The Good News Journal, Volume XXXIII: The Wonderful ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition – Establishing the King’s Court

Good day and welcome to The Good News Journal’s Lucky Wednesday Edition.  Wednesday’s have proved to be Lucky for Me ever since I decided they should be, and there is no chance that I Will have the Terrific News of Tuesday Published in Time for the Tuesday Edition, so I can’t help but Feel Lucky to have this Wonderful News to share with You Wednesday; for Me it makes for a Wonderful Wednesday before it has even begun.

I was back in Court Acting as defence Counsel for My Friend.  To recap, I Hand delivered a Letter to Public Prosecution Services of Canada last Tuesday, the 16th of October.  The Letter provided prosecution with a great deal of information, including the agreement between Me and My friend to have Me Act in his defence, My Letter of complaint to the Justices of the Peace Review Counsel, and also a few requests for additional disclosure and corrections pertaining to information Presented.  I had said that if I did not hear from prosecution before the 23rd that I would expect a response to My Letter in Court.  The lady receiving the Letter nodded and assured Me she would see what she could do about having someone contact Me.  I didn’t hear from prosecution, so I returned to Court this morning before 9:00 to speak with Crown, anticipating they would have some additional disclosure for Me and/or a response to My Letter.  Once again, nothing went as I had anticipated it might.

They are really nervous about the Common Law stuff and Acting ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’; whenever I mention either one of those two things, People seem to get a little uncomfortable.  Okay, more than a little uncomfortable!

I Wish I were recording every Word I say when I go into those Courts, though apparently they don’t like that either, which also seems highly suspect to Me.  If there is nothing dubious going on, then why restrict the Public from recording when the Court has the freedom and power to record the participants and spectators?  Doesn’t seem fair, does it?  Anyway, I approached Crown, gave them the numbers on the dockets and asked if they had anything ready for Me today.  They seemed clueless (meaning no, they had done absolutely nothing).

I was dressed exactly as I was last time, deliberately.  I didn’t even Give prosecution the power to use it against Me, I just told them I had no intention of going into Court if they had not answered My Letter yet, though I told them that not having anything ready for Me and suggesting I can’t do anything in Court as long as I’m wearing jeans is harmful to My Friend.   Then the lady I was speaking with said something about hierarchy in Court, and that ‘self-rep’ individuals always go last.  A couple of problems there.  First, My Friend is not a self rep individual, I am his Counsel and I am Pro Bono, Acting ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’ as My Duty to the People (and I did say this).  I asked prosecution to just read the Letter I gave prosecution to the Justice and advise them that I am still waiting for prosecution to respond and prosecution can ask for as much time as they need to reply.  Of course, she claimed she could not do this, which really means would not do this.

“That Letter was Given in a Common Law Jurisdiction.  Are You suggesting You don’t have to respond to the Common Law?”

“Can I speak with You privately?”

Well, that was a new one!  Privately?  Hmmm.  I couldn’t resist and didn’t really have much choice, she began walking out of the Court, anticipating I would follow and I was far too curious to consider not following.

The whole situation was very strange.  She walked out of the Courtroom, but not entirely out of the Court.  There are two sets of doors between the lobby and the Courtroom, We had Our little chat between these two doors, completely alone and probably not recorded, which is the most probable reason for choosing that location.

Once again, I Wish I could remember exactly what was said, all I can ever remember is the overall content, so I am paraphrasing as best I can.  At first she was going on about Court rules and how I can’t speak for My client dressed in jeans.  I asked where these Court rules are posted and why it’s never been an issue for Me until now?  She said something else about the rules, then I as King of her,

“Are We in a Common Law Jurisdiction right now, or not!?”

When I as King to her the Quest-Ion, I know she knew what I meant.  I wasn’t tall King about the Courtroom, I was tall King about where the two of Us were in that exact moment, the no-man’s land between the Courtroom and the lobby.  She held My gaze but froze for a moment, the colour drained from her face, she seemed suddenly older – like she had seen a ghost or something.  Then she slowly backed away from Me, re-entered the Court without saying a Word, and locked the door!  I know, right?  Who does that?  And why?  And I’m pretty sure those are exactly the Quest-Ions the express-Ion of My face was as King as I watched her go.  I stood there almost perfectly still until another man came to the door to unlock it again, only minutes before the Justice was scheduled to enter the Court.  I re-entered the Court and once again approached prosecution as soon as the doors were unlocked.


“So what?”

“So what exactly is going on here?  Are You presuming You have no duty, responsibility or obligation to respond to My Letter?  Because My Letter was Given to You in a Common Law Jurisdiction and I believe You have a duty and responsibility to respond to it.”

“Not in this Court, You Will have to call prosecution and have them designate this Case to You.  Then You can arrange to set a date for trial with prosecution privately.”

“Okay, that sounds fine (though I don’t know why that hasn’t already been done).  I’m not going to stay if the Justice won’t hear Me for whatever reason, so Will You Give My friend another two weeks so I can do this?”

“Yes, that sounds fine.”

“Good.  Can I leave this with You, or do I have to stay?  Because I really am doing this out of the Goodness of My heart and I don’t really want to be here all day, neither does My Friend.”

“You can’t leave it with Me, but You can let duty counsel know what’s going on and they can take care of it for You.”

“Okay, that works.  Thank You.”

So, it ended pretty well, really.  My friend did have to stay but Duty Counsel was able to Act for Me under My direction and his approval.

It sounds like a big gong show but I know what’s going on.  They can’t Honour the requests made in My Letter in their jurisdiction, and they can’t Honour the Common Law [jurisdiction] without abandoning their own.  Essentially, what I am doing is perfectly acceptable in a Common Law Court and [although the Common Law is recognized by all Courts in the Common Wealth] this Court is not a Common Law Court, it is a criminal court within a Common Law Jurisdiction (which is what complicates things).

I Will say more about the ‘elusive’ Jurisdiction of the Common Law in My next Post, but until then I thought I would let You all know that I also had an opportunity to donate a few pieces of My Artwork to a fund raiser for a local drop-in center called ‘454’ and Kurt Cobain sold for $100., resulting in a $50 donation for the drop-in center and another $50 for Me.  Initially, I donated three paintings and had only two come back, it was thought that one had been stolen.  Monday I received Word that it had actually sold and am happy to share the Good News.

Kurt Cobain

I should have more Good News for You all shortly, till then,

Love and Blessings!!!


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