The Good News Journal, Volume XXXI: The Wonderful ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition – The Magic of ‘09.09.09’.

Hello world!!!  Well, I was back in Court again yesterday, October 9th, 09:00, Courtroom 9, Acting as defence Counsel for My friend.  It was something of an auspicious date for Court; even when I met with My friend to go over his disclosure, he said to Me that he could never forget 9,9,9 and would be sure to be there early to meet Me – and he was Good to his Word, excited to see Me there waiting for him.

Everything went exceedingly well in the beginning.  I first went into the Court ten to fifteen minutes before nine and approached the Crown, as King to them if they had any additional disclosure for Me today.  Crown suggested I have full disclosure already and I advised them of the information I am still waiting to receive.  Crown did not have any further disclosure available for Me today, nor did they seem to have any intention of presenting any additional disclosure in the future.  That was all the information I needed to know what I would do for My friend in Court.

My friend waited for Me outside the Courtroom and I returned to advise him that the Crown was under the impression We have full disclosure already, and explained to him what information [from the initial disclosure] We were still waiting to receive to prepare Our defence.  My friend was satisfied with My Counsel (it’s pretty straightforward stuff, really) and We endeavoured to track down any additional disclosure (first appearance package and anything else) that may still be in the Hands of duty Counsel.

We were unable to accomplish anything more before 9:00, so I told My friend I would see how busy they were and let him know when We would enter the Court.  They were flooded with lawyers at 9:00, so I waited with My friend in the lobby, checking periodically.  At roughly 9:30 I told him We would head into the Court and I would ‘get in line’ with the other lawyers, which is exactly what I did.  There was no ‘seating’ room, so I stood off to the side while I waited for a seat.  One of the lawyers finished his business and his seat remained empty while another lawyer did his thing.  I watched carefully and nobody moved to take the empty chair, though when the second lawyer was done, another lawyer moved up to take his place.  This time, I took the empty seat beside him and as King of the other lawyers how many others there were before Me.  There was only one other lady seated behind Me and she said if I only had one matter, I could go next.  Finally it was My turn and I stood up to address the Court; that’s when the day’s antics began.

“Just one matter this morning, Your Honour’, quoting the numbers on the docket and announcing the name of My friend to the Court.

“And Your name for the Record?” asks the Court clerk.

“Sean von Dehn, ‘V’ as in Victor, ‘o’, ‘n’, Capital ‘D’, ‘e’, ‘h’, ‘n’.”

“Last time You were here the Court was under the impression You are a lawyer and You were Given information under that pretext.  Are You a lawyer?”

“Well, I guess that depends on Your definition of ‘lawyer’.  According to any English dictionary, yes, I am a lawyer.”

Now the Justice is yelling at Me, “You know what I mean and I’m not playing Word games with You.  You were told last time You were in Court that jeans are unacceptable, yet You are wearing them again today.”

“Well, I assure You, Your Honour, My attire Will have nothing to do with the quality of My Suit.”

“Step back from the bar right now, I am not hearing any more from You!”

Needless to say, I’m not pleased at this point.  Part of Me wants to snap back at him, raise My own Voice – My conscience tells Me to ‘be cool, retain Your composure’, and I do.  I’m not sure if I said anything at all, I think I just nodded My head and began collecting My paperwork.  I’ve felt rushed to leave even when things have gone as well as I would have hoped, I wasn’t going to rush to collect My paperwork just because I’m being yelled at by a Justice, nor am I going to take the bait and engage in any conflict in Court.  I remained calm as I quietly collected My things.

“I said to step back from the bar!” repeats the Justice as I gather My belongings.

“Yup,” I say casually without looking up, calmly collecting the last of My things and putting them neatly in their place.  Then I leave the bar, bow, turn My back to the Justice and make My Way back to where My friend had been seated to make a few quick notes before collecting My coffee cup and making My Way out of the Courtroom, bowing once again before I leave.

Just because the Justice is Acting in dis-Honour, doesn’t mean I have to – I’m not stooping to his level under any circumstance.  His name, by the Way, is Justice Herb Kreling.  This was My first encounter with him and the first Justice I Will be filing an official complaint against.

One might perceive an event like this to be a ‘bad thing’.  The Truth is, it worked to My benefit more than anyone might imagine; I gained the sympathy of the Court as well as My peers.  The Public appeared horrified by what they had just witnessed and the fact that I was able to maintain My composure was something that actually astounded Me!  I think I was too shocked by what happened to be embarrassed in the moment.  I actually had two individuals follow Me out of the Courtroom and as King of Me if I would Act as Counsel for them, too!

“Um, did You see what just happened in there?”

“Yeah, I did!  And it was completely out of line, You did nothing wrong!  If the only thing he has to complain about is how You’re dressed, You must be really Good!  It seemed like the Justice is afraid of You.”

“Interesting.  And thank You.  Yes, I Will happily Act as Counsel for anyone, but I am not a licensed lawyer, I am a Common Law lawyer in a Common Law Jurisdiction.  I primarily defend human rights.”

“Okay, can You Give Me Your number?”

And I did, of course.

For a change, duty Counsel was exceedingly courteous and helpful.  When We went there together after the grand display in Court, they did as King of Me if I am a lawyer and I very carefully explained to them that I am not licensed, not a member of the law society, but more than capable of providing defence Counsel for My friend in any Common Law Jurisdiction.  I then briefly outlined My defence strategy.  There were two [licensed] lawyers representing Duty Counsel in the room, one of the ladies raised her eyebrows and said, ‘yeah, that sounds like a pretty solid defence strategy.’

“Thank You.”

Then, turning to My friend, “We have nothing to do with what just happened in Court but if You do want a licensed lawyer, We Will represent You.”

“No, the only lawyer I want is My friend, I Trust My friend.”

Not only did neither of the Duty Counsel lawyers try to sway his decision, they actually seemed to endorse and support his decision once he said that he “Trusts” Me.  They also seemed genuinely surprised and concerned with what had happened in Court, though it was My friend who was openly expressing more anger.

“Why would he [the Justice] do that?  Don’t I have the right to have anyone I want represent Me?  I didn’t see him do anything wrong, can they really discriminate like that because of jeans?”

Duty Counsel just sat there shaking their head, “I don’t presume to speak for the Justice, but yes, You do have the right to have anyone Act as [defence] Counsel.”

Wow, over 1300 Words already, time to Sign off and make Way for a Part Two!

Don’t miss the continuation of this story, the outrageous behaviour and antics of Justice Herb Kreling are only just beginning!!!

I hope this day finds You Happy, Healthy, and Loved.


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