The Good News Journal, Volume XXIX: The Sensei-Sean All Saturday Edition

Hello everyone!!!  Lots of Great News for everyone in The Good News Journal today.  I Will quickly finish up My last Story, tell You what it was like to meet Daniel Power, report on The Salvation Army’s Thursday morning basement stabbing and reveal new information regarding My own legal Matters.  And I’ll get Write to it. 😉

After My morning in Court, I put Word on the street that My friend (client) should find Me as soon as possible and I still have not spoken with him.  Today I walked all the Way across town to leave a message at his apartment and if he doesn’t find a Way to reach Me before his next court date, I Will just remove My Self from the record and return his disclosure to Crown.  I hope he finds Me soon.

My meeting with Daniel Power was not quite the miracle meeting I thought it might be, but I am still cautiously optimistic.  I swear every  [social/housing] ‘worker’ starts with the presumption that everyone subject to a shelter must have a mental health issue of some kind and I suppose there is Good reason to make that presumption – more than fifty percent of People here probably do, and that estimate is likely a modest one.  He asked Me a few questions that I thought were reasonably pointless but I am long past presuming to understand why there is such a necessity to fill out so many forms.  The only things required to get a man into dignified housing should be a dignified living space and the funding required to rent it.  I was more interested to find out if he was going to as King of Me to apply for a birth certificate, health card, or any other piece of ‘government issued’ identification but I informed him that I would not be compelled to contract with any private organization to exercise My right to a life worthy of human dignity before he had a chance to ask.

There were a few interesting details about meeting Dan.  Initially, Dan had said he did not know anything about Me, though a few minutes later he was showing Me photos of artwork on his phone.  I mentioned that I really enjoy painting My Self and he said that was the reason he was showing Me the photos – he’d seen My work.  Initially, he had said that he knew nothing about Me, so that isn’t true because he knows I paint…  Then he as King of Me if I am on the ‘registry’ for housing.  Apparently, this is an important part of the housing process; if One is not on the housing registry, it is alleged One does not ‘qualify’ for housing.  The interesting thing about that question, is if I am not on the registry, there would be no reason for him to be there.  How exactly was this meeting arranged if I am not on a ‘registry’, where is he getting the information?  These are some of the Quest-Ions I Will be as King of Daniel next time We meet, as well as requesting copies of any contracts or documents containing My name and/or anything he is/has as King of Me to Sign.  Sadly, I was hoping that Dan might be the kind of man who would have the intellectual capacity to comprehend My documents; he’s not.

However, I did receive a couple of wonderful Gifts this week, too.  A copy of ‘The Police Officers Pocketbook’ was Given to Me by a friend.  It’s from 1984 (a little out of date) but it’s a criminal code book and it was Gifted to Me only shortly after a friend of mine had suggested I learn some of their codes.  I’m not really interested in learning how to codify the Laws of God, though the Book has already proven useful for providing some definitions of important ‘legal’ terms (like ‘bank note’, for example). 😉

Code of the Matrix (hasn’t seen My Tricks)

The other wonderful Present I was Gifted with this week, was the opportunity to finally review full disclosure of the information against Me.  Because I am now Acting as Counsel for anyone who may as King of Me, I decided to invest in an external, rewriteable DVD/CD Drive, primarily to review disclosure information.

41 Pages comprise the complete disclosure of information against Me…  And I still have no Idea how prosecution hopes to win their case.  I don’t even know how they hope to avoid humiliation!  I was thing King about sending My mother and brother a formal, Hand Writ invitation to Court to watch the proceedings, Promising it would be a day well worth being in attendance for.  However, although I had always anticipated I would win, I am not so sure My mother and brother Will be so entertained by My performance.  I am not going to reveal anything about how I Will do what I am claiming I Will do, but I Will systematically destroy and humiliate every single person the prosecution Will bring to testify against Me so effectively, I’m not so sure My mother and brother Will be proud – I think they might think the Way I Will treat My adversaries in Law to be cruel and unkind.  I am not cruel and unkind, but I Will expose corruption and deceit wherever I find it.  Let’s just say the disclosure against Me is such a wonderful Gift, I don’t need to do another thing before I go to trial – the information prosecution Gave Me is damning enough to their Case.  I’m not even sure how I Will drag the proceedings out for a full day and a half, but I am looking forward to playing with prosecution the Way a cat toys with a mouse.  I am going to have Way more fun than anyone could Imagine, it Will be quite a Court debut, I Give You My Word.

Finally, I wanted to report a stabbing from Thursday morning.  A friend told Me the incident was eventually published in one of the local newspapers, but the article says nothing about the incident taking place in the basement of The Salvation Army, or a man being carted off on a stretcher with a green handled knife still sticking out of his back.  Yeah, they don’t want You to know that these stabbing actually take place inside The Salvation Army and that the clients there are subject to witnessing traumatic events like this so frequently it ‘changes’ them.  Local media doesn’t want the public to know this is what the homeless are subject to in the nation’s capital.  Are You really proud of this nation’s capital, Mr. Trudeau and Watson?  I think it is disgraceful that You allow People, any People, to be subject to such atrocious living conditions that literally subject a man to an environment that endangers the security of his person.

Anyway, a lot more Good things going on than bad.  I Will be kicking constable Christopher Jenkyn’s ass in Court pretty soon…  And believe Me when I tell You, I Will make Harvey Specter look like an amateur.  Play the man.

Love and Blessings,

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