The Good News Journal, Volume XXVIII: The ‘Hopelessly Hopeful Romantic’ Edition

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the ‘Hopelessly Hopeful Romantic’ Edition of The Good News Journal.  I had said in My last Post that this entry would be about the ‘Hopelessly Hopeful Romantic’, I like to Keep My Word, and it seems a perfectly fitting theme for this auspiciously ‘Lucky’ Wednesday (even if this is not published until later in the week 😉 ).

Love the fantasy genre.  When I was in My final year of high school, I took an English Fantasy ‘Ontario Academic Credit’, and I enjoyed it more than any other course I have ever taken.  I like watching fantasy and superhero movies just as much, and the dominant theme of the unlikely hero is what I am tall King about when I speak of being the ‘Hopelessly Hopeful Romantic’, and it is often how I perceive My Self in My microcosm.

I have said before that We are each the Hero of Our own Story, and that is very much how I perceive My Life.  There are many Ways I could have chosen to proceed after claiming God’s Kingdom; I had a comfortable apartment in Guelph, ample time to Write My Blog and plenty of hobbies to Keep Me busy.  I could have placed all of My focus on promoting My Brand on social media and lived well enough doing it.  However, it wasn’t the life I wanted…  It wasn’t adventurous enough.  And I do believe comfort breeds complacency.  In fact, it is actually one of the excuses shelters make for the indignant living conditions they subject their clients to, “we don’t want clients to get too comfortable or they won’t be motivated to move forward”.  The problem is, I don’t know a single client who wants to be dependent on a shelter for their basic needs and the issue isn’t motivation, it’s a lack of resources and/or government funding and (more importantly), care.

I really do believe that a true leader would liberate his People, teach others how to lead themselves, and measure his strength by the weakest of his team.  I want My Life to emulate My Spiritual philosophies and principles as perfectly as possible, I want to ‘Be The Change’ (#BeTheChage) I dream to know in the world.

In Deed

I also consider My Self a Servant of God, and to Serve God is to Serve the People.  So when I considered the Duties of My new Role on the world Stage, it made sense that I should receive no greater a wage than the least of Canada’s People; if that wage does not provide enough wealth for the economic, social and cultural rights indispensable for My dignity and the full development of My personality, then it likely doesn’t provide enough wealth for any Canadian, and Canada’s social security/insurance policies require some serious revision.  It also seemed important to Me to be able to truly relate to those who are subject to social welfare – despite what One may think, many of the individuals subject to social welfare are not mentally and/or physically health enough to successfully reintegrate into society.  These individuals require serious care before their true value can be appreciated by society.

I have always said We are all Kings and Queens in God’s Kingdom, and that God’s Kingdom is all of Earth.  And yet Our world doesn’t really look much like most of man would Imagine God’s Kingdom.  God’s Kingdom has existed since the beginning of Time, but the Laws of God’s Kingdom have continually been ignored, and those are the Laws that provide the Found A Sean for the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who Loves a ‘rags to riches’ story.  And if I want to ‘investigate’ the trespasses upon God’s law made by the Ministries of the Canadian government, is it not of Great benefit to Me that I be perceived by My adversaries as a virtual nobody?  The King’s best disguise is to hide in plain sight.

This Post is something of a reply to a Quest-Ion I am as King of often, “Why are You here?”

It is a Quest-Ion that once infuriated Me because the querent is usually implying that don’t deserve to be here…  Which of course implies that other People do!!!  No One deserves to be subject to a Life that deprives One of basic human dignity and rights, no One!!!

In My microcosm, everything seems somewhat Magical.  The Salvation Army’s Public Relations officer, Caroline Franks has not yet responded to My e-mails, though I Will be publishing the content of those letters over the weekend and following up with a phone call before considering My next Play.

Jason Prevost hasn’t responded, either, though renovations at The Salvation Army are relentless, it’s all cosmetic; he’s just putting on a Good show for the media, but it’s clear he’s under a lot of pressure.  Most of Jason’s management techniques are futile, it seems he is more interested in going through the motions than he is in actual producing results.  The entire building has new floors, the stairs have been refaced, the walls and trim have been repainted, the entranceway doors were completely replaced (and completely unnecessary), the asphalt outside has been repaved and countless additional hours have been spent cleaning – and yet none of these things have improved the living conditions for those subject to living here.

What I Will be doing over the next little while, is telling the world what Jason Prevost should be doing – and We’ll see how long it takes for him to get it done.  I believe the only reason Jason hasn’t responded to Me is because he does not have the intellectual capacity to do so – and he knows it.

I also have been ‘matched’ with a man by the name of Daniel Power from the John Howard Society for housing.  Word on the street is that his name reflects his potential – he has the ‘Power’ to get people into dignified housing.  I was told that I had been matched with a [housing] worker on Monday, but it’s not the first time.  The first time I was allegedly matched with a worker was on April 5th, immediately after My first court present A Sean.  I was Given the same information on May 10th and hadn’t heard anything since, so I wasn’t really convinced until Caroline [Hards] informed Me that she also had a name, an organization and a phone number!!!  Previously, they would not even disclose the name of the organization I had allegedly been matched with.  Thursday evening, I was told I have a meeting with Daniel Power on Monday morning at 9:30.  The John Howard Society also works very closely with the Courts and I don’t believe it is a coincidence that I have been matched with an organization that also provides pro-bono legal services for clients – they Will even post bail in some cases.  I am cautiously optimistic that things are happening and that I Will be in a more dignified living situation by the end of October at the very latest.   I would like to manifest being out of here by the end of this month, though that might be a little optimistic even for Me.

Finally, I am in no rush to be famous and I still have this somewhat ‘romantic’ Idea that maybe I can change the world from here – without the rest of the world ever having to know who I am.  The things I’m Writing about seem to be manifesting in My Universe faster than usual and My Twitter account is on the rise again – it had been next to dormant since February.  My Plan over the next little while (in addition to Writing more e-mails, letters, and preparing for My Court Case), is to begin tall King to the world about what I would do if I were the manager of The Salvation Army; then see how long it takes them to get it done.  Again, I have zero interest in managing an organization like The Salvation Army, but I figure it Will be Good practice for managing planet Earth.

Yes, I truly am the Hopelessly Hopeful Romantic.

May this day find You feeling Loved and Blessed,


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