The Good News Journal, Volume XXXI: The Sensei Sean All Saturday Edition – ‘V’ for Velocity

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Sensei-Sean all Saturday Edition!!!  It is a Sensational Saturday and I have Cast a couple of new Spells since My last Post that Will Vastly increase the Velocity of the quickening; the collision and merger of My microcosm and man’s Macrocosm.

I was accused by a Justice of Word Magic!!!  In Court!!!  I can honestly say I never expected that to happen!  In fact, I was so surprised by the comment that I thought I may have misheard Justice Kreling, trying to convince My Self that he had said Word Games, not Magic!  (Perhaps not a huge difference, but significant enough).  However, after all My business in Court was completed for the day, it was a friend who said to Me afterward, “I can’t believe he accused You of using Word Magic!  What did he mean by that?”

I couldn’t help but laugh, “Are You sure those were the Words he used, I thought he said Word Games?”

“No, I’m sure he said Word Magic because I immediately wanted to know if You knew what he was talking about.  Do You?”

“Of course I do, but I never thought a Justice would be foolish enough to bring the Word up in front of Me – and he knew I was listening.”

“Well, are You going to enlighten Me?  What does he mean by Word Magic?”

“Word Magic is what the Justice was using.  He was the one Casting Spells by as King of Me if I am a lawyer.  His intention was to discredit Me in front of the Court, call Me a fraud because I am not a licensed member of the ‘Bar Society’.  When I as King of the Justice to define what he means by the Word lawyer, it was a protection Spell that caused his Magic to fail.  That just made him more angry, so he lost his cool and decided to attack My attire.  We are inclined to attack or run from that which We fear.  The Justice can’t run, so he decided to attack.”

“Wow.  Is that really what happened there?”

“Well, I can’t say for sure, but that is most certainly how I am interpreting the information, especially now that You have confirmed he accused Me of Word Magic.  I guess in a Way he’s right, My Magic defeated his Magic and he didn’t seem too happy about it.”

“So what’s really going on?  Why are they attacking You in the first place?”

“Because no one Will beat Me in Court on their merits alone.  They are counting on Magic to win their Case.  They just didn’t know their Magic can’t touch Me – but they are learning…”

I said I would kick some ass when I finally made My Way into the Courts – and I’ve kept My Word.  This was an attempt to ‘knock Me down a peg’.  It isn’t going to work, it’s only going to help.  Remember, no such thing as bad publicity.  I’m still amazed I was able to Keep My composure as well as I did, I don’t even remember feeling angry – a little bewildered and shocked, but not angry.  And really, it was kind of funny for Me to watch an old man who is alleged to be an example of Honour lose his composure in front of everyone…  Over nothing!  I might know what’s going on and what he was trying to do, but what [Honourable] Justice Perkins McVey said about Court seeming as though it is all in code is absolutely true – the rest of the Court probably had little or no Idea what was going on, to them it would only have looked as though a Justice lost his cool for no Good reason.  And that’s how those spectators Will remember it, and [dishonourable] Justice Freling.

“So, what are You going to do now?”

I’m going to complain about him, then I am going to advise prosecution that he can no longer Act as Justice in this matter as he demonstrated bias against defence Counsel on the Court Record (which constitutes a conflict of interest and would be unfair to My friend).  And this is why Tuesday was a Gift.

The real news, is that I didn’t waste any time getting the work done.  I have prepared My defence for My friend and I anticipate prosecution Will withdraw the charges without further incident.  If they don’t, We Will crush them when it goes to trial.  And that’s only half of what I managed to accomplish.

I also managed to get My Letter of complaint to the Justices of the Peace Review Counsel Writ and Will be publishing a copy of it here as soon as I get it faxed.  Although I can’t disclose anything I am doing for My client, I can assure You the Courts Will be taking Me a little more seriously next time We meet.  The same is true about My Letter of complaint to the Justices of the Peace Review Counsel – complaints are taken very seriously and they Will watch the audio and video footage of the Justice’s meltdown and slander.  Slander is a pretty serious crime for a Justice to commit on/in a Court of Record.  Justice Kreling won’t soon forget Me, I Give You My Word on that!

Well, I have to go and eat some lunch.  I really am very excited about everything that is going on in My life and I Wish I could more accurately articulate why these two small Spells Will have such an affect on the Universe, I only know that they Will.  Magic is real and the one thing I Will do, is make sure that it is never used against any of My friends in Court.

Love and Blessings, Peace be with You,








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