The Good News Journal, Volume XXVIII: The Sensei-Sean All Sunday ‘Special’ Edition – Knowledge is Power

Hello, world!!!  Welcome to The Good News Journal’s Sensei-Sean All Sunday Edition.  I have a lot of Writing to do over the next few weeks, and probably enough to Keep Me busy right up to February 21st and 22nd of next year, depending on how much Time I spend Writing.  If I had a proper place to work, I would be able to get considerably more done and might even manage to get ‘caught up’.  I would like to do a series of Blog Posts about the Matrix [movie] Trilogy, I would like to publish each of the Letters I’ve sent to Staff members of The Salvation Army (along with a brief summary of their reason and importance), I would like to discuss My Letter of reply from the Ministry of the Attorney General’s legal director Sean Kearney, and I would like to Give My audience a more comprehensive understanding of international Commerce, Law and Spirituality.  In today’s Special Edition, I Will start by tall King about Sir Francis Bacon’s famous expression, “ipsa Scientia potestas est” (Knowledge itself is Power), an expression more Commonly known in English as, “Knowledge is Power”; because knowledge Truly is Power and it also happens to be the reason I have so much Writing to do.

I watched the third movie in The Matrix Trilogy, ‘Revolutions’ with a couple of friends the other day.  We had been tall King about how there are no coincidences, that the Universe is be King (speaking) to Us in every moment for those with ears to hear, and how the Matrix was a reflection of what We had been tall King about for those with eyes to see.  My friends began as King of Me specific Quest-Ions related to the movie and I began Giving them My interpretations.  I Will save My interpret-A-Sean’s for a Blog Post specifically dedicated to the topic in a later Post, for now I Will only say that their response to My interpretation was, “that’s why I think You’re the One.”

“The One?  The what, exactly?”

“The only One I know who can make sense of this world.”

Ah, a wave of relief washes over Me; I don’t Mind being the man who can make sense of this world, and I’m sure not the only One.  My friends (on the other Hand) feel a little differently.

“Who else has this kind of knowledge?”

I remind My friends that I had teachers, too, and that I could not have knowledge of anything if the knowledge did not already exist in the Universe.

“So, there are other King’s out there, too?”

“Well, I’m not so sure they call themselves ‘Kings’, but I do know there are others who call themselves Sovereign, and a Sovereign is a King.  So yes, there are others.”

I went on to explain that what the media calls the ‘Sovereign citizen’ movement has some 30,000 members (in Canada) and are considered a greater threat to national security than international terrorism!  There doesn’t seem to be much recent news with respect to what the FBI calls a ‘movement’, though entering ‘Sovereign citizen movement’ into a Google search produces a number of results that suggest ‘sovereign citizens’ are a dangerous group of People (despite the term being a legal oxymoron, likely deliberately).  Knowledge is Power, so here are a few links, starting with the search result for ‘sovereign citizen movement’.


How Stuff Works

CBS News (60 Minutes)

CTV News (Canada)

I did the Google search to find out what the sentiment is toward the Sovereign today, and there is very little recent news on the topic.  After reading all of the material I have Posted in the links above, it is clear that there is still a lot of confusion and disinformation both within the movement, and in the perception of it.  This is why I believe My work is so important.

There are some Key concepts most in the ‘Sovereign movement’ do not fully comprehend.  In fact, I am not sure that any One fully comprehends what it means to be Sovereign, though all of the individuals I have known certainly do not believe they are above the law, nor do they have any desire to be.  Virtually everyone I have studied from does share some contempt for their government, and I am one of those individuals.  However, I am not against government, I believe that government officials are there to represent the People and that the Law was Created so We could hold Our elected officials accountable to their [Judicial] Oath of office (if I were to attempt to condense My philosophies into a single sentence).  I believe the Law is a tool for non-violent protest of government policies that trespass on the [Constitutional/God Given] rights of the People.  I believe that is both the purpose and function of the [Common] Law in today’s society.

As far as a man’s legal Capacity and Standing are concerned, everything depends on the intellectual ability of the particular practitioner in question.  Essentially, it means that I could (and have) Create a Cestui Que Vie declaration for anyone that would Give the individual exactly the same Capacity and Standing I have in a Court of Law, but I cannot Give the man the knowledge and intellectual capacity to Stand on that document.  The Claim suggests the individual is an authority in/of [God’s] Law, and the Court Will put that Claim to the test.  One should never make a testimony (test of money) they do not fully comprehend.

Although I have Given Cestui Que Vie declarations to those who support My determination to protect the Common Law with the intention that these individuals can claim the same protections in any Court, none of the individuals I have Gifted one with would ever attempt to actually use the document in a Court because they do not understand the document well enough to use it to their advantage.  I would have to Act as Counsel for the individual, defending the rights they have claimed [under God].

The Truth of Law Passes through the top of the Pyramid and Produces a Spectrum of Law, Commonly Called, ‘The Colour of Law’.

Knowledge is Power, but it is also tremendous responsibility.  Part of My ‘job’ Will be to teach those in the Sovereign movement where they went wrong.  Considering the movement was some 30,000 members strong and growing (five years ago), it seems the need for this movement to be clearly defined [in Law] is very real…  And that is My Segway into My next Post, which Will be about the last of the Matrix movies in the Trilogy, “Revolutions”.

Love and Blessings,








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