The Good News Journal, Volume XXVII: A Sensei-Sean All Saturday Edition

Good morning, world!!!  It is such a beautiful Saturday, it feels a little sinful to be sitting inside when the sun is shining so warm and brightly, but I also really wanted to Write and share the wonder of My morning with You.

Even though I do occasionally have the unpleasant task of making People aware of things they might otherwise prefer to not know (‘ignorance is bliss’), it is also wonderful to see My Words Manifest and to have the opportunity to share that with You, too.

Construction, extra cleaning, and major renovations seem to be continuous since the very day I Writ My first e-mail to Jason Prevost.  He still ‘claims’ he didn’t receive the e-mails, so it is alleged they have nothing to do with the work that’s being done…  However, You Will have a difficult time convincing anyone who knows Me that this is not a direct response to My complaints.

Saturday morning is one of those mornings One may be inclined to skip the main breakfast if they are staying at The Salvation Army.  Although it’s ‘called’ a grilled cheese sandwich, it is usually two pieces of bread with a processed cheese slice between them, baked in an oven, not even buttered.  The result is a massive crouton so strong it would likely have a man temporarily denied access to the facility if one were found under his bed, as ‘anything that could be used as a weapon is considered a weapon’.

I make light of the situation today because it was exactly last week that I joked with My peers about how horrible the Saturday breakfast is; and today was completely different!  For the first time ever (in fourteen months), the grilled cheese had actually been buttered and appeared to have been grilled!  real grilled cheese sandwich (processed cheese slices not withstanding, but let’s not get greedy).  They were actually soft, edible, made with healthy, multi-grain bread and golden brown.  They looked almost perfect – if I could stomach processed cheese, I’d have tried one but My friends tell Me they were actually as Good as they looked!

I made a point of telling the cooks how exceptional the breakfast looked for a Saturday and they seemed to be very appreciative of the compliment.  When I was leaving for the morning, one of the supervisor’s I hadn’t seen in a while (who also happens to be a witness for the prosecution in My upcoming trial) was working the front desk and she seemed to be in especially high spirits also, as King of Me how My morning was going.  I made a point of telling her just how impressed I was with the breakfast and as King of her to please let the management know the extra effort made by the kitchen staff was greatly appreciated, and not just by Me.

She seemed genuinely pleased that I was pleased, like the news had improved her day in a significant Way.  This may seem like a small detail, but sometimes even when one pays a staff member a compliment, the response can be demoralizing to the point that it seems they don’t value Your emotional well being enough to care one way or the other.

I also wanted to spend a little time tall King about Honour, and how grateful I am to have the Honour of My peers.  Last evening I skipped dinner and forgot to rebook My bed.  Generally when I have dinner, My bed is automatically re-booked.  If I don’t have dinner and don’t rebook My bed, I could (and theoretically would) lose it.  That would mean My lock would be cut and My possessions removed from My room along with My bedding so the room could be booked to someone else for seven o’clock in the evening.  I wasn’t even thing King about it until I returned at almost eleven and I could have returned to a very unwelcome situation.  Fortunately, there are (at least) three individuals who work the front desk that would never let that happen to Me.  I generally do everything I can to make sure no one is required to do Me any special favours, but I was greeted with a welcome smile and almost scolded (affectionately) for as King about My bed.  There are People looking out for Me and I want them to know how much they are appreciated.

The same goes for My Peers on the street.  One could argue that life on the streets is tough and the truth is, it is!!!  It’s probably a lot tougher than most who have never been subject to street life could ever imagine; and I’m not exaggerating, I am just being honest.  I’m also a small man, not very imposing, and still have a number of possessions worth enough ‘value’ on the streets to make Me a ‘mark’ – for theft, violence, or some combination of the two.  In fourteen months, I have never had any serious altercation with anyone.  Yesterday, a man came to Me as King of Me for a smoke and I said “No, this is My last one.”

The man decided he was entitled to it and swiped it out of My fingers and began quickly walking away.  I stood there in a mild state of shock as I watched him leave.  Before I had a chance to say or do anything, four men walked after him and I turned away before I could see what they did to him.  Thankfully, I learned later that he was only Given a few ‘warning shots’ in the shoulder and arm, but enough to know not to take from Me against My Wishes.

Although that is truly the first time anyone has ever defended My Honour in any kind of physical Way, My attitude and reaction do emulate My philosophies.  I do not need to fight because there would be an army of men to defend Me.  It is the same reason that I don’t believe My paintings disappeared from The Salvation Army arbitrarily; I believe they were stolen by an employee, as there are too many People on the streets who would know My work – and if anyone on the streets were known to have stolen Artwork from Me, I don’t even want to know what would happen to them.  A friend who has three pieces of My work had all of them stolen from his apartment while he was in jail.  They were all returned to him almost as soon as he was released.  Word on the street travels fast.

IMG_0099 (1)
Giving Hope Today 😉

Anyway, this is a Sensational Saturday and a beautiful, warm, sunny morning.  I want to enjoy some sunshine and promise I Will return soon.  It is also worth noting that I did get some work done yesterday morning, too.  I Writ the public relations officer, Caroline Franks on Friday morning, forwarded all of the e-mails to Jason Prevost and Caroline Hards that I published here previously, and let her know I would Give her the weekend to review the e-mails before contacting her again sometime Monday morning.

Next I Will be tall King about Life as the Hopelessly Hopeful Romantic.

Things are happening, Lords and Ladies!!!

Be Blessed – and so it is. 😉

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