. to respond to My letter, at which time I Will contact Caroline and begin as King of her how the Salvation Army plans to respond before I begin publishing photos of some of the conditions Canadian People are subject to (under duress).

Wow, I’ve gotta get some sleep.  I’ll be painting most of the day tomorrow, weather permitting but plan to be back for a new Post sometime Friday night for Saturday morning.

I hope You are all having a fabulous week!!!

Love and Blessings,




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