The Good News Journal, Volume XXVI: The Sensei-Sean All Sunday Edition

Hello everyone and welcome to the Sensei-Sean all Saturday Edition of The Good News Journal.  Although I haven’t had an opportunity to paint since My last Post, I did have the opportunity to meet with Orsi Vancsody, ‘Case Coordinator’ for the City of Ottawa Community and Social Support Centre – that’s Orsi’s ‘Official’ title and position in the Universe.  My intention was to inform her of some of the trespasses upon the rights and dignity of those subject to emergency shelters for their basic needs, determine who/what is responsible for those trespasses, and to have [public] transportation expenses reinstated.  (I had been receiving travel allowance for public transit until three months ago when it was discontinued without notice.  The weather has been beautiful and I am able to walk, but it is not convenient when travelling with My artwork and/or other supplies – even My briefcase weighs over forty pounds.)  Considering My objectives, it was a reasonably successful day, though a little discouraging at first.

Perhaps one of the reasons I had delayed My meeting with Orsi was because I had been told by others that transportation allowance is automatically discontinued after six months unless One can show they require public transportation for medical reasons.  I guess those without medical conditions are supposed to walk everywhere they want to go…  I don’t require public transit for health reasons, I require public transportation to travel around the city.  I consider it a business expense, and what I am able to save on travel expenses by walking, I can reinvest in art supplies or promotional materials for My Brand; at the moment, I can use every additional penny until the Ministries of the Canadian Government respond to My Claims.  Until then, I am Acting as Honourably as I know how ‘under duress’.

The meeting went very much as I expected it might.  It always starts off reasonably Good.  I let Orsi know I wanted the transportation allowance reinstated and her tone was very calm and accommodating, though she passed Me a form and as King of Me to have it filled out by a doctor, just as My peers had suggested.  I began as King of her if she felt that My right to transportation was subject to a doctor’s approval and her answer was some variation of ‘yes’.  I recorded the entire meeting, which was thirty-five minutes in its entirety, though most of the conversation would not be relevant to what I eventually managed to accomplish.  I took the form she had presented Me with, circled the Word ‘benefit’ and Writ that I was exercising My right to public transportation, not requesting a benefit and not subject to conditions.  Then I signed it and placed My thumbprint in red ink on top of My signature and passed it back to Orsi.  I also gave Orsi a copy of the mail receipt from My last letter to the Right Honourable Jody-Wilson Raybould sent ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’, using My thumbprint Seal for postage.  Orsi made a copy of the mail receipt and as King of Me if I wanted a copy of the other document she had as King of Me to get signed by a doctor – I declined.  A few moments later, Orsi returned, telling Me that I can pick up My transportation allowance anytime after eleven a.m., and assured Me it would not be revoked again without Giving Me notice.  They also now have it on their record that I am, in fact, employed by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.

As wonderful as My morning was, even My successes make Me a little angry; I am all about the equal and unalienable rights of all People, so to Give a man any Kind of ‘special’ treatment is fundamentally against My principles and philosophies.  I want to be able to share with My friends why I was able to succeed where others have failed but I can’t say for sure what it was that I did.  Was it because of what I Writ on the form I returned to Orsi, because I insisted I am war King ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’ and believe Her Grace would be appalled to know what the Ministry pays Me to protect the Common Law, or does it have something to do with the documents I have filed into the Superior Court and with Canada’s Attorney General?  Or maybe some combination of all the above?  Your guess is as Good as mine.  I do these things so I can tell others how to do them, too – however, none of My friends seem to believe they would have the same success, even if they did exactly what I did.

At any rate, I left My meeting with considerably more information than I have been able to get from any of the so called ‘housing workers’ of the Salvation Army.  Caroline Hards will not even tell Me what organization the worker I have allegedly been matched with represents – now I can call the organizations My Self.  I also had an opportunity to inform Orsi of how incompetent the staff of the Salvation Army seem to be with respect to obtaining housing for their clients.  I asked Orsi if she knows how much the Salvation Army receives for every client they provide a bed for and she admitted she doesn’t.  I suggested that if she did, she might understand why I feel it is a conflict of interest to have that same organization be responsible for finding housing subsidy for their clients.  By the end of Our meeting, Orsi had claimed that the policies she is bound by do have the power to trespass on a right – I happen to know that’s not true and shared a few passages of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights and Freedoms with her.  Orsi also insisted that Ontario Works is only responsible for providing a housing allowance (I think it’s roughly $373/month) for those who have shelter and are paying rent; then Orsi gave Me a list of all the organizations that are (allegedly) responsible for providing the necessary subsidy to get people into housing.  My plan is to begin calling them tomorrow.

I Will have a busy day again tomorrow and the weather has been a little cool for painting outdoors, so perhaps I Will get an opportunity to Write a little more.

Seven Keys to Kingdom: Seven Letters Sent “On Her Majesty’s Service”

Keep in Mind, each of these Magical Letters reached its intended recipient…

Love and Blessings,


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