The Good News Journal, Volume XXXIII: The Fabulous Friday Edition – Entering God’s Kingdom and the Common Law

Happy Fabulous Friday, world!  In My last Post I said that I would be tall King more about the Common Law and it is becoming increasingly more important that I do.  The Common Law has been described to Me as an ‘elusive’ jurisdiction of law (Honourable Justice Perkins-McVey said to Me once), one that is not clearly defined or understood, but I don’t believe that is true.

The Common Law(s) are the Laws the Common man is expected to know, to put it as plainly as possible.  It is not reasonable to presume that the Common man will know all of the codified laws, statutes and acts that are established by man, but it is reasonable to presume that We all know right from wrong, Good from bad.

“Man is endowed with reason and conscience, and should Act toward one another in a spirit of Brotherhood” – U.N. preamble.

If a man acts in a Way that causes injury, harm, or loss to another man, an offence has been committed in a Common Law jurisdiction.  It’s really that simple, yet that is also why the Common Law is so complicated.

Most of Us will know that Jurisdiction refers to where a particular law is applicable.  It may be perfectly legal to smoke on a patio in one city and illegal in another, and the penalty may be anything from a fine to jail time, depending on the by-laws of the particular city.  Similarly, I remember hearing once that the penalty for theft in parts of Nigeria and Saudi Arabia is to cut off the offender’s hand at the wrist, which would seem barbaric and uncivilized to People in Canada.  So, which system of laws is ‘just and correct’, what Jurisdiction of Law got it right?  Only the Common Law!!!

The Common Law is a Jurisdiction of Law that exists everywhere!!!  There is never a time that the Common Law does not exist, nor could it ever be anything less than the most Supreme Jurisdiction of Law.  Why?  Because the Common Law is God’s Law and nothing is outside of God’s Supreme Jurisdiction and/or absolute authority.

I Writ that it is becoming increasingly more important for Me to clarify the Common Law because I am speaking of it more frequently in Canada’s Courts and I have noticed how uncomfortable People become when I do.  When I was speaking with prosecution on Tuesday and as King to her “Are We in a Common Law Jurisdiction right now, or not?!”, the Quest-Ion was rhetorical – and I’m quite sure the lady I was speaking with knew it, too.  The Common Law is God’s Law, so how can One ever stand outside of God’s Jurisdiction?  Similarly, if One does not believe in God, then how can One expect to have the protection of His Kingdom and His Supreme Jurisdiction?

The reason it is important for Me to begin speaking of the Common Law and defining it more clearly, is because of the recent events in My microcosm.  I had a chance to meet with the Friend for whom I am providing Counsel yesterday, and he informed Me of what happened after I left the Courthouse Tuesday.

My Friend told Me that although he did not know the name of the Justice, it was not Herb Kreling.  He was relieved, though he said the new Justice was very serious and hard on the other lawyers.  When it was My Friend’s turn, the Justice had asked what was going on and prosecution did Give the Justice the Letter I had Hand delivered a week previous, and said that the Justice took his time reading it.  I was both pleased and surprised to hear this News and as King of My Friend what the Justice said after he finished reading the Letter.

“He just asked Me if this is the man I want representing Me, I said ‘yes’, and I told him You are the only one I want representing Me.”

The Justice just nodded and asked prosecution what We were waiting on, prosecution claimed they are waiting to have the Case officially assigned (designated) to Me so that We can set up a date for trial.  Then prosecution said that they were withdrawing one of the charges against My friend, though he couldn’t remember which one.  (People get stressed out in Court and things seem to happen very fast, I can’t blame My Friend for not remembering, he was probably just happy to know that he had one less charge to deal with).

Although there are two possibilities, I am quite sure I know which charge was dropped and prosecution’s Case is considerably weaker than it was…  And I haven’t really done much yet, considering.  There is a significant piece of disclosure missing and Truth be told, I am thing King that prosecution would sooner drop the charges than Give Me the disclosure, but I guess We Will soon see.

The bigger News, is that the Justice read My Letter.  My Letters contain a lot of important information; the top left is My physical address (My Mind, Body, and Soul), the top right is My website, Twitter Handle, E-mail address, and phone number.  All of these things together represent the true nature of My character, My Global Intention and Divine Purpose in the Universe, what I often refer to as My macrocosm.  Every time one of My Letters reaches a man’s Mind in My microcosm, they are introduced to My macrocosm and Magically Cast into the Common Law Jurisdiction of God’s Kingdom.  They are Given notice of My Universal publication (Public A Sean), and that is probably the most Powerful element of it – they know the world is watching.  No One wants to be liable for trespassing upon the rights of another man.

The other interesting detail about meeting with My friend yesterday was his enthusiasm.  He seemed much more confident now that a Justice had treated the matter fairly and not criticized his choice of Counsel.  My Friend said to Me, “So, am I the first one to be part of Your Kingdom?”

I laughed and said, “No, You are actually the fifth, though You are the first to Claim the protection of My Kingdom in a Court of Law.”

He seemed pleased with that.  He also said that the Justice had called Me his Agent, and I told My Friend that was fine, too.  As most of My readers Will know, I don’t believe in coincidences and had mentioned that My Twitter followers ‘fell’ considerably beginning on the first day of fall.  They have continued to fall for the last month, and as I Write this Post, I have gained almost seventy new followers today!!!  I could wake up tomorrow to find out I’ve lost them all again, but it would not negate what the Universe is communicating to Me now…  The Universe is pleased that I am finally Writing about how I Will Establish God’s Kingdom.

I’ll have more Good News for You all soon.

Love and Blessings,


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