The Good News Journal, Volume XXIII: The Terrific Tuesday Edition – The Power of the Pen; A Letter of Complaint to Salvation Army General Manager, Jason Prevost, Ottawa Booth Centre

In addition to this being a Terrific Tuesday Edition of The Good News Journal, it is also another Credit in the King’s Common Law Academy.  Today is also exactly one week from the day I sent Jason Prevost, general manager of the Salvation Army, a Letter of Complaint for trespasses upon the dignity and rights of the Canadian People.

In My Last Post, I included a Letter I had sent to Caroline Hards, a housing ‘CASE worker’ for the Salvation Army.  I also gave Caroline a copy of some of the important documents I have filed with the Superior Court (like My Judicial Oath).  I had as King of Caroline to make sure that Jason Prevost received a copy of My Letter and Show him My legal documents so that he knows I am serious.  I know how it must sound when I first tell People I am a King and there are other titles I could use; I could call My Self a Canadian National, a Sovereign, a Universal Citizen, a People of the world, a private person…  And there are probably others, those are just off the top of My head – but they all mean the same thing; King [irrelevant to sex because authority and power is equal].  The beautiful thing about ‘King’, is that everyone knows what it means.  And if People are going to presume a man is crazy for believing he is a King, it only proves he truly is because only a man who does not know he is King would be thing King it is crazy.  If We are all equal in dignity, rights, and the protections of the Law, then We must all be Kings.  I also use King because it is the proper Way to express the legal title of the Sovereign, and if a man is thing King I am crazy, I can use that to My advantage.

“Never underestimate Your opponent.” – Proverb

I’m sure I’m not the only man who remembers being told by childhood teachers to ‘Show Your Work!’.  This is a principal that is very important in Law, and that’s why I sent Jason a copy of My Letter to Caroline first.  Neither the Salvation Army nor Jason Prevost can claim they were never informed of My reason for being here, My position [in Law, Commerce], or My determination to protect and defend the Common Law and Man’s Rights.  It also Shows the Power of using e-mail as a digital, time stamped and legally acceptable Form of communication.  It also demonstrates that I am organized enough to Keep careful Records of My correspondence with Staff (like a Mage).  Please Keep in Mind that if My Letter sounds a little harsh, I did send two Letters to Jason last year but I did not Keep copies.  When making an official Claim, I would never use original documents and Keep very careful to not misplace the receipt of service of ‘True Copy’.

My Letter to Jason Prevost, general manager of the Salvation Army, reads as follows:

“Working for the [Human] Rights and Dignity of the Canadian People” (subject)

Aug 7, 2018, 5:08 PM

Hello Jason,
You will notice that I have taken the time to forward a letter I writ to Caroline last year after she had asked Me to explain why I felt painting and determination to protect human rights qualified as ‘real’ work so that I might qualify for a slightly more secure and dignified living arrangement (two man locked dorm for security of My paintings while I continue to prepare My art exhibition).  I also recall taking the time to write You two well written letters explaining My determination to protect the rights of those subject to social welfare and improve the conditions of those subject to emergency shelters like the Salvation Army.  You denied My request and insisted that what I am doing is not ‘real work’ and therefor does not qualify for a two man dorm.  You also refused My request to assist Me in finding a more secure location to store My paintings while I work with Caroline to secure suitable, dignified housing.
I have now been here over a year and can tell You that those subject to living at the Ottawa Booth Centre are subject to deplorable conditions that are not fit for human life.  A landlord would not be able to rent a room if it were in the same condition as any of these dorms.  The walls of the dorms have not been washed in over a year and every dorm is seriously infected with bedbugs – it has become an epidemic and I believe it is such an epidemic that the Ottawa Booth Centre is jeopardising the health and well being of the entire city, as NOTHING is being done to put an end to the epidemic or to contain it and prevent it from spreading throughout the city of Ottawa.  Even Your staff have complained to Me that they are concerned their own homes are going to be infected.
I have tried very hard to work with You in as Honourable a manner as I know how, explaining to You that the People of Canada have rights that are protected by law and that with Your help connecting Me to the city council members or other people of influence with whom You do business, I would be able to help You attain the funding necessary to improve many of the shelter conditions and get the People of Canada into a living situation worthy of human dignity.  You have failed to take Me seriously or connect Me with anyone who might be able to make a difference.  I believe the living situation here has become so serious, the press and mayor need to be made aware before the bed bug epidemic spreads throughout the entire city.  I have a plethora of photos to validate My claims and would like Give You an opportunity to work with Me to remedy this problem before I take the matter to Caroline, the public relations officer and the media.  The People of Canada need to know how deplorable the living conditions here really are.
Also, I did ask You more than three times to forward Me the e-mail of the lady who inquired about My work last summer.  You informed Me that You had contacted her twice via e-mail and were waiting to hear back from her.  I would like that contact information as I do not understand why it was not given to Me in the first place and why You decided to take it upon Yourself.  I asked You to provide Me with copies of the e-mail correspondence and although You insist You did message her and do have her e-mail, You have yet to provide Me with the information and I am tired of as King to You for it.
I Will begin posting photos of the atrocities I witness here and release them to the press if You fail to respond to this letter and take My determination to protect the rights of the Canadian People a little more seriously.
I hope this day finds You well,
Love and Blessings,
King Sean,
House of von Dehn,
Hand of Stephen,
Kingdom of God
P.S. – I also heard they are spraying pesticide in the basement today and that the residents will be allowed to return to their dorms at 6:00?  Usually it is a minimum of 48 hours before a man can safely return to a dorm that has had pesticide sprayed, and what difference will it make if those who have been removed from the dorm for the day return with their backpacks and clothes filled with bedbugs?  You are NOT preventing or containing the issue, it needs to be addressed before it becomes an epidemic for the entire city.  Try spending one night subject to the conditions of those on the second floor or basement and then tell Me how passionate You are about making things better.  Right now I don’t believe You care but that’s not My concern.  You, as manager of the Ottawa Booth Centre are liable and responsible for the living conditions Your clients are subject to.
An e-mail constitutes legal notice of service.
Everything I have done is in accordance with the Common Law and perhaps the most important thing to point out is that what I am doing is what I believe to be the Duty and responsibility of every man, and so it is that much more important for a King; to teach, to be the change One dreams to see in the world.  In My next entry, I Will publish My next Letter to Jason Prevost on My Blog before I send it to him because teaching the Common Law to everyone I meet is part of My job and Jason Will get his first real lesson in My next Letter.
I hope this day finds You all well,
Love and Blessings,

The King’s Studio




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