The Good News Journal, Volume XXIII: The Sensei Sean all Sunday Edition

Happy Sunday everyone, and welcome to The Good News Journal’s Sunday Edition.  In My last Post, I Declared that every Post between now and February 21st and 22nd of 2019 Will be an example of the Common Law, a new Class for My Common Law Academy.  It would be fair to say that every single Post I have Writ since the inception of this Blog is also an example of the Common Law, a conscious choice to exercise My right to freedom of expression (an expressed ‘ion’, or unit of energy), making Announcements and Declarations from My Kingdom long before it had ever been claimed and Established in Law.

In My last Post, I also said that I would be Writing Jason Prevost, general manager of the Salvation Army, one last Letter by Way of e-mail before contacting the Salvation Army’s public relations officer.  Jason will not be in the office until Monday so I am going to wait until tomorrow night to Write him.  However, I also said that I would be tall King about the contents of My next Letter and My proposed resolution Order before sending it.

If One Writes a Letter of complaint to any organization, corporation or man, it is customary to respond to the complaint and offer a resolution – that is the Honourable thing to do.  Jason Prevost may be innocent until proved guilty of the offences I have charged him with, but he is currently in dishonour which does not reflect favourably on his character.  I did not tell Jason Prevost what needs to be done to remedy the situation, as it is presumed that the general manager would know how to respond to such complaints and be able to propose a resolution.  Instead, I only informed Jason of My complaints, respecting his position, and Giving him the opportunity to respond to My claims and offer some kind of resolution.

Now that I have made Jason aware of the problems, the onus is on Jason to respond to My complaints and offer a proposal for resolution.  This is how a Common Law Suit begins, Keeping careful Records of all correspondence.  Because he has failed to respond, I can only presume that he is already doing everything he can to remedy the situation and/or does not know how to respond to My complaint and/or effectively resolve the issue(s).  Although there has been a tremendous amount of renovation and cleaning done over the last week and a half, Jason Prevost has failed to successfully remedy any of the issues outlined in My Letter.  Keep in Mind that some of these charges are pretty serious; Jason appears to have lost contact information that may have provided a public venue for My art exhibition and a potential grant for as much as $4000.00, which certainly would have gone a long way toward promoting My Brand and improving My War King (working) environment.  For an Organization that is allegedly there to help a man improve his situation and meet his goals, that seems like a pretty big fail for a general manager!  Jason also failed to acknowledge My duty to protect and defend the Common Law for the People of Canada as a ‘real job’, denying My request for a two man dorm for those who are gainfully ’employed’ (which would have offered more security for My artwork and supplies).  Jason also failed to respond to My Claim that men were allowed to return to their dorms when the area was still a potential hazard to their health.  These are all serious charges and now the onus is on Me to propose an Order that Will resolve these Issues.  All of this is relevant because it is important that I can Show the public relations officer of the Salvation Army, the media, and the mayor of Ottawa, that I have Given Jason every opportunity to resolve the Issues and Claims outlined in My Letter, and that he has failed to respond to My complaints in a reasonable period of time.

Every Letter I Write is another Act, another Part of My Story, further defining the true nature of My Character, adding to My Original Claim with Canada’s Ministry of the Attorney General.  Every Letter that Shows Proof of Service (receipt of delivery) is admissible in any Court of Record.  The same is true of every entry I Post; they constitute legal Declarations and Announcements with a digital receipt of the Time My Claim is Posted (and Posts provide Foundation).  Some of My Letters may take on a ‘candid’ Tone, but I am always in Harmony with the Universe (One Song), and a King reserves the right to have a little fun.  Have I not always Claimed that Life is a Game and We are here to have Fun?  Why should My Letters not reflect the nature of My Character?

I have also Claimed that I am a Master in Law, Commerce and Spirituality and that the true Duty of a King is to empower the People by Protecting the Common Law and teaching it to others.  This Will also be reflected in My next Letter to Jason.

I have told Jason that an Organization does not have the power or authority to enforce policies that trespass on the rights and dignity of the [Canadian] People.  Perhaps Jason does not believe this to be true, and/or does not believe he has any duty or responsibility to respond to Me.  It is My Duty [under God] to remind Jason that he has as much Duty and responsibility to defend and protect the Common Law as I do, and to provide Proof of My Claim.

I feel as though this Entry is something of a lengthy disclaimer; for Jason, and for My audience.  I don’t want to make anyone look bad.  I prefer to presume that those who have failed to respond to My Letters are not Willfully interfering with My determination to protect the Common Law, they simply don’t know any better.  That’s why it was also important for Me to make sure that the Salvation Army has a Record of My Claim with Canada’s Ministry of the Attorney General; to Give Notice of My position.  Whether the Salvation Army understands the documents or not, is no longer My concern.

In My next Letter to Jason, I Will be providing Proof of My Claims and advising him that he Will be subpoenaed into Court on the 21st and 22nd of February to explain to the Court why he feels the Salvation Army has the right to enforce corporate policies that trespass on the rights and dignity of the Canadian People, and why he has chosen to Willfully interfere with My determination to promote social progress and the realization of the equal and inalienable rights of the Canadian People protected by the Rule of Law.

Finally, I would like to remind My readers that My work is significantly more challenging than I choose to share with My audience here.  Finding a suitable war King environment to maintain My Blog and social media accounts is extremely challenging and almost impossible during the day.  Finding a location where I can get any work done in private is virtually impossible.  I do not ever have the luxury of sleeping past 7:00 a.m., and the only time I seem to manage to get any work done online is after 11:00 p.m. when the tv in the lobby is off for the night.  As wonderful as it is to be an inspiration for My peers, almost everyone enjoys tall King with Me which makes it very difficult for Me to enjoy any time alone and I am the kind of man who very much enjoys solitude and privacy.  I endure by reminding My Self that every single person subject to life in a shelter deals with exactly the same issues, the difference is that many of these individuals also suffer from mental and/or physical health challenges, addiction issues and/or emotional suffering.  If the conditions I am subject to are this challenging for Me, then how much more challenging Will it be for those individuals suffering from any of these conditions?  And People wonder why I am here…

This Post was started on Saturday night, hoping to have it Published for early Sunday morning but was too tired to finish and have not had the opportunity to get back to it until late Sunday night.  It is now the wee hours of Monday morning, though I Will still Call this Post the Sensei Sean all Sunday Edition, as I believe it has been an Critical Common Law Class.

Jason Prevost is the General Manager of the Social Services Department of the Salvation Army Booth Centre, Ottawa

Some foreshadowing for My forthcoming Letter to Jason.

Love and Blessings,



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