The Good News Journal, Volume XXXIV: The Marvelous, Magical, Monday Edition

Hello everyone and welcome to another Magical Monday Edition of The Good News Journal!  Although the weather was a little dismal, the day did feel very Magical.

My day started with a phone call to inform Me that there was money waiting for Me at 454 from an Art Auction to which I had contributed three paintings.  Half the proceeds go to raise funds for the local drop in center and it felt wonderful to Give something back for all they do for the community.  They also told Me I was the only one to sell any work, so they were especially thankful I had contributed.  Pretty Great Way to start the day!

The rest of the day maintained Magical Monday’s momentum.  I Gifted My Self with a new Faber Castell Fountain Pen, a new Wand for Casting Spells in My microcosm.  It felt as if the Universe were shining a spotlight on My every Act, and only moments after purchasing My new Pen, I received a text about even more Glorious Good News.  I have acquired hard copies of all the contracts The Salvation Army Booth Center has with the city of Ottawa and other organizations the provide funding, including what kind of conditions the Salvation Army is required to maintain in order to continue receiving funding.  I’m sure One can guess how valuable this information might be for Me.

It was only a couple of weeks ago now that a Friend had as King of Me what it is I need most to accomplish My task.  I know the Universe (God) always Gives Me everything I need, so I don’t really think about it much, I do what I can with what I have.  But when My Friend as King of Me this Quest-Ion, I thought about it and said it would be Great if I had a legal ‘team’, kind of like they do on ‘Suits’ (My favourite Show right now).

Now I’m connected with Jane Scharf, a licensed paralegal who fully supports everything I’m doing, encourages Me to continue in My Sovereign Capacity, and can get these Matters before a superior Court…  And probably pretty quickly!!!  We have a mutual retainer agreement; Jane has agreed to provide Me with the tools I need to officially file My complaints, and I have agreed to Act in My Sovereign Capacity to defend the rights and dignity of those subject to the Salvation Army Booth Center (specifically) for their basic needs.  As the city of Ottawa is the main source of the Salvation Army’s funding, this Will also have the potential to change the Way the city of Ottawa allocates its financial resources and get Canada’s People into dignified housing.

Magical Monday continued when I logged on to My laptop for the first time today.  My Twitter followers are on the rise again, I’ve picked up a couple of new followers on My Blog over the last few days, and I had an inbox full of documents I would not have known how to obtain, though they are exactly the documents I need to prove the Claims I’ve already made.  Jane is also working with two other (licenced) lawyers who are as opposed to the shelter move and the allocation of city funds as We are.  Now I’m the Valuable insider with a first Hand account of the Truth and they are only too eager to help Me in any Way they can.  And tomorrow I Will be Writing an Affidavit…

Ah, I was hoping to have a Picture of My new Fancy Fountain Pen but My phone is Acting up and won’t transfer photos at the moment.  No coincidences, the Universe knows what’s its doing, so I guess My new Gift is just for Me (for now), though I Will be putting it to use tomorrow to Draw up some new documents.

It is also worth noting that My Friend David is finally moving into his own apartment at the end of the month and I Will be acquiring My own private office with high speed internet for use during the day.  Everything I was as King of the Universe for only a couple of weeks ago has already been done for Me and I Imagine the momentum of Monday’s Magic Will be continue to increase at the rate of Fibonacci.

I hope this Monday has been every bit as Magical for You as it has been for Me!!!

Love and Blessings,


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