The Good News Journal, Volume XXXIV: The Sensei Sean all Sunday Edition – Cause and Effect; Forcing the King’s Hand, Part II

Picking up where I left off last night, I had to leave Caroline’s office in a rush to meet My Friend.  I had only been to his place once the night before and was relying completely on the directions My Friend had Given Me.  The first instruction was to catch the eighty-five [bus] outside of Rideau Center at Mackenzie King station.  My Friend didn’t specify what side of the street I should be on and in My haste, I didn’t even think about it.  As One might guess, I boarded the right bus, wrong direction…

I had planned to be there over an hour early and even after My meeting with Caroline I was still on schedule to be there fifteen minutes sooner than that.  Not anymore.  My Friend had wanted Me to arrive early to load the stuff from his locker to the loading bay.  He had booked a moving truck and wanted everything on the loading dock before the moving truck arrived, which is both common and reasonable.  I had planned to be there two hours in advance and was now looking at making it with only forty-five minutes to spare…  And I had the keys to his locker because We were anticipating I would be there first.  I wasn’t.  And I was in a huge panic about it by the time I finally arrived.

At first My Friend was visibly angry so I just grabbed a dolly and starting helping him.  Thankfully, We are both very industrious when We want to be and within ten minutes My Friend was in Good spirits again, confessing to Me that he thought I had ‘ditched’ him on moving day.  Then I told him what happened and he laughed out loud, “I knew You were going to do that, I should have told You!!!”

It only took the two of Us twenty minutes to get it all done and My Friend was amazed, We still had fifteen minutes to spare before the mover showed up.  The real work was on the other end, anyway.  My Friend lives on the third floor of an old building, so there is no elevator and We must have made over sixty trips up and down those stairs with boxes to get it all done.  But get it done We did, and in pretty Good time, considering it was just the two of Us.  I couldn’t help but wonder what he would have done if I hadn’t been there, though the truth is he would have managed, even if it took him all night.  We relaxed in his new place for a while, then I returned and let him enjoy his first official night ‘at home’.

Thursday was thoroughly Thrilling and the adventures continued.  Thursday was November 1st and I had agreed to rent a space to use as an office, My Friend had agreed to meet Me for lunch and perhaps Give Me a Hand taking a few things to My new workspace.  As per usual, We both arrived at exactly the same time, just a few minutes before lunch.  We were sitting down at a table in the lobby tall King about his first night in his new place when Jason interrupted to ask My Friend how everything went.

“Oh, Great!  Got everything from here and My storage moved in last night, thanks to Sean!”, he looks at Me and pauses to laugh, “it was a lot of stairs, I don’t know what I would have done without him.”

“That’s great, I’m glad to hear that it all worked out for You.”

Jason’s voice is that high pitched, condescending tone that really says ‘that’s wonderful but I don’t really care,’ before turning his attention to Me, “Sean, do You have a minute to see Me in My office?”

Ah…  I had a pretty Good feeling where this might be going, though to be truthful, I wasn’t certain.

I follow Jason to his office and he offers Me a seat which I accept.  It’s a nice chair, no reason not to.

“So Sean, You were talking to Caroline the other day and things didn’t work out with the housing worker she set You up with?”

“Again, no, that’s not exactly true.  I told her that I have the information and applications now and that I Will be sending them in My Self, which is what I have been as King for since the beginning.  I told Caroline I would have that done tomorrow and would Give You a copy so You have something for Your records, too.”

“Well, that’s not going to work for us, We’ve exhausted Our resources with You and now it’s time to move on.   You can stay at The Shepherds of Good Hope tonight.”

“I will not stay there, I would sleep on the streets before I would stay there.”

“Okay, then I’ll get You a bed at the Mission.”

“I’m barred for life from the Mission as well.” (For pretty much exactly the same thing, which is defending the rights and dignity of their clients, though I didn’t say that).

“Well, I’ll call over to the Mission and get it sorted out so You can stay there, why don’t You come and see Me again after lunch.”

“Okay.  And do You Mind if I ask for four hours to arrange to get My stuff out of here?”

“Yeah, that’s fine.”

“Can You Give Me something in Writing stating why it is You are asking Me to leave?”

“No Sean, I don’t have to do that.  I’ve asked You leave and I told You why.  I don’t need to do anything else.”

“All You told Me is that You’ve exhausted Your resources.  Why should Your inability to get Me the assistance I need be reason to cause Me further harm and injury?”

“Well obviously You don’t like it here, so now You can try Your luck at the Mission, see how You like it there.”

And that was pretty much that.  I was still able to have lunch with My Friend and We had already planned to take some stuff to the office I’m renting, the only difference is that now We would be taking everything.  No coincidences, I am very thankful I had My Friend’s there to help.  After lunch, Jason approached Me as I was about to take the first load of stuff and tells Me that if I want to stay at the Mission I Will need to go over and speak with the management first about whatever it was that happened last year.

I just kind of shrugged him off.  I had no plan on going to the Mission, either.  The Mission is the cleanest shelter, but if feels like a jail, the staff are militant and seem more like wardens than service providers.  There is also a very important point to be made here.  The shelters get away with the things they do partially because there are three of them.  A shelter would not be allowed to just kick someone to the curb, but because there are three, all of them can do it because they are not the ‘last resort’.  This is just one of the ways that shelters trespass upon the safety and security of their client’s person, a right that is protected by Canada’s constitution and all shelters are bound to it if they Wish to receive any federal, provincial, or municipal funding.  And that isn’t a philosophy, this is coming from the actual signed contracts between the Salvation Army and the city of Ottawa.  All constitutional rights must be observed and protected by the shelter.

I have been very kind and patient with Jason.  I gave him plenty of notice that if he didn’t work with Me that I would eventually file a claim against the Salvation Army for willfully trespassing upon the rights and dignity of the Canadian People.  Jason Prevost’s last act clearly demonstrates how invincible organizations like the Salvation Army believe they are.  The Salvation Army received $1250 per month for every month I was there.

To be arbitrarily asked to leave without incident is the worst possible thing Jason and/or the Salvation Army could do.  I’ve already suggested they are discriminating against Me for My spiritual and political beliefs, this only strengthens My claim.

There is no Good reason to not file My Claim against the Salvation Army, and I have the assistance I need to get it done.  I am also Blessed and have made some Good connections with People over the last year, so I am ‘couch surfing’ for now which Will also be Good cause to expedite My claim.

My last interview got a lot of attention and I anticipate this one Will get even more.  I have Friend who want to help Me get all kinds of media attention about this and the work I have done over the last year and a half to defend the rights of People subject to shelters.

For every Action, there is an equal and opposing reaction.  That is the Law of the Universe.

And tomorrow, I Will have a special Edition to “Remember, Remember, the Fifth of November…”

Love and Blessings,




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  1. Reblogged this on Peace Prophecy and commented:

    Someone was reading this entry today and it was interesting to review. I Writ this entry before I had Writ My complaint to the city, or filed My application to the Divisional Court, but I am tall King about what I Will do – most of it is now done. 😉

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