The Good News Journal, Volume XXIII: The Fabulous Friday Edition

Hello world and welcome to the Fabulous Friday Edition of the Good News Journal.  You  Will notice that I have Created a new Category of My Blog Called ‘The Kings Common Law Academy’, and every Post between now and the 21st and 22nd of February Will be a Part of the Common Law Academy Course, the Way to God’s Kingdom.

I have a lot of Good News to report, too, and all of it is an example of a real Common Law Suit.  As I mentioned previously, a Common Law Suit begins with a Claim and I have several Common Law Claims that have all been made here on this Blog.  My Peers are My audience, My audience is the Public, so My Public is the world.  In My last Blog Post, I shared My Letters to The Salvation Army, clearly defining My determination to protect the rights and dignity of the Canadian People by Way of an Art Exhibition that would Show Case the elected officials within the Canadian government responsible for the protection of the Common Law and human rights in Canada.  Every Deed is a new Act on the world Stage, a new Scene in My Story that defines the [true] Character of the man.  I can say that I am determined to protect and defend the [Common Law] rights of the Canadian People, but if I can’t Show (like a Play) the world that I am Acting on My Word, I Will begin to lose credibility; that’s how and why the People are the authority.

In My Case the Original Claim is My Cestui Que Vie Declaration and every consequent Deed [Letter] is further evidence of My Claim (including My e-mails to The Salvation Army).  As I mention in the e-mails, I also Presented a true Copy of My Original Claim with Canada’s Ministry of the Attorney General to The Salvation Army so that they cannot Claim they were not Given notice of My capacity, status, and/or standing in Law.  And this is why knowledge is Power – because ignorance of the Law is no excuse for the Law, and it doesn’t matter if Jason understands My documents, it doesn’t make them any less true.

Jason did not respond to My Letter.  In Law, silence is consent (which is also why it is the first right man is Given by policy officers).  The reason silence is consent is because it is presumed that every man would Wish to defend his character against false accusations.  In My Letter to Jason, the general manager of the Salvation Army, I made several Claims.  I Claimed that the dignity and rights of the Canadian People were being trespassed upon, I Claimed that Jason had been Given contact information for a potential Grant and exhibition for My Art that he failed to effectively follow up on and/or share with Me, I Claimed that Jason had failed to Honour My request for a two man, locked dorm so that I would have a more secure place to store My paintings, and I claimed that clients had potentially been subject to conditions that may be damaging to their health and well being.

Failing to respond to these claims, says something about Jason’s character.  Every man has the right to the presumption of innocence till proved guilty in a [Common Law] Court, but if a man can easily dispute the Claims against his character, One usually does.  If there is no reply, then it is customary to send a follow up Letter with a proposed resolution Order, advising the recipient that if they do not agree to the proposed resolution order, they Will proceed with legal Action to have the resolution Order enforced.  A Good example might be someone accidentally breaking another man’s window.  A letter is sent claiming One man is responsible for the damage of another man’s window and is as King of the other man to pay for the cost to replace the window.  The Claim is that One is responsible for damages to another man’s property and the proposed resolution Order is that they accept accountability and pay for it.  In Court, the Letters would not be enough on their own, the plaintiff would have to prove that property was damaged and what it Will cost to repair it.

Jason did not contest any of My Claims, but that doesn’t make him guilty.  Jason may not be contesting My Claims, but he is not accepting accountability, either.  Perhaps he agrees with My claim but contests accountability.  Perhaps Jason has done everything he can and has made his superiors aware of the problems, but has been denied the resources to remedy the situation effectively; perhaps he feels it would be disloyal to tell Me who is responsible and accountable for the problems…  I don’t know, I can only speculate as to why a man would not defend claims that tarnish his character.

Although Jason did not respond to My Letter, a lot of extra work has been getting done over the last week and the world knows how I feel about coincidences; there are none.  I was able to sleep last night for the first time in several days (it was wonderful), and Jason and other members of the Salvation Army Staff have not treated Me any differently.  In fact, a few of the Staff (like Magic) members have seemed especially supportive over the last week, including those in administrative and management roles – even Captain Thomas Yoo came and apologized to Me on ‘Lucky’ Wednesday, telling Me that he had reconsidered what I had said and made My concerns known to those in ‘upper management’ (whomever that might be) without mentioning My name.  Instead, Captain Yoo just told them that ‘the Painter’ had told him about what the living conditions at the Salvation Army are like and expressed his concerns, though I am quite sure whomever Captain Yoo spoke to Will know who ‘Painter’ is.  None the less, I am thus far being treated no differently.  In fact, I have had three Staff members now tell Me they Wish I was running the place – I told them I have bigger fish to fry.

Anyway, this Blog Post is getting a little too long for the attention span of the Common man, so I Will wrap this up.  The reason all of this is relevant to the Common Law is because the People are the authority of government.  I told Jason I would go to the media and the public relations officer of The Salvation Army if he failed to respond, and I like to be Good to My Word whenever I am able, but I am going to send Jason one more letter before I do.  Why?  Because a lot of extra work has been done over the first week and I always like to believe the best in everyone.  Perhaps Jason knows My charges are valid and feels guilty, so he is making Good by his Deeds – or at least to the best of his ability, whether it successfully proves to remedy the matter or not, it does demonstrate that he is doing something and I have always said that action speaks louder than Words.  So, thank You, Jason (official thank You e-mail forthcoming).

Finally, I also finished another Portrait in My ‘Canadian Common Law Characters Campaign’!  People of the world, please allow Me to introduce to You to Canada’s Minister of Justice and Attorney General, the Right Honourable, Jody Wilson-Raybould.

The Right Honourable, Jody Wilson-Raybould

One thing I didn’t do in My Letter to Jason, was offer him a proposed resolution Order.  I Will share that with You in My next Post.

“Canadian Common Law Characters Campaign”

I hope You are all having a Fabulous week!!!

Love and Blessings,


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