The Good News Journal, Volume XXXII: The Wonderful ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition – War King for Justice; Dis-Honourable Ontario Justice, Herb Kreling

Happy ‘Lucky’ Wednesday World!!!  It is an especially Lucky Wednesday today as I am finally able to publish My Letter of complaint of dis-Honourable Justice, Herb Kreling after faxing it off yesterday (Tuesday) morning.  I also had a chance to Hand deliver My Letter of defence to prosecution for My friend, so yesterday was both an interesting and productive day.

I Will start with My morning.  Captain Thomas Yoo, the spiritual director and chaplain for the Salvation Army had been as King of Me to meet with him for a few weeks now but I have been too busy to accommodate.  Generally, Captain Yoo can only meet on Tuesday mornings and I’ve been busy on Tuesday mornings with Court matters for friends recently, so it has been difficult for Us to meet.  However, yesterday morning I was free and managed to meet Thomas outside his office just before 11:00 a.m..

It was an interesting meeting for the two of Us because We usually start talking and the conversation flows continuously until We run out of time, but yesterday was very different.  Thomas asked Me if I could wait a couple of minutes while he made some phone calls and I had some work of My own to organize while he was busy.  When Thomas finished on the phone, he asked Me what I was working on and I told him about the work I am doing for a couple of friends in Court.  Thomas was genuinely interested and I as King of Him if he would be interested in helping Me send a fax and get a few copies of My documents made; as per usual, Thomas was more than happy to help.

“Of course, Sean!  What is the number?”

Soon We were faxing My Letter to the Justices of the Peace Review Counsel and making copies of the Letter I would later be Giving to prosecution for My friend.  When We were done, We returned to Captain Yoo’s office and I arranged all of My paperwork while Thomas tended to his personal business.  By the time I was done, Thomas had just finished talking to someone and glanced over at Me looking a little exasperated.

“Sean, I am so sorry, I have so much work to do this morning, maybe We should meet again next week.”

“No problem, Thomas, I have plenty of work of My own to take care of today, thank You so much for all of Your help, I appreciate these little things more than You know.”

I left Captain Yoo’s office and continued with the rest of the business I had hoped to accomplish yesterday, making My way to the prosecution’s office to deliver a defence Letter for My friend.  That was an interesting story, too.

I’m not going to disclose the exact address of where I delivered My Letter, I Will only say it is not the same address I was Given in the disclosure presented to Me for My own Case, a detail I found especially interesting.

When I arrived, there was a sliding security window with a guard on the other side to receive mail.  I had to buzz to get into the original office and when I approached the kiosk, the security guard suggested he was not able to receive My letter as it was not addressed to a particular person/individual.  I informed the guard that I was responding to the exact address I was Given in My information and that no particular person has been assigned to receive mail with respect to this matter.  That seemed to confuse him enough to get on a phone and make some calls.  He began asking Me what the letter was about and I told him that with all due respect, it was none of his business.  When he contested his ability to receive the mail again, I showed him the address on the envelope once again and insisted that if I had dropped this in the mail, this is how the office would have received it, it would not have been returned.  After that I think he realized that he was going to have to receive the Letter one way or another and asked a Crown prosecutor to come to the front to meet Me.

A very kind, mild mannered young lady met Me at the front and as King of Me what I was delivering.  I told her that I was Acting as defence Counsel for a friend and that I had information and additional disclosure request to make before My next Court date.  Unfortunately, I did not Write down her name and managed to forget (it is a flaw, though I have an uncanny ability to remember anyone’s name once I know their full name), but I can say she was very kind and receptive.

“And who are You?”

“King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God.”  I say it like I’ve been called that since birth and she doesn’t even flinch.

“Okay, are You sure You are in the right office?  There are a couple of places You can deliver defence…”

“Well, this is the only address provided on the information, though I did not address a particular Crown because there are three different Crown’s listed on the information and I’m not sure who is going to be handling this Case.”

“Oh, okay.  Do You Mind if I open it in front of You?”

“I presume You are authorized to receive on behalf of [Crown] prosecution?”

“Yes, of course.”

“Then absolutely.”

The lady begins opening the Letter but struggles a bit with the wax Seal, looking to Me for guidance, “is there any special Way I should do this?”

“A letter opener works best, but just gently pull them apart.”

She hands the Letter back to Me and asks if I Will do it for her so she doesn’t destroy the letter.  As I open the Letter for her, she comments on how beautiful it is and asks if the Writing was authored by My Hand.

“Yes, that’s My Writing.”

“Wow, it’s beautiful, this is pretty amazing.”

“It’s a King thing”, I say, smiling.

The lady opens the letter and acknowledges that all the information is Presented correctly, properly identifying the matter.

“Okay, thank You very much for this and I apologize that there have been more than one Crown but We are very busy in this office so sometimes it is difficult to have the same person every time.”

“I understand that, that’s why I didn’t address the Letter to any specific individual, though I did make a request in the Letter to have a Crown and Justice appointed to this Case until its duration.  Unfortunately, I also had to file a complaint about the Justice in Court last week and I have also included a copy of the complaint with this Letter.”

“Are these copies then?”

“Yes, that is correct.  I Keep all My originals.”

“Excellent.  Thank You very much for this and We’ll see what We can do about assigning this Case to a Crown.

And that was that.  I was very surprised that I did not encounter any ‘weirdness’ from anyone.  Nobody looked at Me funny or treated Me any differently after I had mentioned My title.  In fact, there was another man just a few feet behind the lady I was speaking with and he seemed a little impressed with what he was witnessing and also gave Me a pleasant smile as I said My farewell.

Now that I have that done, I also have the freedom to publish a copy of My Letter of Complaint to the Justices of the Peace Review Council…  Enjoy!

Cover Letter for Fax
Page 1
Page 2.
Page 3.

I Will get a reply about My complaint, I am very interested to see what they say.  Remember, every Action has an equal and opposing re-Action.  Cause and effect, Justice Herb Kreling…

Love and Blessings, enjoy the quickening!!!



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