The Good News Journal, Volume XXIII: The Wonderful ‘Lucky’ Wednesday, Letter Writing Edition

Happy Lucky Wednesday, everyone!  I am hoping today Will be an especially Lucky day for all of My readers as I do have another exciting Edition of The Good News Journal today.

I have compared Letter Writing to Magic more than once, claiming that every Letter Writ is like Casting a new Spell, whether or not the recipient responds.  It is Tuesday in My microcosm, taking an evening off from painting and preparing My Post for Your reading pleasure today.

I am tall King about teaching the Common Law and last week I Writ a very serious and powerful Letter to Jason Prevost, manager of the Salvation Army Booth Centre, Ottawa.  Jason was Given three full business days to respond to the e-mail.  Although Jason failed to reply, the Letter has had a Magical effect in My microcosm.

The day I Writ the Letter, the basement was closed until 6:00 p.m. without previous notice, allegedly to spray for bedbugs.  I say ‘alleged’ because the Staff were not sure if they were spraying for bedbugs or just doing some extra cleaning, and six o’clock would only be a few hours after the area was contaminated (which seems too soon for people to safely return to their dorms).

The second floor also remained closed for additional cleaning and/or to spray for bedbugs two days last week, and today they painted the ‘trim’ along the top of the walls, presumably to paint over the bedbug colonies.  I’m sure it is not a coincidence that suits were here to take a look at everything only moments after they had finished painting.  They even took a pressure washer to the outside of the building today, though nothing is done very effectively, it is almost as if things are done just so One can say things were done.  Only the sidewalk looked better after the pressure washing session and a few hours later, One would never know it had been done; same thing with the paint strip around the top of the wall.  Now it just looks like a really bad paint job; the bedbug colonies are still there, they are just a little harder to see.  As far as spraying for bedbugs is concerned, how likely is it to be successful if everyone returns with their backpacks and clothes contaminated?  It is all for show, nothing is any better than it was, but on paper, it Will look like things are getting done.

Does any of this have anything to do with the Letter I Writ?  Your guess is as Good as mine, but I don’t believe in coincidences.  Jason may not have replied to My Letter in Writing, but there has definitely been a response My complaint.  There was also ‘special’ visit made to Our dorm to investigate the issue.

Surprisingly, although I was expecting a little backlash from Writing the Letter, the rest of the Staff I am familiar with have been especially supportive recently.  Painting has also been a huge benefit to Me and a lot of People are encouraging Me to continue.  It’s interesting for Me that People like it so much when I paint because I still don’t think of My Self as an especially talented artist – in fact, I know I’m not a great artist, I just enjoy doing it…  But the People really like it when I paint, and the People are the authority of government.  So as long as the People Keep Wishing Me to Paint, the more People I Will Cast into My Story and Art ‘Exhibit-Sean’. 😉

My Peers have also been especially supportive lately, thanking Me for the Letter and as King of Me not to Give up.  I assure them I never Will, I Will only continually find new Ways to be the change I dream to know in the world.

I did also have My usual Tuesday meeting with Captain Thomas Yoo, though We are officially no longer ‘friends’.  Captain Yoo had been Keeping Five of My exhibition pieces in his office for safety after hearing about My portraits of the Queen and the Pope mysteriously disappearing from Anchorage.  I came to visit Captain Yoo on Saturday for a few minutes while he was hosting the Salvation Army’s ‘Coffee House’.  After saying hello and taking My leave on Saturday, I returned briefly to as King of him if he still wanted to meet on Tuesday morning.  When I returned to his office, the door was wide open, People mulling about in the hallway outside, My paintings sitting on a chair, perfectly visible, just inside his office door.  I decided to ‘kidnap’ them in case someone else might have the same Idea.  No one blinked an eye when I took them and those who were mulling about in the hallway had no Idea who I was or what I was taking.  I was not very pleased, and decided My artwork is always safest in My personal care.  What concerned Me even more, is that I thought Captain Yoo would at least e-mail Me to find out if I had reclaimed the paintings when he discovered they were missing – he didn’t.  So when I met with Captain Yoo today, I let him sweat it out for a minute or two before telling him that it was Me who took the paintings.  He as King of Me why I would let him worry like that and I as King of him how he thinks I would feel if it had not been Me who took the paintings.  I also suggested that considering he didn’t know where they were and didn’t e-mail Me, he had acted very irresponsible.  He apologized and I said to him that it is okay, it was My fault for Trusting him with My paintings.  I don’t think he liked that very much, but it’s the Truth.  Then he as King of Me how things were going and I as King of him if he was reading My Blog.  He said that he is not reading it as Our philosophical Ideas are too different, he just wants to be My friend and show his support for what I am doing.  Then I as King of him how he felt about the conditions that People who rely on the Salvation Army for basic needs are subject to, and he refused to respond.

“That is not My concern or department, I am just here as Spiritual teacher.”

“Well, I’m a teacher, too, and My Duty is to teach everyone the Common Law and how We all have a Part to Play.”

“No, I don’t want to get involved with that, that’s why I connect You to public relations.”

“Well, at some point, Thomas, if I am advocating for the rights and dignity of People who are subject to staying here and You are aware of those conditions, someone might as King of You how You feel about that as the Salvation Army’s spiritual director, and/or what You have done to improve those conditions.”

Thomas refused to answer Me and said he does not need to answer that.  I once again explained that We all have to as King of Our Self what We can do to improve the situation for both Our Self and others.  Then he said something about not being able to be friends with a man who believes he is King, as it goes against the teaching of Christ, who is the ‘King of Kings and Lord of Lords’.  I suggested that if Jesus were here, He would probably remind Captain Yoo that We are all Kings and only a man who does not know he is King would question another man’s Kingdom.  I shook My head, his hand, and took My leave.


Dis-Honourable Member of Parlour Games “Lloyd Longfield”

However, everything else has been going very well.  My peers love My last two painting of King George and Our Dis-Honourable M.P. Lloyd Longfield.  I didn’t notice the fly when I took the photo but I think it suits him…

I am also War King on the right Honourable Jody Wilson-Raybould, Canada’s Minister of Justice and Attorney General, and People are already telling Me how beautiful it is.  For Me to paint in front of so many of My peers, subject to the continuous scrutiny of the observer, considering My own knowledge of My shortcomings as an Artist, is actually kind of epic for Me.  Once upon a time I didn’t even want My friends to see completed works, never Mind all the insecure moments I go through during the process.  However, My peers have been telling Me that one of the most enjoyable things for them is to stop by and look at My progress, the gradual transform A Sean from the initial sketch to the finished product.  So here is a preview sketch of Canada’s Minister of Justice:

Right Honourable, Jody Wilson-Raybould, Canada’s Minister of Justice and Attorney General

I hope You are all well, I Will have more marvelous Magic for You all soon!!!

Love and Blessings,




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