The Good News Journal, Volume XXVII – The Thoroughly Thrilling Thursday Edition

Hello world, and welcome to The Good News Journal.  I really only finished roughly half of what I had Wished to Write about in My last Post, so I am going to continue today.

I had been tall King about the Power of Perspective, how there are countless mini-Miracles experienced every day, and how I enjoy Focusing on those moments so much more than the hardships the citizen ships are subject to when dependent on shelters for basic needs by Canada’s Ministries.  Now that’s a long sentence, pun intended…  😉

The Power of Perspective allows Me to Focus on the Good every day, even when there are unpleasant things to endure or Write about.  The wonderful thing about adversity and hardship, is that it motivates One to evolve enough to transcend their circumstance; it inspires positive change.  Every challenge is an opportunity for growth, and every uncomfortable Position propels (like a Vessel) One into Motion.

Yesterday morning (which was actually ‘Lucky’ Wednesday in My microcosm, having Published the Wednesday Post late Tuesday night) and I was more inspired and motivated to Write than I had been in a long time.  I was furious, and My Sword is My Word; I wanted to Write, to Spell out some Powerful Magic.  However, the Universe wasn’t having any of it.  I travelled to three of My favourite Writing locals and had luck finding none with any room to sit and Write.  Lucky Wednesday and there is no place for Me to sit down and Write a Blog Post in Peace?  Hmmm.  Do You see now why I was lucky enough to find no place to Write?  My Greatest Power is My Word.  It is not always Wise to use it when I am angry.  And yes, I get angry – especially when I see the rights of others abused or taken for granted.

There are massive renovations going on at The Salvation Army, it seems virtually the entire place is getting a facelift, though it is purely cosmetic in nature and has so far accomplished nothing to improve the dignity and comfort for their clients.  In fact, it generally just means that common areas are closed longer, inconveniencing clients even further.  They ‘appear’ to be taking the bed bug situation seriously (I Will Give Jason Prevost only that much), though they are accomplishing nothing unless wasting money is considered an accomplishment – and that’s not as insane an Idea as it might sound, sometimes companies Will spend money they don’t need to, just to ensure they receive the same funding the following year…  It is a possible motive, something a manager might even get a bonus for – and this is why profits and money corrupt virtually everything.

In My last Post I was tall King about how poorly everything was Orchestrated on Monday, and yesterday morning, the procedure was repeated for the ‘usual’ rooms (this is actually done every single week, though it accomplishes almost nothing).  A client in the room beside Me was as King to one of the staff if pencil crayons were allowed to be left under his bed, or if it would be considered a weapon and reason to have him temporarily denied access to the facility.  To My horror, Bill told the client that the pencil crayons were a weapon and he should remove them from the facility.  I could not believe My ears, and I was very quickly as King to Bill what reason he had to suggest that pencil crayons are a weapon.

“Anything that could be used as a weapon is a weapon.” Was his ridiculous reply – and he believes it.

So what about shoelaces, razorblades for shaving (nail-clippers are already banned), hands, feet, a chair (was thrown at someone in the lobby just recently)…  Needless to say I thought the statement was more than a little ridiculous, so I decided I would be as King to Jason about it.  On Monday, Jason has asked to speak with Me before I was able to re-book My bed for the evening.  I thought maybe he wanted to finally talk to Me about the e-mails I had sent him and I had already planned to just as King of him to reply to Me in Writing so I have a Record of Our correspondence.  Much to My surprise, it was for something completely different.

“Sean, We found some items under Your bed that are not allowed on the property.”

I just kind of stared back at him with what I presume would have been a confused expression, waiting for further explanation.

“Some kind of roach clip?  Paraphernalia?  Know anything about that?”

I truly had no clue what he might be talking about and again, I don’t think I said anything at all that wasn’t already clearly expressed on My face.

“I really don’t know what You are talking about, I removed everything I own from the room before I left today.”

“Okay.  I thought I saw You taking all of Your stuff with You, so I didn’t think it was yours but just in case, I thought I would let You know You can’t bring that kind of stuff in here.”

“Yeah, okay, no problem.”

Not going to say anything more than I need to resolve the situation and I was able to book My bed immediately after Our ‘little chat’, though he still said nothing about the e-mails (and I didn’t ask).  When I returned to My room, I immediately realized what it was Jason had been referring to:

The “Prevost” ‘Roach’ clip…

Because there is virtually no privacy, the clip shown above is used by the man in the lower bunk to hang a plastic garbage bag or blanket as a makeshift divider.

After My discussion with Jason regarding the roach clip, I asked him if there was any way I could get a comprehensive list of all items The Salvation Army considers ‘weapons’ and he said he didn’t have one, it is at the discretion of the staff.  I said I was only as King of him because their rules seem a little over the top and I want to make sure I’m not going to be temporarily denied access because I carry calligraphy pens and pencil crayons with Me.

“What is it?”

“Calligraphy pens, You know, for the fancy letters I Write?”

“Oh, those.  (Cheerfully) Yeah, that’s not a problem, Sean, of course You can have pens and pencils.”

“Okay, just wanted to make sure, the rules seem a little strange sometimes.”

And the very next day, a man is told he might be temporarily denied access and banned for having pencil crayons.  So again, I went to Jason and said to him that if he is going to bar clients for having certain items, there needs to be a comprehensive list of what those items are The Salvation Army defines as ‘weapons’.  I would try to paraphrase the rest of My conversation with Jason but the only thing that matters, is that he stands on the policy, defends Bill’s claim that the pencil crayons are a weapon if Bill says they are, and that they are not required to make any kind of list for clients.

“If You don’t like Our rules, Sean, You can go somewhere else.”

That was the line that infuriated Me – because that is exactly the attitude that needs to disappear.  And it most certainly does not reflect the Mission statement of The Salvation Army as an organization – or at least, that is the presumption I Will be moving forward with.

Once again, this Post (and the last) was about the Power of Perception.  Although it didn’t seem as though things were going as I had wanted them to yesterday morning, I was far too angry to articulate My thoughts accurately.  Now I’ve had a day, enjoyed yesterday, feel refreshed and have had just enough time to put together all the events of the last few weeks well enough to know how I plan to Move forward.

I’m also over the average attention span limit for the average Blog reader, so I Will let You go and return again as soon as I am able.

Love and Blessings,




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