The Good News Journal, Volume XXVI: The Thrilling Thursday Edition – The Final Act

Hello everyone and welcome to the Thrilling Thursday Edition of The Good News Journal!!!  Last week was the first week since the inception of The Good News Journal that I failed to author a Post.  I would apologize, but the Universe is never wrong and although there are a few instances where I could have taken the time to Write a Post, the People have been as King of Me that I promise to Keep Painting.  And the Will of the People Shall be the Authority of governance.

A Growing Collect-Sean

I have been painting like a fiend – every day the weather permits, and reinvesting in materials whenever I can to Keep the momentum going.  I’ve been procrastinating (admittedly) in other areas, but much of that is taking the Time to consider My moves before making My next Play.  I’m also thankful I have taken the time, as it has allowed Me to replace a phone that was stolen from Me months ago and a phone is something of a necessity; though I did enjoy not having the extra distraction, I also knew I would eventually need one.

I have lots of Good News to share, too.  My peers are very supportive of what I am doing, many of My friends actually call Me ‘King’ Sean, and I have received praise for all of the recent renovations taking place at the Salvation Army, despite disputing having anything to do with it, My friends believe My letters to Jason are responsible for the transform-a-Sean.  More and more of My peers are coming to Me with their complaints against the Salvation Army, and I am as King of them to put their complaints in Writing as articulately as they are able, along with pictures whenever possible.  Although I admit to some procrastination, all things are coming together and I am preparing the world Stage for the final Act.

My intuition also tells Me that the loss of three of My most important paintings was not a coincidence or accident; I believe they were deliberately sabotaged or stolen, perhaps hoping it would invoke some kind of outburst that might ‘justify’ having Me removed.  Despite how disappointed I was to learn of their mysterious disappearance, I believe one day they Will find their Way back to Me.  The wonderful thing about being the Creator of those Works, is that only I have the Power to re-Create them, too.  I hadn’t started using My thumbprint Seal to identify My Work yet, so the original pieces are now worthless and evidence theft of Crown property.  Keep in Mind, they were intended as Gifts for the Queen and the Pope, so they were technically Crown and Vatican property, respectively.  It was the Wish of My peers that I recreate the two works to Honour the Queen and the Pope – and their Wish is My command.

“Honour Thy Father and Mother” – The Ten Commandments

So, it’s not like I haven’t been doing anything, I’ve just been busy away from cafe’s – and Writing (online) has been exceedingly difficult lately.  Captian Yoo has expressed his support of My cause and his portrait for My exhibit-Sean is third on My Present list; The Queen Will be next, then Shannon (explanation forthcoming with portrait), then Captain Thomas Yoo of the Salvation Army, who proudly stands behind My determination to defend the rights and dignity of the Canadian People – on and for the Record.

Once again, I am doing what I can to Keep the News I Post here positive, so I am hoping that detailed examples and photos of the trespasses upon the rights and dignity of the Canadian People subject to emergency shelters like the Salvation Army Will not be necessary – or at least not here.  I have a meeting with the Ministry of Community and Social Services tomorrow and I Will be forwarding My e-mails to Jason Prevost to the Ministry, as well as a number of photos that show just how deplorable the living conditions really are.  It is difficult for Me to imagine that anyone would knowingly subject a man to the conditions endured by clients of the Salvation Army, and My presumption is that when these deplorable living conditions are exposed and made known to the Ministry, I Will not have much difficulty finding support for My cause, as I don’t believe any man would want to Willfully interfere with My determination to improve these conditions ‘on and/or for the Record’.  In short, I don’t expect the Ministry of Community and Social Services to suggest the living conditions I am going to inform them of are safe, much less ‘dignified’ and I believe they Will be on board with Me with respect to making those changes happen.  I Will have more news to share on that front sometime later tomorrow.

For now, I do what I can to continue painting and escape the chaos whenever circumstances like a rainy day permit.  I started war King on Her Grace, Glory, and Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s portrait on Tuesday and hope to get have the opportunity to finish it by the end of the week.

Upcoming Present A Sean… 😉

I would like to say thank You to all of the People who have stopped by to Show their support while I continue painting out front of the Salvation Army, and an extra special thanks to a friend who sent a very generous donate-Sean to My cause last week – it is always difficult for Me to express My gratitude, I Will only say it meant more to Me than One could imagine.

I hope this day finds You all well, sorry for the delay, I Will return soon, Good Willing.

Love and Blessings,




  1. You have a very unique style to your works…they are very pleasing to the eye are reminiscent of Andy Worhols post-modern period of art… Selfishly, I can’t help to wonder what one of myself would look like haha…Keep it up, and looking forward to connecting with you again

    1. Thank You very kindly. I like to Honour those who support My work, I wonder what photo You would want Me to work with?.. Look forward to connecting with You again, also.

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