The Good News Journal, Volume XXIV: The Wonderful Lucky Wednesday Edition

Thank You for being here and welcome to the Wonderful ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition of The Good News Journal.  The unpleasant task of Writing Jason Prevost, general manager of the Salvation Army’s Community and Social Services department, is now behind Me – and I feel as though a weight has been lifted from My shoulders.  The Higher part of My conscience knows I should not bear any burden for Jason, We each reap what We sow, but it is difficult to not feel compassion for him knowing that soon enough he Will be compelled to answer Me in a Court of Law.  All in Good time…

However, now that the Matter with Jason is over, I can continue to Focus on the Good News.  As I Claimed in My Letter, I do not believe Jason’s opinion, attitude or behaviour emulate the Salvation Army’s corporate policies or Mission Statement.  Soon I Will find out, and now I can do so with a clear Mind and conscience, knowing I have Given Jason every opportunity to resolve the Issue first – that’s the Honourable thing to do.

And now there’s this article about ‘the Salvation Army Booth Centre’…  Coincidence?

Today has been a very ‘Lucky’ Wednesday.  I was Gifted with a new pair of fancy blue wing-tip shoes from the same individual with whom I had sought counsel with on Tuesday, and later in the morning Jason was as King of Me to speak with him, ‘hey Sean, when You have a minute stop by My office.’

His tone was casual, which surprised Me, but I was not at all nervous about seeing him in his office, though I had no intention of discussing any of the complaints contained in My e-mail’s to him.  I figured if he wanted to discuss the content of any of My Letters, he could respond to Me in Writing, ‘on and for the Record’.  But Jason Claims he did not receive My e-mails.  I was almost able to recite the e-mail address by heart, but Jason gave Me one of his business cards to verify.  I was pretty sure the e-mail address on his card was the one I had used, but I do make mistakes and wanted to be sure.  I thanked him for the card and assured him I would verify the address and resend the e-mails if necessary.  The address I sent the e-mails to was correct.  I sent one more additional e-mail with ‘check e-mail filter settings (and junk mail) please’ in the subject line.  Then I Writ My e-mail address on the back of Jason’s business card and returned it to him, as King to him that he add it to his address book and check his e-mail filter settings.

“Oh, yeah, that’s probably what it is.”

I placed the Word Claim in italics in the preceding paragraph because not receiving My e-mails is a legitimate Claim…  If it were true.  However, after verifying that I did in fact use the correct e-mail address, Jason’s claim is not very convincing.  The e-mail I used is his official business e-mail address, and if he’s not receiving e-mails (and they are being delivered), then the onus once again falls on Jason to fix his e-mail client.  What manager gives out a business card with an e-mail address that is not properly set up to receive mail?  It’s a nice try, but I’m pretty confident Jason got My e-mails, he just doesn’t want to admit that he got them because he still doesn’t know how to respond, even though he now knows that failing to respond looks bad, too.  We’ll see what unfolds over the next couple of days.  Either way, Jason’s inability to effectively use e-mail to communicate does not reflect on him very favourably; seems a little ‘unprofessional’.

Today’s article did Create a lot of buzz among My peers.  Many of My peers believe I am responsible for the Ottawa’s Sun’s ‘glowing’ review of The Salvation Army, and that going to the press is Jason’s ‘unofficial’ reply to My Letters.  Instead of answering My e-mail, he has been working [the janitorial department] overtime cleaning rooms, spraying for bedbugs, tearing away rotting walls and laminate on the stairway, and Writ the inspirational message on the 4th floor chalkboard just for the camera – there is no such greeting on the board, it was Writ for the press.  There are also no actual practical courses of any kind at the Salvation Army, nothing a man could use to help gain employment, they are just ‘fillers’, philosophical chat sessions with no work of any kind actually required – and programs are only available on the fourth floor.  Hundreds of other clients are forced to cram into a dingy, often filthy lobby with roughly twenty chairs, or take to the streets.  The article claims that clients are not evicted from their dorms for more than ‘a few hours’ to clean.  A ‘few hours’ is 8:00 until 4:00 for the basement floor and 8:00 – 1:00 for the second floor.  However, sheets are not available until 4:00 and all clients are required to rebook their bed every day between 4 and 6 in the evening, regardless how long they are subject to living there.

The most disappointing (but not surprising) claim made in the Ottawa Sun is that the Salvation Army struggles between providing a ‘dignified’ living environment without creating a space ‘so comfortable that they don’t want to build momentum’.  The article makes it sound as though People choose to be here.  I am probably one of the only People who chooses to be here, and only so I can determine who is responsible for Canada’s People being subject to emergency shelters for basic needs.  I think the author of the article forgets that it is not the Salvation Army’s job to house Ottawa’s homeless; that job belongs to the Ministry of Community and Social Services.  And the minute they start doing their job, emergency shelters Will be used for the next flood or other ’emergency’ – not to scapegoat government responsibility.


Anyway, My ‘take’ on this Scene of the Play in this Universal Product-Sean, is that Jason did get My e-mails – and he took them pretty seriously.  Seriously enough to facelift the entire building before inviting the media to come in and take a few photos.  I said I would be contacting public relations, the media, and the mayor with My concerns if Jason didn’t respond.  Looks like he went to the public relations department and the press before I had the chance.  Just speculating, but that’s certainly how many of My peers feel about the recent press.  They believe My efforts are making a difference, and I do, too!  And that’s Your Good News Journal for this fabulously ‘Lucky’ (and late) Wednesday Edition.

Love and Blessings,






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